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WPT Calls Off Historic Poker Tournament in Macau

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The World Poker Tour (WPT) recently announced that its highly anticipated WPT Macau event, scheduled for June, has been canceled. The poker company did not provide a specific reason for the abrupt cancellation but expressed its intention to host other events in the region in the future.

This announcement was made via WPT’s official X account, where the company acknowledged the potential inconvenience this decision might cause to many professional poker players globally. Despite the cancellation, WPT affirmed its commitment to working with Wynn Macau and Allied Gaming and Entertainment in the future, hoping to bring other world-class poker tournaments to Macau.

WPT, Wynn Macau, and Allied Gaming and Entertainment expressed their regret for any inconvenience or disappointment caused to players who were planning to travel to Macau for the event. The organization reassured players of its dedication to the region and its future plans.

The cancellation of the WPT Macau event is particularly significant as it would have been the first international professional poker tournament in Macau since the closure of the PokerStars LIVE room at City of Dreams in April 2018. The pandemic and China’s stringent Zero-COVID policy had further impeded the organization of such events by significantly limiting travel and postponing plans for international tournaments.

Set to take place at Cotai’s Wynn Palace from June 18 to 24, the WPT Macau tournament was announced in March, with the promise of revitalizing Macau’s poker sector. This event was seen as a crucial step in restoring Macau’s status as a premier destination for professional poker.

Adam Pliska, CEO of the World Poker Tour, had previously stated that Macau has always been a “sought-after” destination for the WPT team. Despite the current setback, the company remains hopeful and is not ready to give up on Macau.

While the WPT Macau event will not proceed as planned, the World Poker Tour is optimistic about future opportunities in the region and remains committed to bringing top-tier poker events to Macau.

About the World Poker Tour (WPT)

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a global poker brand renowned for its high-stakes tournaments and television broadcasts. Since its inception in 2002, the WPT has grown to become one of the most recognized and respected names in the poker world. It organizes events worldwide, offering players the chance to compete for substantial prize pools and prestigious titles. The WPT’s commitment to providing top-tier poker experiences is reflected in its rigorous standards for tournament organization, player safety, and the overall quality of its events.

In addition to its live tournaments, the WPT has expanded its reach through various media and online platforms. The brand’s televised poker series has brought the excitement of live poker to millions of viewers, helping to popularize the game globally. The WPT also offers online poker events and has established a strong presence in the digital space. This multifaceted approach has allowed the WPT to engage with a broad audience and maintain its position as a leader in the poker industry.

Another event canceled in Hanoi

In related news, the WPT Vietnam Passport to the World Championship 2024 that was set to take place at the Crown Poker Club in Hanoi from May 14 to 27, was canceled. Crown Poker Club reported the cancellation through social media, citing “technical reasons and with the best intentions for all athletes.”

In their statement, Crown Poker Club expressed regret over the inconvenience caused by the cancellation. The club emphasized its commitment to safety and improving the quality of tournaments, stating:

Throughout its operation, Crown Poker Club has always prioritized safety and improving tournament quality first. This is truly a difficult decision.

The club also requested understanding and sympathy from their partners, customers, and players, highlighting the challenging nature of the decision.

According to a report by local Vietnamese-language media outlet Dan Tri, the cancellation was ordered by Tran Sy Thanh, the Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee. Thanh requested the Hanoi Department of Culture and Information, along with the City Police, to verify whether proper procedures had been followed in organizing the series.

The report specifically indicated that the series had not obtained the necessary approvals from the Hanoi Department of Culture. Authorities were instructed to “strictly handle” those involved if there was evidence of “disguised gambling” being organized.


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