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3 Best Crypto ICO’s That Could Make You Big Money – 100x Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

3 Best Crypto ICO's That Could Make You Big Money
3 Best Crypto ICO's That Could Make You Big Money

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Investors’ chances of maximizing their profit could become higher with a smaller coin that hasn’t yet been listed on major exchanges. Every week, it seems, a new cryptocurrency is released. Consequently, in order to identify the finest crypto ICOs, investors need to take enough time to research.

The primary factors that must be considered include the project’s primary objectives, its roadmap, its target market, and other distinctive characteristics. In light of this, we have reviewed the top three crypto ICOs that investors ought to watch in 2023.

Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu is a unique meme coin that sticks out among the numerous fascinating options available now. Individuals can stake cryptocurrency on the platform in exchange for voting in meme votes and receiving cryptocurrency as a reward. Token holders can vote on what headlines are presently the most significant.

The blockchain records the results of every vote, making voting transparent, secure, and equitable. To cast a vote, Love Hate Inu tokens (LHINU) must be staked on the platform. This ensures that only eligible voters can submit votes.

Initially, the Love Hate Inu team will create polls, but the community will soon handle this responsibility on its own. Voters are rewarded with LHINU tokens for their participation on the platform. Additionally, these tokens can be used to generate brand-new parodies.

Love Hate Inu gains from numerous non-fungible token (NFT), metaverse, and decentralized finance (DeFi) industry activities. By participating in sponsored meme surveys, platform users can also acquire project-specific NFTs and collectibles with metaverse branding.

Love Hate Inu has been causing some excitement on social media and has raised over $3.8 million in its ongoing presale since its highly successful debut in early March. Carl Dawksins, erstwhile head of growth at Tamadoge, was revealed to be the CEO following the achievement of this impressive milestone.

At the time of writing, the LHINU token could be purchased for $0.000105 using ETH, BNB, or USDT. Guide on how to buy LHINU token here. 


Through its recycle-to-earn (R2E) approach, Ecoterra is a blockchain-powered platform that pays users for recycling waste materials including plastic and glass bottles. One of the more exciting crypto launches of the year,

this Ethereum-based platform offers marketplaces for recyclable items and carbon credits as well as built-in social media functionality. The centerpiece of Ecoterra is the groundbreaking R2E platform. As its name implies, this software will pay users whenever they recycle cans, plastic, paper, and other materials.

By recycling at a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) and uploading a snapshot of their receipt to the R2E app, users can take part in this process. Rewards will be distributed in ECOTERRA, the platform’s native ERC-20 currency. Guide on how to buy ECOTERRA token here.

Because there is no cap on the quantity of ECOTERRA tokens users may receive, this encourages users to recycle longer term. In order to support environmental initiatives like tree planting, international green energy projects, and beach and ocean cleaning up, users can also decide whether to hold, stake, or spend ECOTERRA.

Investors may purchase the ECOTERRA token at the current price of $0.004 per token using ETH, USDT, or a credit card. The green initiative, which is still in its early phases, has garnered a great deal of support from investors, with its ongoing presale raising almost $600,000.

The three top ICOs that have the potential to be extremely profitable are more thoroughly described in the video above. For more crypto-related videos, follow his YouTube channel. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury runs a Discord channel where users can get tips on trading and learn about forthcoming cryptocurrency presales.


The majority use Web2-based technology and usually have erratic hiring, exorbitant fees, and slow withdrawals. A new decentralized project called DeeLance uses blockchain technology to try to solve these problems.

The innovative network provides a practical base where recruiters and freelancers may communicate, share portfolios, and exchange secure monetary compensation for the services or products provided. Guide on how to buy DLANCE token here.

The project whitepaper states that a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, an up-to-date metaverse, and a ground-breaking recruitment platform serve as the platform’s three primary foundations. These components offer a wide range of resources, increasing the effectiveness of the freelancing process while upholding transparency and digital property rights.

Faster company operations, an automated dispute resolution system for increased transparency, safe escrow services, quick cryptocurrency payments, minimal expenses, and NFTs as digital tokens denoting ownership of the assignment are just a few advantages that come with DeeLance.

On a completely open, accessible platform, the network also provides users with access to elite professionals and excellent potential for careers. Blockchain technology is used to secure the distinctive NFTs from DeeLance, which act as digital certificates of legitimacy.

This approach, which also solves issues like payment fraud and copyright violations, enables the safe and stable transfer of ownership of the work. A brand-new concept that DeeLance is working on that is built on metaverse technology and focuses metaverse lobby arenas, offices, and meeting areas is also under development.

DeeLance, a specialized Web3 platform for freelancing, has special qualities that make it a valuable investment. The project is now in its presale phase and has raised more than $117k. The DLANCE cryptocurrency is available for purchase from early investors for $0.025 per token.


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