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Anonymous offers thousands of dollars in Bitcoin for surrendered Russian tanks

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Anonymous, a well-known cyber group, is said to have offered Russian troops bitcoin in exchange for their tanks. For each surrendered military vehicle, the gang would pay more than $52,000 in BTC.

The Ukrainian forces have been attempting to halt the Russian invasion not just via weaponry and direct battle, but also through cyber-attacks. Ukraine’s Vice PR, Mykhailo Fedorov, declared a few days ago that the government will develop an IT army. He stated that Ukraine is in desperate need of digital goods and experts.

Anonymous, an international hacker collective, has also launched many cyber-attacks against Russia. In just two days, the group broke into over 300 Russian targets, amassing over RUB 1 billion (about $10 million).

Weakening Russian troops

Anonymous originally offered tank operators $52,000 in bitcoin for each surrendered fighting unit. This is just another attempt to weaken Russian forces and increase profits for Ukraine. Those wishing to trade the vehicles for bitcoin must display a white flag and use the password “million” to get being identified by the hacking operation.

The Anonymous statement is calling out all Russian soldiers who want to live and go back to their families. They said that the Anonymous worldwide community has gathered RUB 1,225,043 in bitcoin to aid them.

At the end of February this year, Anonymous declared war on Vladimir Putin. Back then, the organization threatened that if Russia’s Putin did not quit invading Ukraine, he would suffer unprecedented cyberattacks from all corners of the globe.

Stopping Putin is a priority for the West

Some of the biggest countries have launched an economic war on Russia. However, this war does not mean they would be in direct military action with Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

On the other hand, The EU has implemented a transaction prohibition with the Russian Central Bank. By doing so, they are limiting Russia’s monetary ties with Western Europe.

Strict controls have been implemented in the United Kingdom too. Russian banks would be prohibited from the UK financial system, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The United States joined the club by prohibiting a dozen significant state-owned enterprises from raising funds in the United States. Those enterprises include Gazprom, Russia’s largest energy company, and Sberbank, Russia’s largest financial institution.

Biden administration spokeswoman stated that the government aims to ensure the Russian economy regresses. This will continue as long as the Russian president intends to resume an assault on Ukraine.

As a result of the embargoes, many Russians have turned to cryptocurrency as a form of alternative payment. Despite several calls to stop serving these individuals, big digital asset companies such as Binance and Kraken have refused.

Fighting has escalated in Ukraine in recent days, with Russian soldiers closing in on major towns such as Kyiv, the capital, and Kharkiv. The United Nations stated on Monday that more than 500,000 people had fled Ukraine since Russia started its invasion.

Since the start of the conflict, 352 people have been murdered in Ukraine, including 14 children, according to the health ministry.

Your capital is at risk.

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