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Undercity is the Latest Gaming Sensation – What you Need to Know About the Hybrid Metaverse

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Undercity, the first act-to-earn gaming village in the world, has everything an avid gamer has dreamt about and more – from a VR gaming room to a spa and a snack bar. The 10,000-meter square village will be reproduced in the metaverse to host a decentralized global community of gamers.

The project is going viral across the crypto and gaming communities, thanks to its unparalleled vision and value propositions. Here is a deep dive into Undercity and why it’s trending.

A real-world gaming village

We have seen enough blockchain applications in the last few years with no physical applications. Blockchain is everywhere, but few that we can connect with. The series of online use cases is a remarkable achievement for an emerging industry. That said, it’s about time blockchain technology stepped into the physical world. Real-world integration is central to the mainstream penetration of any innovation, and Web3 is no exception.

Led by a first-of-its-kind vision, this is exactly what Undercity aims to achieve. It blends blockchain, gaming, and the metaverse to build a decentralized gaming community that has a real-world footing. A team of pioneers in ‘real-life entertainment for gamers’ has come together to bring that alive. Playing online is not enough for most gamers. Powerful communities are built from social interactions in the real world, they believe.

According to Jonathan Noiray, co-founder of Undercity, “Video games can also develop relationships of friendship. For example, in the majority of games, we have a list of friends with whom we can play and have fun. With Undercity, you are connected to members”. And that makes all the difference.

The key highlights of Undercity village

Undercity is building a hybrid gaming village in The Creuse. The medieval site of The Bridiers is only two minutes from the craft site, creating the right ambiance for the project. Accessibility is also good as the underground village is nine minutes away by car, close to the N145 interchange linking the A20, and a 20-minute walk away from the train station. No concerns about internet connectivity either, with 8GB/SEC FIBER.

Here is a quick look at the gaming village and why it has got gamers excited.

  • Virtual reality room: Immerse yourself in your favorite gaming universe with friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Streaming room: Share content and connect with your Twitch community. The four rooms are equipped with live-specific PCs, green screens, and stream decks.
  • Throw of axes: Six targets, allowing up to 18 people in each one-hour session and up to 35 people in privatization. It will be a fun group activity for birthday parties, outdoor team sessions, and get-togethers.
  • Massage: Well-being massages for non-therapeutic purposes.
  • Cyberpunk spa and sauna: A Nordic bath to forget the worries and stress of everyday life.
  • Fantasy Manga library: A small library stacked with manga and heroic fantasy books.
  • Retrogaming hall: Old games and consoles for every retro-game fan. It is free to access. The village will host local tournaments and competitions based on retro games.
  • Modern gaming hall: Free access to new generation consoles like PS5, XBOX SERIES X, and SWITCH.

In addition to these, the village houses a range of modern and spacious teepees, snack bars where you can meet gamer friends, and more.

Undercity VR role-play shooter metaverse

A key component of Undercity will be its VR role-play shooter metaverse. It features modern multiplayer FPS games, weapons, characters, projectiles, shells, explosions, and game modes to name just a few. The game demo is published on the website.

Another aspect of the game that has caught the attention of the gaming community is Underverse, which is a unique “open world” in 3D, where the web3 community can meet to build relationships and have unlimited fun. UND tokens fuel the entire Undercity ecosystem.

How to invest in Undercity early?

Undercity is one of the most promising crypto metaverse projects of this year, as proven by the fast-growing Undercity community online. If the project unfolds as laid out in the whitepaper, Undercity will reward early investors lucratively by the end of the year.

The upcoming presale of Undercity (UND) tokens is the best investment gateway to the project. UND serves a wide range of utilities in the Undercity ecosystem. For example, it is used as entrance fees to Undercity (only once), get atypical accommodation rentals (long and short term), play premium games, and make in-app purchases. What’s more?

  • You get a 5% discount when you pay for Undercity activities with UND token
  • UND is used as a payment in shops, restaurants, and bars in the Undercity village.
  • Privatization of Undercity is done using UND tokens as well. You can use it to organize events or host subscriber meetings.
  • Developers, creators, and actors of Undercity are remunerated in UND.
  • You can rent 24-hour hosting servers, game servers, and gaming setups using UND.

The presale of UND tokens is scheduled to begin in early February 2023. Held in five stages, it will offer 57,000,000 (50%) UND tokens at a heavily discounted price. That leaves the token large room for growth on public listing and makes it one of the best crypto presales this year. Another interesting aspect to note is that UND is deflationary. Its supply decreases over time, in turn, boosting value.

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