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5 Top Crypto Gaming Platforms with Exciting NFT Games

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top Crypto Gaming Platforms
Top Crypto Gaming Platforms

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The Top Crypto Gaming Platforms are vying to get that top spot. Blockchain enthusiasts are clamoring for better games, and these platforms just might have something that can satisfy them.

It is an exciting time for NFT games. As the market shows signs of recovery, better news has started coming from the blockchain gaming front. There are talks about games that can redefine the conventions of play2earn and even bring the non-crypto crowd into the fold.

Here are the best crypto gaming platforms with exciting NFT games that you need to keep an eye on.

Battle Infinity: A Crypto gaming Platform with interconnected metaverses

Interconnected multiple metaverses are the ultimate evolution of blockchain gaming. Multiple NFT projects are playing around with that idea, but for Battle Infinity, it is the USP. Featuring a multiverse of metaverses, Battle Infinity is a gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. It features multiple P2E battle games – all joined together through the IBAT Battle Arena – the nexus of the metaverses.

Top Crypto Gaming Platforms

From playing games to interacting with other players to interacting with the DeFi ecosystem, Battle Infinity is one of the most ambitious crypto trading platforms we have come across.

The ecosystem is powered by $IBAT, the native cryptocurrency that plays the role of rewards to players and allows them to buy in-game assets for various NFT games on the platform. Battle Infinity will feature fantasy sports games and other esports games – all with robust play2earn mechanics and an earning economy that will keep players hooked for a long time.

This upcoming crypto gaming platform crossed its soft cap within a week. The IBAT token presale has been live since 11th July 2022. Till now 17.53% of the hard cap has been raised and only 79 days remaining till the end of the presale.

Battle Infinity is one of our top picks for crypto gaming platforms because it materializes a long-standing idea in a real way – interconnecting multiple metaverses with a low entry barrier.

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Lucky Block: Win daily prizes with this Crypto Gaming Platform

Lucky Block is a crypto lottery gaming platform that, by virtue of being decentralized, adds another layer of fairness to the gameplay. Created on the Binance Smart Chain, much like Battle Infinity, Lucky Block has seen a meteoric rise since its launch in 2022.

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Its native token – LBLOCK – is the fastest altcoin to reach a $1 billion market cap. There are currently over 57k holders of the platform’s Platinum Rollers Club NFT, and it is a platform fully audited by SolidProof.

As one of the leading NFT competitions and rewards platforms, Lucky Block features multiple competitions, with categories such as:

  1. Car: Win a Lamborghini
  2. Cryptocurrency: Win $1 Million in Bitcoin
  3. NFT: Win a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT
  4. Holiday: Win a 5-day holiday package or a VIP trip to the FIFA world cup
  5. House: Win a $1 million house

It is one of the leading crypto gaming platforms with the most rewarding NFT games. Holding the Platinum High Rollers Club will give you access to the games – allowing you to win big with little investments.

It is one of the top gaming platforms on this list. And with the fairness factor going for it, it will only increase its value in the coming days.

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Dapper Labs: One of the oldest Gaming Platforms

If you want to go old school, you can’t go better than Dapper Labs. This grandfather of blockchain gaming was the one that started it all – and conceived a play2earn game that led to the creation of OpenSea.

Dapper Labs

Along with CryptoKitties, it has some of the biggest NFT games that provide a wide array of play2earn opportunities. These games include UFC Strike, TopShot, NFL ALL DAY, and more.

You got to pay respect to one of the earliest gaming platforms. Dapper Games laid the foundation, and more platforms are now following – and furnishing to make the games more inclusive.

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Decentraland: A High-Tiered Metaverse Game with Huge Potential

Decentraland is one of the first metaverses and also one of the most popular. It made shocking news in December last year when it attracted a 2.4 million investment from a virtual real estate developer who bought a patch of the metaverse’s fashion district.


It is a metaverse game that allows you to own a patch of land within the game universe. You can write policies to govern this land and control its behavior. All you need to jump into this game is to make a personalized avatar. Once you’re ready to interact, buy MANA and get started.

Purchase the crypto from platforms such as eToro and start living your digital life across the metaverse. Exciting NFT games within this metaverse open many money-making opportunities for the players. It is one of the biggest crypto assets in the market and ranks #35 at the time of writing.

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Sky Mavis: Gaming Platform hosting Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis is the first blockchain gaming platform ever created, and it was also the platform that gave us our first robust play2earn game, Axie Infinity. The game has to battle other players and bots using Axies – your virtual pets – that you can own using AXS. Many started doubting the game’s thriving economy after the hack back in March 2022. However, Axie Infinity is not back on track after the security upgrades.

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While Axie Infinity is the flagship of Sky Mavis, there is another game in development called Project K. It is a farming simulator that has you create your kingdom and “battle, conquer and fatten your coffers”.

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Blockchain gaming platforms are coming up with better and better offerings each day. These games have a robust play2earn ecosystem and many improvements in the gameplay aspects. But if you have eyes on a great gaming platform, check out Battle Infinity. Its gaming and DeFi offerings are going to arrive soon. Remember, the presale is live.

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