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5 Best Cryptocurrencies on Low 90-day Volatility to Buy Now

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies on Low 90 days Volatility to Buy now
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies on Low 90 days Volatility to Buy now

We’re going to explore the 5 best cryptocurrencies on low 90 days volatility. We picked the coins based on the Messari metrics. The report shows the annualized standard deviation of daily returns of crypto assets. Through the result, we could identify the 5 best cryptocurrencies on a low volatility journey within 90 days.

Crypto price volatility can be a two-edged sword but manageable. It can create amazing returns on investment when you buy low and sell high.

However, price volatility can also cause losses when you buy high, and the prices suddenly plunge. Thus, investors can make high returns if they pick coins with low volatility than those with high volatility.

So, if you’re ready for investing in coins with the lowest volatility, consider these 5 best cryptocurrencies.

You can view the file we created for our research here (data courtesy Messari): least volatile (90-day) min market cap $1bn

5 Best Cryptocurrencies on Low 90 Days Volatility

1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the “gold of cryptocurrencies,” and it’s not relinquishing the position any time soon. The crypto had a very turbulent year in 2021. But it remains the number one crypto in the market.

The Bitcoin price on June 14, 2021, is $39,164.92, and its market capitalization stands at $733,970,274,389. The number of BTC tokens circulating in the market stands at 18,734,656.00, while the trading volume is $44,942,512,292.

5 Best Cryptocurrencies on Low 90 days Volatility to Buy Now

Based on CoinMarketCap price analysis, Bitcoin lost 4.98% of its price between June 11 and June 12, 2021. On Bitcoin price history, we saw a slight fluctuation from May 21, 2021, when the price hit $40,596.95 during the market opening and closed at $37,304.69.

Since then, until June 12, 2021, Bitcoin has held its fort above $34,000. It has recorded some fluctuations but not as alarming as the price plunge of many cryptos in recent times.

While calculating Bitcoin price fluctuations with the Messari Volatility Measure, the results show that the crypto has surpassed a 90-day low volatility level.

The implication is that Bitcoin fluctuations have been slight and not terrible. Its 90-day volatility results showed 0.89. Investors who’re depending on volatility to make purchase decisions should utilize this opportunity.

The crypto has been recording some price fluctuations following Elon Musk’s tweet about Tesla’s withdrawal of its support for it.

However, even at that, investors are enthusiastic about an upcoming recovery following the El Salvador adoption. Moreover, crypto analysts predict that Bitcoin price will hit $360 000 plus before the end of 2025.

2. Buy Celcius (CEL)

The current price of Celsius is $6.80, according to CoinMarketCap data. Its market capitalization stands at $1,842,479,575 while the trading volume is $8,570,042 representing the 79.07% it gained in 24hours. The circulating number of CEL in the market is 238,863,519.83.

CEL Price Chart

From the available data on the coin, it has reached its max supply of 695,658,160. The implication is that the coin ix on its journey to becoming rare and expensive.

Judging by its 90days volatility rate also, Celsius is worth investing in right now. The coin has been maintaining a slight fluctuation in its price. Since April 12, 2021, the token has maintained prices between $5, $6, and $7. The low volatility has helped it rally faster anytime there’s a slight dip in its price.

From May 9 to May 12, 2021, the token remained above $7 until May 13, when it had a slight price loss to $6.95. Since then until June 12, Celsius has maintained a firm hold on prices hovering around $6+.

Investors can utilize this low volatility to accumulate some CEL tokens at a cost-effective approach. Now that it has reached its max supply cap, the token is expected to pick up in value. Also, experts predict that the Celsius price will hit $25 before the end of 2027.

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3. Buy DeFiChain (DFI)

DeFiChain is trading $3.09 and its market capitalization stands at $929,246,127 according to CoinMarketCap data. The coin has a total circulating supply of 300,511,840.00, and its trading volume currently stands at $2, 545,273 representing 50.68% it gained in 24 hours above its June 13, 2021 volume.

DFI Price Chart

The decentralized exchange token has had impressive low volatility price fluctuations in the last 90 days. The token prices have continued to hover around $4, $2.98, $3.20 since last month, May 2021.

It had a slight price loss on May 20, 2021, when it dipped from $3.49 on May 19 to $2.96. The next day on May 21, 2021, the DeFiChain price picked up again at $3.16.

It also went below $3 a few days later until it climbed up to $3.04 and maintained that position until June 12, when it dipped slightly to $2.97.

It is very clear from DeFiChain price history that it has tried to maintain the 90-day low volatility levels even amidst the crypto price plunge in recent times.

Investors can leverage this trend to accumulate a good number of tokens. Moreover, the price prediction for DeFiChain shows that the token might hit $303 before the end of 2022.


Here is another coin that has recorded a 90-day low volatility price level in recent times. UNUS SED LEO price today is $2.80 and the market capitalization is $2,353,147,166. The trading volume presently is $1,006,554, while the circulating supply of the token is 953,954,130.00 LEO.

LEO Price Chart

UNUS SED LEO’s price movement has been interesting as the token has maintained a low volatility level for the past 90 days. The prices have been hovering between $3 and $2, and even after a slight price loss, the coin picks up faster as well.

From May 11, 2021, the LEO price was $3.49 and remained at that level until May 19, 2021, when it dipped to $2.85. Since then, until June 12, 2021, UNUS SED LEO has remained above $2+ without change.

Based on the analysis, the low volatility of LEO makes it suitable for investors who’re aiming to add less volatile tokens to their portfolio. Even if the price goes down, it could only be some low percentages. Moreover, experts predict that the LEO price may hit $10 before the end of 2028.

5. Buy FTX Token (FTT)

The current price of the FTX token stands at $32.93 on CoinMarketCap. The token has a total market cap of $3,345,097,956, while the trading volume is $94,090,145. Presently, there are 94,346,957.52 FTT tokens in circulation. The token also has a max supply cap of 339,228,639, while the available token is 345 219,294.

FTT Price Chart

According to its price history in the last 90 days, FTT has remained part of the tokens with low volatility levels worth buying.

FTT lost 5.45% of its price on June 11, 2021, and also lost a slight percentage of its market cap and trading volume. Even at that, the token has tried to maintain a near-steady price change for some time.

FTT price from early May 2021 hovered around $60+, $50+, and $40+. The token maintained the price range until May 20, when it dipped to $36.75 from its price of $51.02 on May 19.

It went up a bit to $40.78 but fell back to $36.06, where it remained until May 24, 2021, when the price fell to $27.00. Luckily the token went back to $33.32 the next day and has maintained the range until June 12, when this article was written.

Investors can leverage the low volatility of FTX Token to add some amounts to their crypto portfolio. Moreover, experts predict that FTT price might reach $137.87 before the end of 2028.

Volatility is good for returns but risk of losses high too

Cryptocurrency prices can be volatile. Even best cryptocurrencies can fluctuate almost regularly, while some others may not be as volatile. Price volatility can create high returns and can also lead to massive losses. This is why most people are scared of investing.

The good news is that you can still invest and earn good rewards amidst all the chaos by analyzing these price fluctuations. We have highlighted the 5 best cryptocurrencies on low 90-day volatility. Check them out and utilize the opportunity they present.

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