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AnRKey Reveals New Platform to “Merge DeFi, Esports,” and More

AnRKey, a blockchain startup self-described as the first platform to “merge Defi, esports gamification, and WEB 3.0 based NFTs creating a brand new industry called m$ports,” has officially launched, according to a press release from the group.

The group has technically been in stealth for the last three months, though it is finally ready to reveal m$ports. This new genre of game is based on Ethereum, and the group’s platform will “host all games on its proprietary Decentralized Gaming Platform Exchange (gDEX). The first game to market will be titled Battle Wave 2323™ and will allow players to compete in virtual teams to see who can earn the highest APY through gamified liquidity mining and NFT staking and trading,” the release notes.

Speaking on the matter is JD Salbego, who said:

“The blockchain industry by its nature has catered to gamers and tech savvy users since its inception in 2009. DeFi has proven that these skills can be used effectively to earn yield through game theory and an understanding of markets. AnRKey X™ was built with the user in mind, both from a perspective of entertainment and profitability for the winners of each game. We are excited to announce more about the project in upcoming weeks as we come to market.”

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