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You Can Earn Twice as Much from Video Content: NVB Announces Start of ICO

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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After successfully completing the token presale, Native Video Box (NVB) is now moving to the main stage of the ICO. 

NVB is a platform that automatically selects and places the relevant video content from its own database of licensed clips. The widget proposed by the service is seamlessly embedded in the website and perceived by the user to be native content. The creators of the service are convinced that the technologies and instruments on offer from the platform will radically change the face of the video advertising industry.

One key operating aspect of the NVB service is the elimination of a number of intermediaries from the supply chain accounting at present, according to the project’s data, for approximately 70% of advertising budgets. The decentralized platform will make it possible to implement this approach. The global project is based on a service that has been successfully developing its technologies on the local market for over two years.

Since the start of the ICO, NVB has sponsored and participated in numerous conferences, including such high-profile events as Blockshow Asia and B Conference in Abu-Dhabi and the Big Roadshow in Moscow and in Europe. Based on the results of pitches, negotiations are almost finalized; in particular, they have managed to interest big international institutional players. The product has already attracted the attention of potential business partners from the advertising ecosystem such as BetweenX, Dynovid, and Vispot, and some industrial startups (Adhive), and also video content aggregators and video bloggers. In 2018 NVB expects to sign several contracts that will make it possible to scale up the project significantly.

NVB Token Sale

The token presale ended on December 31, 2017. For the time being, they can still be acquired at a discount on the nominal value of $1. Effective January 15, 2018, the discount will be reduced in two-week intervals: 20% of the nominal value — until January 31, 2018, and 10% of the nominal value — until February 14, 2018. Then the tokens will start to be sold at full price.

The scaling strategy, and accordingly the strategy for turnover growth to 2020, are spelled out in detail in the project’s roadmap included in its White Paper. According to Alexander Shishov, NVB founder and CEO, the project aims “in the first year to achieve turnover of 88 million dollars and pay up to 66 million dollars to content owners and website owners.”

However, Shishov is linking key expectations to global expansion:

We are targeting first and foremost markets with high video production and consumption levels: China, Japan and the USA. Competition in these regions is traditionally high, but the user has already matured to consume individual high-tech solutions. This will enable the product to rapidly start up and secure a niche. Our goal is to at the very least double turnover in two years.

NVB diagram

NVB tokens are designed to drive the cryptocurrency platform where all settlements are concluded between interested parties: advertisers, video content producers, and the content hosts. To use the service, the advertiser buys tokens. It is projected that 60% of the proceeds from these sales will be received by the site owners posting the content, 15% by the content producers, while 25% will be used to service the actual platform. Out of the 20 million planned for the ICO, 80% will be sold publicly.

The remainder of the tokens will be distributed as follows: 8% are frozen for the team of developers for one year, another 8% will be spent on the remuneration program as part of the performance of the marketing campaign and 4% will be reserved for consultants.

The advisory board is one of the key assets of the project. The company has managed to attract industry gurus with successful track records. The list of advisors recently joining the project includes Julian Zegelman from Velton Zegelman PC, legal expert on cryptocurrencies and business angel. The ICOs conducted successfully with his participation include GoldMint, ParagonCoin, BlackMoon Crypto and many others. Mike Raytsin, co-founder of ICObox, the largest provider of box solutions for ICOs, and Alexei Morozov with 14 years of experience in AdTech and in top management positions at major market players – Rambler, Begun and AdFox, have also joined the board as advisors.

Explaining his interest in the project Mike Raytsin notes:

It is well known that projects in similar categories, in particular, the advertising sector, have collected up to 35 million dollars, triggering a rush in demand from buyers. The success of the initial offering frequently consists of simple things: a popular and innovative idea, a top quality product, strong team, an understandable and useful token, and also an honest, transparent and detailed White Paper, which clearly spells out all the token’s functions and all the possible risks. In my opinion, NVB has all these qualities and can expect its public ICO to be successful.

For more details on the project, go the site

What do you think about Native Video Box (NVB)? How will it help video content providers better monetize their content? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Native Video Box

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