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Uniswap Listing for Calvaria Will Happen at 2 PM UTC on February 21

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Calvaria is one of the most exciting projects to come out in a long time, and it has successfully managed to charge the crypto community up. Despite the crypto winter, it managed to have a very successful presale, raising roughly $3 million for its highly coveted RIA token. The token powers many of the features in the ecosystem and it’s clear that users wanted to get in on it as early as possible.

Now the presale is over, the team is aiming for new goals – some of which are truly exciting. One of the most existing upcoming developments is the fact that the token will be listed on exchanges. This will bring great exposure to the token and possibly boost the token even more, as many more individuals will have access to it.

One of the most exciting listings is that of Uniswap. The RIA token will go live on the popular DEX at 2 PM UTC on February 21. Here, we talk about all you need to know about the listing, as well as the features and general information about the project.

Uniswap Listing Gets Crypto Community Excited for Calvaria

Exchange listings are a big step forward for any project, and Calvaria has managed to raise an enormous amount of attention during its presale. Investors have been eagerly waiting for the listing, but they will not have to wait any longer as the RIA token will go live on the Uniswap DEX on February 21 at 2 PM UTC.

The listing has been a long time coming and the listing on Uniswap makes it the first DEX on which RIA is available. It will bring a lot of attention to Calvaria, which has been making headlines for its accessibility and striking artwork. There are a lot of features about hte project that distinguish it from other such projects, as we shall see. All in all, the project will continue to increase in popularity, which bodes well for the RIA token.

Of course, this will not be the last of the exchange listings for Calvaria. The team has a lot more in store for 2023 – including technical development. This also speaks to the team’s intention to become the most accessible and community-driven game in the market. It’s a good time then to turn our attention to what makes Calvaria so accessible and feature-filed.

Calvaria Sets Itself Apart from Other Games

Calvaria is a P2E card battler game – that is the simplest definition for the project. This is a popular kind of game in the market, but there are many unique aspects about Calvaria that set it apart from the rest.

The team has emphasized time and again that it wants to make an extremely accessible game, one that can pull in both crypto users and those who are unfamiliar with the technology. As such, there is both a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mode. Furthermore, the game doesn’t need any crypto assets or even a wallet to start playing. The game will also be available on both desktop and mobile devices.

These features come together to make the game an easy one to break into. Those who are unfamiliar with crypto will no doubt gain some understanding of how the technology works. Of course, they won’t have access to such features as the NFT marketplace and crypto-based rewards, but they can catch a glimpse of the power of the technology.

Those who choose to dabble with the crypto features will have access to the aforementioned NFT marketplace and the DAO, among other things. Regarding the latter, the team is highly focused on allowing the crypto community to decide how the game develops, and as such will let them vote with their tokens. They will also have the ability to receive royalty payments, wager on tournaments, and sell decks, cards, and upgrades.

As for the setting, the game takes place in the afterlife. There are several factions fighting for power and their distinct natures can be seen quite easily in the stunning artwork that the team has put together. Furthermore, the game also has a story mode. This makes it even more accessible, as those who do not want a competitive experience can play this and still enjoy the experiences that Calvaria has to offer.

Other features that are worth noting are staking of the RIA token for rewards, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. These features collectively create a robust and interactive ecosystem where players can find multiple ways to contribute and earn. There aren’t many P2E projects out there with such a wide variety of uses and it’s further evidence of Calvaria’s clever design.

Those interested should also take a look at the frequent communications made by the team over social media channels. They have been offering looks into the characters of the universe, and they’re all quite varied in their design and backstory. There has been a slew of character reveals in recent times, which should get the community excited and attract more users.

In terms of technical developments, the team recently revealed that it was close to completing its staking platform and would announce it in the days to come. All of these events have proven that Calvaria has a great deal of potential, and that is why investors flocked to the presale.

Calvaria is the Answer to P2E’s Problems

Calvaria looks set to have many successes in 2023, and the Uniswap listing is only one of many exciting developments that investors have to look forward to. The game is set to revolutionize the P2E space and shows even those outside the crypto space the power of the technology.

Accessibility has been a pain point in crypto, but the Calvaria team is all ready to show that it is something that can – and must – be fixed. With a bevy of features on hand, and many developments set to take place in 2023, Calvaria is a project that should be on everyone’s radar.

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