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Youtube’s Crypto Band Drives Communities To Decentralized Platforms

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There are a great many acts of irony in this world, with the most prevalent in the crypto industry being Youtube’s anti-crypto policy. In recent years, the everpresent video-sharing platform has been banning and deleting a range of crypto-related channels. With the very systems of the platform discriminating against the crypto industry as a whole, enthusiasts and crypto users are forced to look elsewhere.

Pushing Away Clientele

As Youtube loses online traffic from this move, countless decentralized platforms have started to pop up, aiming to skirt overall censorship and even encourage the use of its own tokens.

On a youtube channel going by “Bitcoin for Beginners,” a Youtube video was published, one focused on reviewing these Youtube alternatives, particularly the most popular ones.

Through the process of judging what was the best one to use, overall, the YouTuber took into account the track records, overall usability, as well as user interface as the three major determining factors.

Many Suspects

The author of the video identified five of the most popular decentralized sharing platforms out there, namely Bitchute, LBRY, BitTube, Dtube, and PeerTube. As one can quickly tell, while these platforms broke away from Youtube, it seems that they feel the name is the right name to use.

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First on the chopping block is Bitchute. Within the platform itself, Bitchute claims to leverage a peer-to-peer WebTorrent technology to list its videos. However, there are some critical issues with this, the most prominent being that it’s become a hotbed for political fringe-groups. Furthermore, the thing is still built on centralized servers; thus, it can delist content within its platform.

The second is LBRY. LBRY has a blockchain protocol controlled by the community at large and enables its users to mine its namesake library credits. These credits, in turn, can be used as tips for the various content creators. However, the platform is still in the early stages of user optimization and can’t show you popular or trending videos on the system before you start the following channels.

Using Every System Available

BitTube stands as a more entertainment-focused platform, having been originally founded back in 2018. The platform allows circumvention of censorship due to the InterPlanetary File System it uses. Furthermore, the platform incorporates a reward system, rewarding both creators and viewers for the time spent watching, providing two different privacy tokens.

DTube launched on both the STEEM blockchain and on the IPFS, using DTC tokens to reward its users and provide them with an ad-free option. Peertube, in turn, had been launched back in 2015, using WebTorrent technology as its decentralized base. The platform allows for P2P video sharing.

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