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3 Best Crypto Giveaways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency – Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

3 Best Crypto Giveaways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency
3 Best Crypto Giveaways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

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Are you interested in free cryptocurrencies? If so, 2022 is your lucky year. Many presale cryptocurrency projects have come with free crypto giveaways for dedicated investors, and now is your chance to participate. 

These presale coins aren’t the old crypto assets that were only good for trading. They have actual utility behind them. Each of them is bringing something new to the crypto table – trying to redefine the ecosystem that needs better use cases. Let us review these crypto assets and how you can participate in their giveaways. 

Dash 2 Trade: Crypto with a 150k Giveaway

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto analytics and technical indicator platform designed to give ordinary traders critical information about market trends so they can invest responsibly. The eponymous cryptocurrency – Dash 2 Trade – powers the platform and is also used as payment to pay for subscriptions on the platform. 

Dash 2 Trade Giveaway


Getting these subscriptions will give ordinary traders access to a wide array of facilities, including. 

  1. Unique social indicators that break down a crypto project’s price movements based on social media indicators, including the crowd sentiment and engagement level. 
  2. A presale Crypto Scoring system manually assesses a presale project’s viability based on different metrics and gives it a dash score. Projects with higher dash scores are considered more suitable for investment. 
  3. Strategy-building tools allow novice and seasoned traders to create their own trading strategies and then test them in safe conditions to assess their viability. 
  4. Independent technical indicators such as Fibonacci Retracements Levels, moving averages, and RSI helps investors decide on short-term trades. 
  5. Auto trading APY ranks individual traders based on their preset strategies. 
  6. Risk profiler to rank investors based on their investment habits. 

There are also listing alerts and on-chain alerts that will keep users informed if something big is going on the cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Due to these factors, Dash 2 Trade has continued to gain attention during the presale and has raised upwards of 2.5 million in less than ten days. The project is currently in the second stage of the presale, and more than 50% tokens available at this stage are already sold out. Participating in this presale and taking additional steps will let you enter the 150k Giveaway

Investors with at least $150 worth of D2T tokens from the presale are eligible for the Giveaway. Click the given link to learn about the remaining steps. 

IMPT: Participate in the 100k Giveaway

Environmentally friendly crypto assets have become necessary due to the energy concerns posed by Bitcoin. However, even more, important is the existence of cryptocurrencies that let ordinary traders become part of the carbon credit economy. IMPT – Impact – is a unique cryptocurrency that brings more transparency to carbon credits trading and gives a chance to eco-friendly products to become part of the crypto ecosystem. 

IMPt Giveaway

IMPT is an ecosystem where environmentally conscious brands and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprints can come tougher to buy and sell carbon credits. IMPT’s product ecosystem comprises a shopping platform where users can earn IMPT tokens for every onboarded product they buy. They can exchange these tokens for carbon Credits on the platform and then sell them on the IMPT marketplace. Due to this unique, inclusive use case, IMPT has quickly become another presale crypto success this year and raised nearly $11 million in its second presale stage. 

Those participating in the presale can join the IMPT 100k Giveaway as long as they buy $100 worth of IMPT tokens on the presale. You can click this link and follow the remaining steps to gather points and become part of the presale. 

Calvaria: Calvaria 100k Giveaway

P2E cryptos have amassed the most success this year, like Battle Infinity and Tamadoge. And as we draw closer to the end of 2022, another gaming cryptocurrency has stepped in. 

Calvaria Giveaway

Calvaria is a P2E battle card game where players can accumulate cards with special abilities and participate in tournaments to earn rewards. 

The native cryptocurrency of Calvaria, $RI, has multiple utilities. It will be used as:

  1. A governance token to make decisions about the future course of the project
  2. Staking crypto, which users can add to the liquidity pool and earn regular, passive rewards. 
  3. A voting cryptocurrency for those who have staked a set amount of RIA in the staking pool. 
  4. A currency to buy NFTs from the Calvaria marketplace. 
  5. A reward token for participating in games and investing in the Calvaria ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency space requires P2E games to give utilities to crypto assets, and Calvaria is one of the most straightforward crypto assets to do so. It is following Axie Infinity’s lines but is doing things differently and better to increase the adoption rate. 

Calvaria has recently completed the first phase of its presale and is quickly progressing to complete phase 2. If you want to participate in the Calvaria presale, you also have a chance to join the Calvaria 100k giveaway if you buy and hold $100 worth of $RIA tokens. The rewards pool is divided into three parts.

  1. $70k is for the first-place winner
  2. $20k is for the second-place winner
  3. $10k is for the third-place winner

You can enhance your chance of winning by performing the tasks mentioned in the link. So, join the Calvaria presale today to get started. 


The recent presale cryptos are pulling all stops to increase engagement and adoption rate. And now is your chance to get aboard these giveaways. Follow the links and complete the requisite steps. Stay updated with inside bitcoins for more details. 

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