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WienerAI Soars Past $7 Million In Presale As Excitement Builds For The Launch Of AI-Powered Trading Bot

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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WienerAI ($WAI) has fetched a total of $7 million in its token presale as investors lock onto this promising AI meme coin.

The part-dog, part-sausage, and part-AI trading bot buddy has caused quite a stir in the crypto world, earning the title of the “ChatGPT of crypto.”

And as it revs up to unveil its AI-powered trading bot, it’s clear as day that WienerAI is leading the pack, leaving trading bots like Floki ($FLOKI) playing catch-up.

The token presale prices the ERC-20 token $WAI at its current rate of $0.000724, with the price set to hop to $0.000725 in the next presale stage, happening in less than two days.

Not snagging these tokens at this rate would be a huge miss! 

WienerAI has its sights set on global exchange listings, and with the buzz already generated during the presale, it’s not impossible for it to skyrocket to the top of the AI meme coin charts.

WienerAI: Blending AI Innovation And Meme Coin Potential

Two of the top three key narratives that have shaped the crypto market in the first half of 2024 are artificial intelligence and meme coins.

The crypto market’s growing love for projects with an AI twist was underscored by the impressive 71.6% average growth of the top 10 AI-themed coins by market cap.

But the standout sector, undoubtedly, is the one that Dogecoin ($DOGE) famously unleashed as a playful retort to Bitcoin and the wider crypto scene – yes, the meme coin sector.

During the same period, the top six tokens, tracked by VanEck’s MarketVector™ Meme Coin Index, surged by an impressive 111.28%, while the entire top 10 meme coins saw a staggering 1,834.22% average gain.

Source: MarketVector™ Meme Coin Index | MEMECOIN

For those unaware, the crypto market thrives on narratives driven primarily by social trends, new applications and technical innovations.

Just a couple of years ago, trading behaviors in the crypto market were heavily influenced by key narratives such as Elon Musk and Dogecoin, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn games, metaverses, and advancements in AI like ChatGPT.

These past narratives have charted the industry’s course, and in 2024, the market is banking on AI and meme coins to recapture the momentum seen at the beginning of the year heading into summer.

With an AI crypto trading bot spotlighting a meme coin that champions an adorable wiener dog mascot, WienerAI is a standout coin that perfectly encapsulates this year’s two compelling narratives in a blend of humor and innovation.

Now, as the market gears up for another bullish push propelled by the recent surge in meme coins, WienerAI is certainly the token investors should be on the lookout for, especially since its trading bot is nearing launch.

Gaining The Trading Alpha – WienerAI Easily Outshines Floki

WienerAI is about to drop its game-changing trading bot into the crypto trading scene, making trading easier for all investors.

In June, it offered everyone a sneak peek of its interface. But around the same time, Floki ($FLOKI) also made headlines with its own crypto trading bot announcement. 

Floki’s version includes manual buy and sell options, a portfolio tracker, and secure wallet protection – all accessible via Telegram.

But when comparing the technology behind what WienerAI offers, Floki appears to be outmatched. 

WienerAI boasts AI predictive technology that enables its platform to identify optimal trades in the market and even suggests the best decentralized exchanges (DEX) to trade these setups.

Additionally, WienerAI provides comprehensive market analysis for its selections, allowing traders not only to execute trades but also to learn from them. 

Users can simply input their trading queries into WienerAI’s chat interface ala ChatGPT and it will swiftly scour the market for the best trading opportunities.

What’s more, it offers zero trading fees, allows traders to seamlessly swap between different DEXs, and provides protection against MEV bots that could manipulate transactions.

Plus, WienerAI’s trading bot is infinitely upgradeable and incorporates modular technological capabilities, allowing it to be flexible and adaptable especially since market conditions always evolve.

WienerAI Community: A Huge Sausage Army That Keeps Growing

Of course, meme coin success isn’t just about the tech – a big part of it feeds on the playful humor and viral appeal they embody.

WienerAI, with its charming dog-themed appeal, hits the mark perfectly and joins the new meme coin pup pack that ReadWrite recommends keeping a close watch on.

Yet, a significant part of meme coin success lies in its community – or in WienerAI’s case, its sausage army.

WienerAI’s sausage army has grown to over 14,500 followers on X and over 12,000 on Telegram.

WienerAI’s community will also enjoy generous incentives, with 20% of its total token supply of 69 billion tokens allocated for community rewards.

Moreover, being part of the sausage army is its own reward, as staking $WAI tokens offers a 164% APY, ensuring massive returns for community members, which WienerAI allocates another 20%, totaling 13.8 billion $WAI tokens.

These factors make $WAI a token that could potentially be highly lucrative for investors, especially as the bullish case for meme coins and AI narratives reignites in the second half of the year.

The potential for $WAI to achieve significant returns is why 99Bitcoins on YouTube sees $WAI as one of the meme coins with 100x potential.

The presale for $WAI tokens is still open, and to join, investors only need to connect their crypto wallet on WienerAI’s website and purchase tokens using ETH, USDT, or BNB. Bank cards are also accepted.

For investors’ peace of mind, WienerAI has undergone a full audit by Solid Proof, ensuring the security of its smart contract.

Join the sausage army on X and Telegram to stay updated with the project’s latest updates and developments.

WienerAI simplifies the complex world of cryptocurrency trading for everyone. Purchase $WAI now and stay tuned for the launch of the WienerAI trading bot to explore profitable trading opportunities.

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