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Undercity: Will This Dream Gaming Village Become The next 100x Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Undercity is the first project that is bringing Web3 to the real world. It intends to create a dream gaming village in France for gamers around the globe to visit and enjoy playing their favorite games. The project is currently undergoing a presale for its utility token, UND, and many crypto analysts have high hopes that the token might 100x following the presale.

Analysts believe that if Undercity manages to create a strong gaming community centered around its gaming village, the token will benefit from a plethora of utilities and give it a chance to provide unprecedented returns for early investors.

Undercity Bringing Web3 Gaming Into the Real World

Undercity is bringing a revolutionary approach for bridging the gap between Web3 and the real world by creating the first gaming society based on blockchain technology. The project will bridge Web3 to the real world by creating the first real-world gaming village that allows gamers to come and play their favorite Web3 games.

The real-world facility will have 10,000 m2 of floor space, split into various sections to create the gaming village. In the village, the team will organize events, build projects, and grow its community. The entire idea behind the project is to create a space where Web3 aficionados can meet together to rethink the future world of Web3 gaming.

The team created the project because they believe that the future of blockchain will be dictated through decentralized communities that have physical venues where the citizens of the Web3 sector can meet and socialize.

The entire Undercity ecosystem is built on three premises;

  1. Community comes first
  2. The ecosystem has to expand continuously
  3. Gaming at the heart of everything

On top of that, the Undercity project has three separate products it intends to release;

  1. Undercity1 – the first-ever gaming village
  2. A blockchain-based VR role-playing game
  3. – a blockchain-based streaming platform

10,000 square meters for Gaming, Lifestyle, and Work

Undercity1 will be located in the heart of France, and it will be the first gaming village that welcomes all gamers, roleplayers, cosplayers, and Web3 aficionados to the village. Located just a few minutes away from the medieval site of the Bridiers, the main theme of Undercity1 is to become the dream place for all video gamers across the globe.

The 10,000 square meter facility contains areas for specific activities, broken down into the following rooms;

  • Virtual reality room
  • Streaming Room
  • Retro-gaming room
  • Modern gaming room
  • Atypical accommodation
  • Activities Area
  • Lounge area
  • Library
  • Restaurant and Bar

The virtual reality room will be fully equipped with the latest VR technology, allowing gamers to come and play their favorite VR titles. It also presents an opportunity for players to come and experience the metaverse together.

The streaming room will contain Web3 video game streaming facilities. The team has stated that they will provide four fully equipped rooms dedicated to streamers so gamers can book the room when they visit Undercity1. Of course, discounts are provided for those that pay with UND tokens.

The activities area will be the main section for gamers to come and socialize with one another. It will contain the modern/retro gaming rooms, a cinema, and a space for social activities, such as axe throwing and bowling.

Furthermore, the lounge area will be the spot for gamers to come and unwind. They can choose to get a massage or soak in one of the Cyberpunk pool container pods. Additionally, a range of accommodations is available to rent if you want to stay in the gaming village for a few nights.

The great thing about the gaming village is that it is totally reproduced in the metaverse. That means that Undercity1 will have a like-for-like copy that people around the world can access through the metaverse.

In a nutshell, Undercity1 aims to create a decentralized gaming community by blending the Web3 gaming space with its fantastic real-world facility.

What’s a Gaming Village Without Games?

Of course, a decentralized gaming community isn’t complete without its own in-house developed games. That’s why Undercity already has its first game well into development, and experts think it might be a groundbreaking experience in the Web3 space.

The first game from Undercity will be a blockchain-based VR role-playing first-person shooter based in the metaverse. In the game, users can increase their character’s stats by collecting weapons, finishing levels, completing missions, and earning NFTs and tokens as rewards through gameplay.

Undercity will take it further as they want to create an entire multiplayer VR esport behind its game, allowing friends to fight each other across various game modes and maps.

The game is already making strong development. You can view the current state of the game in the following video;

UND Token – The Next 100x Token?

So, as you can see, it’s not surprising to learn that some analysts are expecting giant returns from the UND token – with some putting the returns as high as 100x.

The project is currently undergoing a presale for its native token, UND, which will be the utility token behind the gaming village.

UND will have a wide range of utilities, including:

  • Paying for entrance to the Undercity village (one-time payment)
  • Paying for accommodation at the gaming village
  • Paying to rent top-tier gaming setups and streaming rooms
  • Used for payment in the Understore shop
  • Used for payment at the bar and restaurant
  • Remunerating developers, creators, and actors in Undercity
  • Organization of events and subscriber meetings

The reason most analysts believe this token can 100x is because of the future growth of the project. Suppose Undercity1 truly becomes a gamer’s paradise. In that case, it will attract gamers from around the world who will constantly visit the village and use the UND token to take advantage of the discounts it offers – creating a proliferating ecosystem.

You see, the entire idea behind Undercity is to have a real utility token that is used on a daily basis for different sectors in the gaming village AND the Undercity game itself.

The presale for the UND token will take place over five separate stages, with increasing prices as each subsequent stage is complete. For example, the first stage will sell the token at a price of $0.35 and will sell 5.7 million tokens. Once they are sold, the next stage will begin, and the price for UND will rise to $0.43 per token.

You can see the breakdown of each stage in the following table;

The great thing about investing in the presale is that it’s usually the price when it is highly affordable. Once the presale is over, UND will be listed on a multitude of tier-1 centralized exchanges, which is bound to see the token price surge. Furthermore, those that invest during the earlier stages will already have profits banked by the time the presale ends.

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