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VeChain Co-Founder, Sunny Lu, States He Aims To Overthrow Ethereum

VeChain [VET]
VeChain [VET]

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Co-founder of VeChain (VET), Sunny Lu, has gone public in stating that he was not going to back down until the cryptocurrency he co-founded overtakes Ethereum in value.

Big Plans For VeChain

Through an interview done on Boxmining, a popular Youtube show, Sunny Lu was asked an array of questions. One question, in particular, stood out, asking Sunny if he thought VeChain’s market capitalization would overtake Ethereum’s within the near future.

The CEO of Vechain responded, stating that the ecosystem will not stop until it overtakes the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Sunny said that he had the utmost respect for the Ethereum network as a whole, as well as its inventor, Vitalik Buterin. It should be noted that Vechain is currently in use by PwC, Walmart China, Deloitte, as well as other big businesses across the globe.

Respect Given To Inspirations

Sunny stated that this respect for Ethereum had been there since Vecahin launched its mainnet. In its genesis block, Vechain had a solute written to Ethereum, demonstrating the network’s respect to Ethereum as a whole.

Sunny promised to do everything in his power to overtake Ethereum, stating that records are set in order to be broken, and the master is made to be “overridden.”

Sunny explained that he would be one happy man if they ever managed to overtake Ethereum someday. He also stated that overtaking Ethereum would show that the entire blockchain space is “making the breaking through somehow.” According to Sunny, it would be a testament to the mass adoption of business value, as well as the technology itself.

Recent Big Moves

In recent times, VeChain has managed to acquire powerful partnerships. The blockchain network has managed to be deployed by PwC and Walmart China. Furthermore, the blockchain has made a partnership with DNV GL in order to launch an app to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to corporate organizations.

VeChain is being leveraged in Cyprus, in particular. There, VeChain applications are being used at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, as well as its airports. These applications record the COVID-19 status of individuals before entering through airports.

Alongside this, Sunny lu stated that PwC, Deloitte, as well as other firms, are now leveraging the VET token of Vechain in order to pay for gas fees. He did note, however, that the firms didn’t’ hold the tokens themselves. Furthermore, he hinted at a partnership with the Ripple blockchain, as well.

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