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$YPRED by yPredict Secures $4M in Funding; Act Now Before Presale Price Hike as Sellout Looms

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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yPredict is the first all-in-one ecosystem for traders, bringing together AI-generated trading signals and technical analysis, quantitative analysis, real-time sentiment analysis on popular crypto, and AI-powered chart repattern recognition.  

The company’s expertise in AI was underscored at the beginning of September when yPredict launched the beta of its WriteMingle AI-powered content generation and collaboration tool, which is currently being put through its paces by community beta testers.

Other products in development are yPredict Predictions, yPredict Analytics, yPredict Repository, yPredict Terminal, and yPredict  Marketplace.

Currently, in Stage 7, the penultimate one of the fundraising, there is only $500,000 left to raise before the token’s price rises from $0.10 to $0.11. The terminal price is a 202% increase on Stage 1 of the presale.

All told, there is a total token supply of 100 million tokens, of which 80 million have been allocated to the presale. 

In the final Stage 8, 21.875% of the total supply of $YPRED is on sale, equating to 17,500,000 tokens valued at $1,925,000. The final target is $6,507,551.

Prospective buyers are urged to move quickly after conducting due diligence to beat the final price rise before this stage sells out, which could come quickly after yesterday’s sudden influx of funds.

yPredict: Beyond Crypto – A Comprehensive AI Solutions Powerhouse

yPredict is much more than just another crypto project. As its product rollout program shows, yPredict is an AI-powered analytics solutions provider. 

The WriteMingle Beta Testing Program is up and running, and it follows the launch of Backlink Estimator, which deploys AI to create more effective backlink strategies for web content creators. 

At the center of the yPredict system is the YPRED token as part of a broader plan to develop state-of-the-art tools for various industries. 

Soon after the end of the presale, the team will release yPredict Analytics, so there is plenty more for investors to be excited about.

There are similar projects to yPredict offering inferior utility yet commanding market capitalizations of anywhere between $50 to $100 million. CoinGecko values the Artificial Intelligence crypto sector at $2.3 billion. 

Without picking on any one particular project, suffice it to say there are dozens of coins with values several multiples more than yPredict’s $6.5m that are still to deliver minimum viable products.

Token holders receive rewards distributed out of a staking pool continually topped up by diverting 10% of subscription revenues.

The team estimates that annual percentage yield (APY) could be as high as 45% every quarter, way above the industry average of 5-10% APY.

Invest in $YPRED: Your Gateway to AI-Powered Trading Superiority

There are other advantages, too. Access to the array of platforms comprising the yPredict ecosystem will be available at a discounted price. 

That means services such as data repositories, prediction platforms, analytical tools, the data marketplace, and state-of-the-art trading terminals will be accessible at a cut price.

The base models developed for yPredict Analytics, built by elite AI developers, are foundational to the ecosystem. 

These extensively trained predictive models can forecast the prices of popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu with “extreme precision”, says the team. To access yPredict Analytics requires a minimum $YPRED token holding of $500.

Commenting on the rollout of the WriteMingle beta, yPredict CEO Raj Sharma said: “We are thrilled to get WriteMingle into the hands of beta testers.” 

“Our goal with WriteMingle is to allow people to focus on big picture content strategy and creation while letting AI handle the time-consuming busywork like proofreading and SEO optimization.”

Unlock Engaging Content with WriteMingle: Quality Meets Accessibility

The content creation and management software utilizes advanced natural language processing and generative AI to help individuals, teams, and enterprises create high-quality written content quickly and easily.

With its simple and intuitive interface, WriteMingle aims to make content creation accessible to everyone. 

Users can get AI-generated content ideas and outlines while receiving real-time grammar and plagiarism checking. WriteMingle optimizes content for SEO best practices by analyzing word count, headings, meta descriptions, and more.

Be Part of Innovation: Sign Up for the WriteMingle Beta Program Today!

To apply for the beta program, visit WriteMingle.

Crafted by traders, developers, quants, and analysts, yPredict is the bespoke turnkey AI solution traders and other professionals have been waiting for. It hits all the sweet spots to deliver winning market strategies and solutions for a variety of industry settings. Don’t miss the boat – buy YPRED today.

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