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A Closer Look at the Tora Inu Roadmap Reveals the Reason it’s Going to Explode

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Tora Inu is the next 100X meme coin according to leading crypto publications. A detailed analysis of the Tora Inu roadmap, rich with utility integrations, reveals why the prediction is not far-fetched.

Where Utility and Engagement Matters

Tora Inu is currently trending in crypto communities across social media platforms. The craze around the meme coin is gaining strength by the day as the TORA presale darts toward an early sell-out. Tora Inu presale has collected $281,586 out of the $425,000 target at the time of writing. Last week, the project sold out its beta sale after witnessing massive traction from the community.

Industry experts predict Tora Inu to chart a rapid uptick, similar to meme coin legends like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, on public launch. It won’t be long before $TORA makes the billion-dollar club. However, Tora Inu has a lot more going on than Dogecoin and Floki Inu. The project marks itself off in the crowded market with NFT, play-to-earn, and metaverse integrations.

Tora Inu is gearing up to cross some thrilling milestones in the coming months. This includes the launch of a core skill-based play-to-earn game, an NFT native marketplace, additional mini-games with NFT integrations, and lottery mini-games, to name a few. It takes advantage of the hype around meme coins to build a solid crypto project with diverse use cases.

Tora Inu roadmap for 2022

How Tora Inu Drives Long-term Growth

While most crypto projects manage to build hype at some point in their journey, a large majority of them fail to sustain growth in the long term. The sign of a solid crypto project is its business mechanisms directed at building value and a loyal user base.

These are the core pillars that give Tora Inu a strong foothold in the industry:

Tora Inu has a deflationary tokenomics that ensures that the token earns value over time as a result of its ever-decreasing supply. The project burns a share of the total supply throughout its journey, which, in turn, brings down the supply and boosts its value.

The ecosystem also has a dedicated skill-based play-to-earn mechanism that you can make use of to grow your TORA holdings and grab NFT rewards. The gaming mechanics are designed in such a way that rewards users for their gaming performance, more than their initial capital investment. Tora Inu features a core game, mini-games, and lottery mini-games. In addition, you can stake your TORA holdings in the native staking platform to earn attractive interest on your assets.

A meme coin has to focus on building hype as much as value. Tora Inu launches creative marketing campaigns across social media platforms to spread the word about the project and its ecosystem. For example, Tora Inu has launched an exciting giveaway worth $25,000 for presale participants on Gleam.

The campaigns are paying off; Tora Inu has 16.7k followers on Twitter and 1416 members on Telegram at the time of writing. If rumors are to be believed, Tora Inu has already acquired top-tier exchange partnerships, which will give a significant boost to its value on listings. It is one of the hottest crypto projects of 2022.

Credibility is at the Heart of Crypto Success

Security is one key factor that can’t be turned a blind eye to when investing in a cryptocurrency. Tora Inu establishes its credibility by making the Tora Inu smart contract security audit public. This mitigates the risks of hacks and vulnerabilities to a great extent. The team has also undergone a KYC verification from CoinSniper, which rules out the chances of rug pulls and scams.

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