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5 Best Meme Coins to Watch In 2024 – Next 10X Cryptocurrencies

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

5 Best Meme Coins to Watch In 2024 – Next 10X Cryptocurrencies
5 Best Meme Coins to Watch In 2024 – Next 10X Cryptocurrencies

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Given the high volatility and profit potential associated with meme coins, they are often regarded by many investors as a quick way of generating income.

This article provides a brief overview of five best meme coin projects investors should watch in 2024 for those aiming for substantial crypto gains. The current and anticipated developments in these projects indicate significant upside potential for the year ahead.


The inception of the BOOK OF MEME marks a pioneering leap into the Web3 domain, amalgamating the liveliness of memes with the resilience of decentralized storage, coupled with the excitement of speculative crypto trading and betting.

This endeavor aims to encapsulate the ever-evolving spirit of meme culture within an eternal anthology, the BOOK OF MEME, securely anchored on the blockchain.

Functioning as the $BOME meme coin on Solana, Arweave, and IPFS, the primary repositories of the BOOK OF MEME, with future plans for integrating Bitcoin inscriptions for immutable perpetual storage, this initiative endeavors to herald a new epoch of decentralized social media, ensuring memes’ unyielding presence.

The meteoric rise of the $BOME coin has seized attention in the crypto sphere, catapulting to a market cap exceeding a billion dollars within just 48 hours of its debut, yielding an astounding 40x return on investment for early backers.

The current market value of $BOME stands at $0.0116, with a daily trading volume of $403 million, reflecting a notable 14.33% surge in the past day and 37.94% over the last week.

With the ongoing momentum of the breakout rally, attaining the $0.020 benchmark seems within reach for the meme coin. Should the upward trajectory persist, there’s an optimistic prospect of the BOOK OF MEME attaining the $0.022 threshold in the coming weeks.

Catamoto (CATA)

Catamoto is introduced as a disruptive force in the meme coin space, characterized by its unique identity and operation on the BEP20 network. Launched recently, it has garnered attention for its innovative approach to tokenomics, with 95% of tokens allocated to the community.

The project’s commitment to transparency is evident through its token generation events and burning of unsold tokens, ensuring a stable liquidity environment.

Catamoto’s availability on PancakeSwap adds to its accessibility and potential for growth. With a strong following and promising start, $CATA emerges as a project with considerable potential in the meme coin market.

Slothana (SLOTH)

Slothana, a novel meme coin initiative established on the Solana blockchain, has garnered considerable attention within the cryptocurrency community owing to its distinct concept and successful fundraising endeavors.

The project’s unconventional presale, avoiding multiple rounds of token distribution, gained viral traction on X, amassing over $500K within hours of its launch.

Instead of following a tiered presale structure, investors can simply send $SOL tokens to Slothana’s designated wallet address (EnSawje2vQSQKtGbPYdXEuYKm2sHgeLKJTqCmrDErKEA), receiving $SLOTH tokens instantly via airdrops.

This streamlined approach ensures immediate availability of all $SLOTH tokens, with the current exchange rate set at 10,000 $SLOTH tokens for each $SOL. Post-presale, the team’s objective is to secure listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

As of the latest update, the Slothana presale has surpassed $15 million in raised funds. Given the first-come, first-served nature of token sales, early participation is incentivized. Potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy $SLOTH token here.

Meme coins built on the Solana blockchain are currently a hot trend in the crypto space, contributing to the prevailing bull run narrative. Given Slothana’s foundation on Solana, it stands poised to attract a greater influx of investors, as Solana boasts high transaction throughput and low transaction costs.

For ongoing project updates, follow Slothana on X (formerly Twitter). To take part in the $SLOTH token presale visit

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu, originally famed for its meme coin roots, has once again captured the spotlight with a remarkable achievement, raising an impressive $12 million in a recent token funding round.

This substantial influx of capital, generated through the sale of unreleased TREAT tokens to non-US venture capital investors, signifies a notable milestone for the project. Noteworthy participants in this funding endeavor include prominent investors such as Mechanism Capital, and Animoca Brands, Polygon Ventures among others.

SHIB 7 Days Price Graph

Over the past seven days, Shiba Inu’s price has surged by 20%, with the coin trading within the range of $0.000021 to $0.000027. The future trajectory of $SHIB’s price remains uncertain, as it approaches a critical resistance level at $0.0000275.

Should it surpass this threshold, the next target could be $0.0000282. The coin’s short-term value fluctuations are often influenced by community sentiment and project developments, rendering it a favored option for those seeking to capitalize on meme coin movements.

Watch the video above to delve deeper into these meme coins and subscribe to his YouTube channel for further updates. Additionally, join Jacob Crypto Bury’s Discord community for valuable trading insights and details about upcoming crypto presales.

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse, a new meme coin poised for launch across six prominent smart contract-enabled blockchains, is presently engaged in a presale phase that introduces a pioneering staking mechanism designed to motivate users to commit their tokens for passive rewards.

Dogeverse’s strategy of multichain deployment ensures the token’s availability across leading smart contract-enabled blockchains. Initially launching on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, Dogeverse aims to extend its presence to Solana, Avalanche, and Base in the coming days.

This multichain approach enhances Dogeverse’s flexibility and resilience, allowing it to adapt seamlessly should users transition between supported chains. The presale of $DOGEVERSE has witnessed an explosive start, garnering an impressive $10.2 million from investors eager to capitalize on its multi-chain capabilities.

With a fixed token supply of 200 billion and 15% reserved for presale buyers, early investors stand to benefit from a lucrative staking annual percentage yield (APY) exceeding 100%, distributed over a two-year vesting period.

To maximize potential returns, it’s advisable to consider acquiring the token early to leverage the high staking APY while it remains available. For further insights into the Dogeverse presale, follow their X account and join their Telegram channel. To take part in the $DOGEVERSE token presale visit


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