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6 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar, December 4

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In the past 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market saw a 2.47% uptick, pushing the overall market cap to $1.52 trillion. Simultaneously, trading volume surged by 87.51%, hitting $89.54 billion. Notably, decentralized finance (DeFi) contributed $9.83 billion, accounting for 10.98% of the total market activity.

Stablecoins comprised $81.82 billion or 91.37% of the total 24-hour trading volume. Bitcoin, the dominant player, now holds a 52.92% share, reflecting a 0.65% increase in its dominance over the day.

6 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar

These statistics illustrate an active market driven by considerable volumes from DeFi and stablecoins. Bitcoin’s increased dominance signals sustained interest and investment in this primary cryptocurrency. 

1. Cronos (CRO)

Cronos (CRO) has recently displayed upward movement, breaking through the swing-high barrier at $0.08000 with substantial volume. This triggered a positive sentiment, resulting in a rapid 25% increase in just two trading sessions. The token hit a year-to-date high of $0.12264, instilling hope among its investors.

However, minor profit booking ensued after reaching this high, causing a retracement to the breakout level. Buyers actively defended this support, fostering a consolidation phase after a significant rally over the past month.

CRO Price Chart

Presently, buyer activity appears more pronounced than seller activity, indicating a potential for an upward surge in the token’s price. This suggests a bullish trend in the near term, potentially offering opportunities for traders seeking moderate returns.

As of the latest data, Cronos is trading at $0.09742, reflecting a 5.47% intraday rise, albeit with low liquidity at a 1.11% 24-hour volume-to-market cap ratio. The current uptrend in Crono’s price demonstrates a buyer-dominated market, with any short-term corrections toward the EMAs anticipated to be absorbed by buyers. 

This suggests existing investors should consider holding their positions. Hence, new investors might seek entry during potential dips or favorable buying opportunities.

Looking ahead, the immediate resistance for bulls stands at $0.11032. A successful breach of this level could signal the initiation of the next phase of the rally. Given the ongoing bullish pattern, the analysis leans towards a favorable outlook for CRO’s price. However, it’s crucial to note that investing decisions should be made cautiously, considering market volatility and potential risks.

2. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

In recent days, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has shown a notable surge in performance within the cryptocurrency market. This rise, approximately 10% daily, is influenced by several key factors.

Primarily, the overall positive trend observed across the cryptocurrency market has likely contributed to SHIB’s upward movement. Notably, Bitcoin (BTC) hitting a 19-month high of $42,000 could have set a favorable backdrop for SHIB’s ascent.

SHIB Price Chart

Another factor impacting SHIB’s rally is the progress in developing Shibarium, a layer-2 blockchain solution associated with the Shiba Inu project. Recent data showcases a substantial increase in total transactions within the network, reaching nearly 30 million. 

Moreover, this surge in transaction activity, notably peaking at 7.84 million on December 3, significantly contrasts the range of daily transactions seen throughout November. These rates typically fluctuated between 8,000 and 40,000.

Additionally, SHIB’s price surge may be linked to the successful execution of Shiba Inu’s token-burning program. As reported by Shibburn, there has been a remarkable uptick of almost 1,000% in the asset’s burn rate over the past week. This surge has resulted in over 527 million tokens being sent to inaccessible addresses. Notably, SHIB witnessed significant token burns of more than 1.3 billion in November and almost 1.5 billion in October.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a novel concept wherein users stake BTCMTX tokens to acquire cloud mining credits, aiming to distribute control and ensure a secure mining experience for token holders. The project has garnered significant attention, with over 400,000 BTCMTX tokens locked in staking.

Reportedly, Bitcoin Minetrix pledges an annual percentage yield (APY) of 103,225%. This notably high APY has drawn numerous participants to the staking pool, positioning it distinctly within the cryptocurrency landscape. 

Notably, the project’s traction is evident in its ongoing BTCMTX presale, which has raised over  $4,832,92 by selling tokens at $0.011 per token. During the presale phase, 70% of the total token supply (2.8 billion out of 4 billion BTCMTX) is accessible for acquisition using ETH or USDT. This phase has been pivotal in garnering interest from potential investors.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale.

4. Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos, currently valued at $0.862978, is trading above its 200-day simple moving average, signaling a positive trend. Over the past 30 days, it has seen 20 green days, accounting for 67% of its recent performance, indicating a prevailing upward trajectory. The cryptocurrency boasts high liquidity, supported by its market capitalization of $830.36M.

XTZ Price Chart

In the last 24 hours, Tezos has experienced a 1.97% price increase, with a trading volume of $59.64M. Its market dominance stands at 0.05%. The cryptocurrency peaked at $12.26 on Dec 17, 2017. It reached its lowest point of $0.319784 on Dec 7, 2018, representing its all-time high and low, respectively. Since the last cycle low, the highest price recorded was $9.08.

Market sentiment leans bullish regarding Tezos’ price prediction, while the Fear & Greed Index marks 74 (Greed). With a circulating supply of 962.21M XTZ out of a maximum supply of 937.87M XTZ, Tezos faces a yearly inflation rate of 4.88%, generating 44.78M XTZ in the past year.

5. EOS (EOS)

In the past 30 days, EOS has seen 18 days of positive growth, accounting for 60% of the period, indicating a consistent upward trend. Its liquidity appears robust, given its substantial market capitalization.

EOS Price Chart

The price of EOS is $0.707473, experiencing a 2.21% increase in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of $337.99 million. The market cap sits at $785.52 million, holding a market dominance of 0.05%. Furthermore, current sentiment analysis indicates a bullish market outlook, while the Fear & Greed Index registers 74 (Greed).

Regarding its supply dynamics, EOS has a circulating supply of 1.11 billion out of a maximum of 1.06 billion. It maintains a yearly supply inflation rate of 3.27%, creating 35.12 million EOS in the last year. Within the Proof-of-Stake Coins sector, EOS holds the 14th position by market cap, ranks second in the EOS Network sector, and 37th in the Layer 1 sector.

6. Conflux Network (CFX)

Conflux Network has experienced a notable surge in its price over the past year, marking a significant increase of 526%. This growth surpassed 96% of the top 100 crypto assets within the same period, outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. Currently priced at $0.183183, it boasts a market cap of $650.06M and a 24-hour trading volume of $159.69M, indicating high liquidity based on its market cap.

CFX Price Chart

Furthermore, the asset trades above its 200-day simple moving average, a trend that signifies a positive trajectory. Over the last 30 days, it has observed 17 green days, constituting 57% of the period, indicating periodic upward movements in its value.

Conflux Network achieved its all-time high price of $1.720000 on Mar 27, 2021, while its all-time low of $0.021852 was recorded on Dec 30, 2022. Since reaching its ATH, the lowest price experienced was $0.021852 (cycle low), while the highest price since the last cycle low was $0.485454 (cycle high).

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