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US Markets Flip From All-Time High To Bear Market Faster Than Ever Before

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

downturn in the cryptographic money
downturn in the cryptographic money

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The US stock market has officially entered bear market territory. While this in and of itself isn’t newsworthy, it’s the sheer pace it did, that’s so astounding. In the S&P 500’s entire history, this was the quickest shift from all-time-high to downright bear markets ever recorded.

Summary Drop Across All Fronts

The result is a US stock market that’s gone bearish in any metric you use. From its peak to its drop, it took only 16 days to achieve this. It stands as a new record, and one that no one hopes will be broken any time soon.

Headlines spread across media networks handling the finance sector had more or less the same sentiment: They had expected a bear market, but the sheer speed it had come was the surprise, as no one expected it to arrive so soon. From its peak that occurred in mid-February, the Dow experienced a sharp string of losses and managed to drop 20%.

Profit Losses and The CORVID-19 Black Swan Event

As one would imagine, an extensive array of companies across the globe has started to report an anemic projection of earnings. This is especially so for sectors like tech manufacturing, cruise operators, and airlines. These companies, alongside others to a lesser degree, will only find their profits dried up by the end of this year. As one would imagine, investors are getting spooked, causing a mass sellout that just drops the market even more.

All Attempts Futile

The coffin nails for this event was, hands down, CORVID-19, or the Coronavirus as it’s usually referred to. CORVID-19 seemed to be a black swan event in and of itself, and one that no one saw coming. With the ongoing oil price war hanging in the background, economic projections are looking as grim as they can be, and to no one’s surprise.

Talks of black swan events coming in the future had already been present in May of 2019. However, it’s safe to say that no one considered the CORVID-19 pandemic to be it, and no one was prepared for the sheer scope of negative sentiment it would bring up.

President Trump, in all his glory, has been trying to overhype the stock market to try and push it back into shape. Even through his recent address trying to do just that, it seems that a prolonged recession is more than just a possibility, it’s a new reality.

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