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5 Reasons Cardano Price Will Double And Tamadoge Price Might 10x

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Cardano Vasil hard fork
Cardano Vasil hard fork

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In contrast to prior trends, Cardano (ADA) just saw an increase in its price on the charts. One that contributed to it placing sixth in Coinmarketcap crypto-rankings by market capitalization. In reality, Cardano exceeded and surpassed XRP due to 15% and 5% increases over 7 days and 24 hours, respectively.
On Monday, Cardano was trading at $0.5882 at the time of writing, with a market value of $19.9 billion. Earlier today, ADA/USD opened at $0.5695 on August 15 and fluctuated between a high of $0.5821 and a low of $0.5466. The price of ADA/USD is currently in consolidation and trading at $0.5589, down 3.82% in a day.

The price of Cardano has the potential to double for the following 5 reasons:

1. Vasil Hard Fork Mainnet Launch

The first advantage of Cardano is that there appears to be a clear link between significant technological advancements and cryptocurrency price increases. On August 12, the creator of Cardano, IOHK, highlighted three key signs that will determine when the Vasil hard fork will begin in a series of tweets.

First, the final Vasil node contender must have built 75% of the mainnet’s blocks. Second, the upgrade must apply to approximately 25 exchanges, and third, critical Cardano DApps must be updated to node version 1.35.3. Cardano’s price could double if the cryptocurrency performs as expected.

2. Cardano Updates are Slow But Consistent

Another advantage Cardano has over its competitors is its ability to provide evidence of a thriving, rich ecosystem in which developers are creating things on top of the Cardano blockchain. It has consistently been Cardano’s main criticism. Because of its emphasis on peer-reviewed, research-driven development, the blockchain has always been significantly slower to add new features and functionality than other blockchains.

However, Cardano has not experienced any failures, which should highlight the benefits of approaching technology that manages the funds of billions of people with caution, intellect, and thoroughness.

3. Ecosystem Development

According to Cardano, there are nearly 1,000 blockchain-based projects in operation at the moment, and development is accelerating. However, a few recent success stories have also emerged, such as the NFT ecosystem’s rapid growth.
Cardano claims that the upcoming technology update will increase the use of decentralized apps and smart contracts. However, it could be another driver of Cardano’s price growth.

4. Bitcoin Whales

Messari claims that ADA addresses holding more than $10 million in ADA have steadily declined since April 25. This group of whales significantly impacts the movement of cryptocurrency prices. As a result, ADA’s price action decreased in tandem with the decline in these whales’ holdings.

Because of the increase in these whales’ holdings, the value of ADA/USD may rise and reach its double value.

5. ADA Application Cases

Cardano has the potential to influence corporations, even in more obvious real-world contexts. Cardano’s technology, for example, is helping to reduce the sale of counterfeit drugs in the healthcare industry. The public and private sectors of the economy are interested in identity verification.

Farmers may also find it useful to use Cardano’s tools to track where food is moving along the supply chain. The ability of a cryptocurrency to generate practical use cases is a key indicator of its long-term viability, and Cardano appears to be promising in this regard.


Cardano (ADA) Daily Technical Levels

Support      Resistance

0.5533        0.5907

0.5365        0.6113

0.5159         0.6280

Pivot Point: 0.5739

Tamadoge Raise $3.9m – TAMA Price Might 10x

The Tamaverse, a custom-made metaverse where users may play to win prizes in specially-designed games and socialize with other members of the Tamadoge community, is one of the most exciting sections of the roadmap. TAMA’s pre-sale has already raised more than $3.9 million, with only $55.6 million tokens remaining before the currency’s price skyrockets.

Currently, one USDT equals 66.67 TAMA, and after raising the remaining $55.6 million, the price of TAMA will rise to one USDT equals 57.14 TAMA. Aside from Cardano, the meme coin “Tamadoge” continues to remain in highlights as its beta pre-sale skyrockets.

Investors appear to believe investing in TAMA will result in higher profits, as XRP is at a standstill and may struggle to reach $1. 

Buy Tamadoge Now

Tamadoge’s pre-sale will be completed in the next weeks. The pre-sale has a hard ceiling of $10 million, which should give enough runway for the project to complete the following milestones on the roadmap. TAMA is the ultimate meme currency Play-to-Earn platform, and obtaining the token during the pre-sale couldn’t be simpler. You must pay with a debit/credit card, USDT, or ETH from your wallet.

A smartphone app that can artificially envision your Tamadoge, in reality, will be created later on the roadmap. Then, aim your phone towards your Tamadoge to see it in action. The community thinks that this confluence between artificial reality and the real world will contribute to the realm of earn gaming and aid in driving mainstream adoption.

Learn more about how to create a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.

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