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A P2E Crypto Is Gaining Support Despite the Crypto Market Facing a Major Downturn

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

A P2E Crypto Is Gaining Support
A P2E Crypto Is Gaining Support

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The crypto market is bleeding. Bitcoin only rises above $20k levels for a few minutes, then dips before bouncing. However, the same bounce is not being experienced by the general crypto market. It is facing a major downturn. But there is one P2E crypto gaining support in the face of this winter – and it is even on any centralized exchange yet.

New P2E Crypto Gaining Support from Left and Right

Even when the entire crypto market doesn’t inspire much confidence, people have their hopes pinned on presale cryptos, and rightly so.

  1. These cryptos give them a chance to become early movers.
  2. These are relatively cheap crypto assets.
  3. Their value is only matched by their great use case.

Tamadoge is the project that ticks all of these boxes. This presale crypto landed in the markets as a presale back in mid-July. Sporting its unique doge-like aesthetics, Tamadoge first gave an impression that it is a memecoin – a crypto asset that banks only on social media notoriety to move through the market.

But as the presale began to accelerate, people realized that Tamadoge is not a mere memecoin but a Play-to-Earn cryptocurrency, packing both metaverse and DeFi utilities.

Tamadoge: Not Just Another Play2Earn Crypto

Play-to-Earn cryptocurrencies are in a better place than others. Axie Infinity has been climbing the crypto charts for the last two days, with its daily trading volume increased by a whopping 50%. The same goes for Decentraland, another gaming-token trading in the green.

The current state of these cryptocurrencies is sharply different from what it was at the beginning of 2022. People weren’t too bullish about P2E, and there were rising calls for these games to be more fun and less finance oriented.

Aron Beierschmitt, the founder of Crypto Unicorns, emphasized in his interview the need for “skill-based gaming loops” and “token sinks” to give players a reason to come back and invest their time in blockchain gaming.

His sentiments are echoed in the philosophy of Tamadoge, a Play-to-Earn Game that rewards players through “skill-based gameplay”.

The entire Tamadoge ecosystem relies on Tamadoge Pets, NFTs you can buy and use as a player character. The goal of this game is to let you feed, customize and raise the pet and make it battle-ready. Once it is, you can use them to battle in a PvE ecosystem. Based on the skill you display in those battles, you earn Dogepoints. And if you have the highest Dogepoints by the end of the month, you get rewarded with TAMA tokens.

Other factors, such as the token being deflationary crypto, are another reason Tamadoge is accruing support. It keeps the token scarce – ensuring the price action can establish an uptrend.

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Tamadoge is set to Redefine What it Means to be a Memecoin

Memecoins have always banked on social media notoriety for their worth – mostly notably Dogecoin. But it doesn’t always sit well with most cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitstamp’s founder has gone as far as to say, “We won’t list a crypto that crashes on a billionaire’s Tweet,” referencing the ludicrous price action that Dogecoin goes through whenever Elon Musk has something nice and quirky to say about it.

Tamadoge doesn’t have to resort to any of that. It has strong fundamentals and puts a strong emphasis on gameplay. The latter attribute can invite the non-crypto gaming crowd into the fold. The team is also developing an AR game like Pokemon Go (but better) that will allow players to interact with their pets in an augmented environment.

Tamadoge Raises $13 million


Tamadoge has been hitting its presale milestones every couple of days. And this is just in; the Play-to-Earn crypto has completed the 8th phase of its presale. It has raised over $13 million at the time of writing and is heading fast to its next target of $16 million. Currently, 1 USDT can net early investors 36.36 TAMA. Interested parties might want to take notice because 75% of the presale supply of Tamadoge is gone.

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Presales are a better investment during a bear market

Bear markets arrive with a constant reminder that cryptos need to be more. They can’t be the only assets that you can flip to maximize your profits. Tamadoge is a crypto with a better use case, better fundamentals, and from what we have seen, a better crypto crowd than most.

Presale cryptos like these are a better investment during a market when almost every asset has decided to take a downward trajectory.

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