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5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar July 3 – XRP, Tron, Sei, Conflux

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Despite the Bitcoin Halving and approval of an Ether ETF, the Fear/Greed score in the crypto market has plummeted to 89, largely influenced by reduced transaction volumes. This decline in activity has corresponded with decreased trading volumes, prompting investors to reassess their portfolios amid the subdued market sentiment.

Despite challenges, investors remain determined to identify cost-effective entry points into the market. A growing number of people are uncovering promising investment opportunities by concentrating on affordable tokens. This article presents a curated selection of cryptocurrencies deserving of investors’ attention.

5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar

This review offers essential insights for investors seeking to assess the growth potential of various tokens. Several tokens, such as Conflux, Tron, Sei, and XRP, are currently witnessing upward trends, presenting investors with opportunities to enter the market.

Furthermore, DICE has recently raised over $1.5 million and is nearing its $2 million presale target. The price of the token currently stands at $0.0866 Prospective investors are urged to buy the token before the price increases in approximately four days.

1. XRP (XRP)

Despite regulatory hurdles, XRP continues to maintain a strong market presence. The continuous development and imminent resolution of its legal tussle have been predicted to stimulate investor confidence considerably. The prediction further states that these events could be catalysts that might drive the token’s price towards the $1 mark. 

Meanwhile, XRP’s emphasis on empowering users with efficient, cost-effective solutions makes it stand out. These solutions enable cross-border payments, increasing its odds as a strong candidate for future growth. Also, its affordable transaction fees and strategic collaborations with leading financial establishments strengthen its credibility and adoption.

XRP price chart

Furthermore, XRP triggered an upward momentum, which saw its value surpass the $0.46 resistance level. The bulls successfully pushed the price above $0.480 before encountering resistance near the $0.4843 zone. The token thereafter retested the $0.4840 resistance point before experiencing a corrective pullback, with bulls defending the $0.4755 support level.

The next significant resistance level for XRP is around $0.5130. A breakthrough above this resistance zone could drive the price towards $0.5350. Further gains beyond that level may push the price toward the $0.5130 resistance level.

2. Conflux (CFX)

Conflux is a unique project developed to strengthen decentralized applications (dApps), Web 3 infrastructure, and e-commerce. It seeks to outperform other blockchains in terms of scalability, decentralization, and security. Moreover, the platform facilitates the fast, efficient, and cost-effective transfer of assets. 

Furthermore, Sei empowers users with the essential development tools that follow regulatory compliance. These tools are designed to help developers build secure and scalable dApps. The native token, CFX, serves multiple purposes, including being used as a store of value, for governance, and for staking to earn more CFX tokens. 

Conflux price chart

It also fosters the creation of unique projects such as the MEI PROJECT sneakers and ConFi’s Friends. These special utility cases ensure increased demand for CFX tokens in China. Currently, CFX trades at $0.165, indicating a 1.2% increase in the last 24 hours. 

The 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) for CFX stands at 56.4, indicating a neutral market position with a likelihood of sideways trading. Over the past 30 days, the token has experienced price increases on 16 occasions, reflecting high liquidity. Given its strategic partnerships and consistent upward price trends, analysts anticipate that the CFX price will stabilize at a minimum of $0.2880 by the end of the year.

3. Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice integrates gaming and cryptocurrency, catering to both gamblers on its platform and holders of its DICE token. Furthermore, Mega Dice has launched a Refer & Earn program. This new program seeks to incentivize users who refer people to Mega Dice with a percentage of whatever they spend on the platform. 

Furthermore, DICE has recently raised over $1.5 million and is nearing its $2 million presale target. The token’s price currently stands at $0.0866. Prospective investors are urged to buy the token before the price increases in approximately four days.

Meanwhile, the team has launched a $2.25 million airdrop campaign divided into three seasons. Season 1 allocates a $750,000 reward pool to active players who wager at least $5,000 within 21 days. Seasons 2 and 3 offer an additional $1.5 million for sustained activity until the DICE token is listed on exchanges.

Season 2 recently ended, enabling token holders to earn rewards by staking, receiving daily payouts proportional to the casino’s profits. Mega Dice incentivizes engagement with NFTs for VIP players and offers a 25% referral commission to encourage further participation on the platform. 

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4. Tron (TRX)

TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform designed to empower digital content creators within its network. Its goal is to revolutionize the entertainment industry by giving creators direct ownership rights and enhanced rewards. These unique features eliminate intermediaries such as YouTube and Facebook.

TRON supports smart contracts and various blockchain systems for developing decentralized applications (dApps). The platform does this by leveraging a transaction model similar to Bitcoin’s UTXO. This positions TRON as a strong alternative to Ethereum, allowing users to create, share, and monetize content on a decentralized internet with minimal transaction fees.

Tron price chart

TRX holders actively engage in governance through voting for “super representatives,” who validate transactions and receive TRX rewards distributed among their supporters. This democratic process enhances TRON’s transparency and community involvement, reinforcing its mission to decentralize content distribution and promote a more equitable digital economy. Additionally, TRON’s delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism bolsters security and transaction speed on the platform.

TRON has seen a 1.13% price increase in the past 24 hours, demonstrating its short-term profitability. It trades above its 200-day Simple Moving Average and displays a Relative Strength Index (RSI) 61. This suggests it has left the neutral zone, indicating potential for movement. Over the last thirty days, the token has experienced 25 positive days. 

5. Sei (SEI)

The Sei blockchain integrates Ethereum’s advanced development tools with Solana’s exceptional performance capabilities. Sei completes block finalization in a mere 390 milliseconds, making it the fastest Layer 1 blockchain. Its primary objective is to address the prevalent challenges of speed, scalability, and reliability commonly encountered in existing Layer 1 blockchains.

Moreover, the platform features an integrated order-matching engine, significantly enhancing decentralized exchanges’ efficiency and fairness (DEXs) by mitigating unethical trading practices such as front-running. Sei’s infrastructure is designed to support a wide range of applications, including trading platforms, NFT marketplaces, DeFi solutions, and gaming economies.

Sei price chart

Furthermore, Sei v2 has collaborated with Stargate, a prominent liquidity layer within the DeFi sector. This collaboration improves efficiency and interoperability across different blockchains. It allows users to bridge-wrapped Ethereum (wETH) into the Sei Network without payment of protocol fees.

The integration also enables access to numerous Layer Zero tokens, requiring users to pay only gas fees. The SEI token currently trades at $0.3261, reflecting a 3.03% increase in the last 24 hours before losing a team to post a 2% loss. Analysts forecast that the SEI could average approximately $1.73 by the end of 2024, potentially reaching a maximum price of $2.5 if it maintains its bullish trend.

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