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$TURBO Generates $7M+ Volume In 24h- Meme Coin $AI Pushes For 100x Growth?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

TURBO price
TURBO price

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Turbo Token, $TURBO, a revolutionary meme coin, has surfaced in the market. TURBO  uses cutting-edge AI technology to improve the cryptocurrency world. It aims to leverage the power of memes to create a community-driven currency that is both fun and profitable.

TURBO is quickly gaining popularity among investors and meme enthusiasts with its fast transaction times and potential for rapid growth.

Notably, another meme coin Ai Doge has shown impressive moves recording above $1 million in its ongoing presale.  

A Dive Into The Development Of Turbo Token

The innovation of the Turbo Token coin was backed by the power of artificial intelligence, GPT-4. The founder believed implementing an AI factor was the best way to create the next generation of meme coins. Remarkably, the project began with only a $69 budget. 

The founder showed his confidence in the power of AI by following all instructions it provided and documenting the processes involved.

Turbo Token has come a long way since its creation. This results from joined forces from the AI’s innovative insight and the community’s enthusiasm. 

Presently, Turbo Token stands as an accomplished project after its recent launch, raising the belief among several crypto investors and traders that it could reshape the meme coin space.

The community has called upon crypto users to continue exploring more possibilities with the token, as it intends to carry out more developments over time.

Turbo Token Road Map

Turbo Token’s road map provides information about the progress of the ecosystem and its achievements since its inception. Here’s what it looks like:

Q2 of 2023

  • The token creation and development of smart contracts were slated to occur in the second quarter of 2023.
  • Following the smart contract development and token creation is the website launch.
  • The marketing campaign and community building will later take place to wrap up the token’s activities for this quarter.

Q3 of 2023

  • The community simply noted that anything could occur in this quarter.

Turbo Token Market Outlook

Currently, Turbo Token trades at $0.0004761, showing a slight recovery following a couple of red bars. There was a significant spike in its price in the early hours of the day, bringing its value to around the $0.000644 price level.

At the time of writing, the 24-hour trading volume of the token fluctuates around $18.59 million, with total liquidity of $1.26 million. Furthermore, there are about 69 billion TURBO coins in total supply, with approximately 487,000 holders of the token.

Meanwhile, several transactions have been ongoing after the launch of the TURBO token. This has brought its total transactions to around 289,000, as it holds a total market cap of $30.84 million.

Tokenomics Of The TURBO Token

To ensure a fair and successful distribution process of the TURBO token, it has to follow a unique tokenomics (token economics) pattern. Here’s a breakdown of its tokenomics model:

  • Crowdfunded token launch
  • Renounced contract
  • Fair distribution
  • No taxes

The token’s whitepaper provides more details on this information.

AiDoge The Next Potential Meme-Coin Set To Explode

AiDoge is an upcoming project expected to explode like the Turbo Token (TURBO). It has already attracted the interest of many people interested in cryptocurrencies. 

The coin is built on the Dogecoin meme and combines the strength of AI to produce a distinctive and attractive investment opportunity.

Investors are searching for the next great thing due to the extraordinary rise of meme-coins, particularly Turbo Token. This is where AiDoge steps in.

The coin has a talented group of developers that have merged their knowledge of blockchain and AI to build a platform that looks to be the upcoming big thing in the cryptocurrency industry.

AiDoge is currently in its presale stage, making it an attractive investment option. With the coin currently priced low, investors can buy many quantities and potentially reap huge returns.

A total of 50% of AiDoge tokens are available for the presale. The presale is split into 20 stages, with 5% of tokens available at each stage and the price incrementally growing on each round. The project aims to raise marketing and development funds through the presale.

Below is a summary of its presale activities so far.

  • Currently in its first presale stage with a price tag of $0.0000268.
  • The presale hard cap is $13,400,000.
  • Minimum investment of 38,461 $AI at $0.0000268/token.
  • Before its IEO, the price will rise gradually for another 19 rounds.

Unique Features Of AiDoge:

  1. Combination of Dogecoin memes And AI Cybernetics: AiDoge is built on the foundation of Dogecoin, a well-known meme cryptocurrency. However, AiDoge has advanced the meme industry by incorporating AI into its platform. 

AiDoge is an innovative and revolutionary investment opportunity due to combining these two technologies (Meme & AI Technology).

  1. Strong And Supportive Community: The community of AiDoge backers is devoted to spreading the word about the coin and fostering its expansion. This group fosters interest in the coin and increases market demand, contributing to its positive image.
  2. Staking Platform: Users can stake $AI tokens in the AiDoge ecosystem to get access to platform features and daily credit rewards. The daily credits generated allow users to access the AiDoge platform’s meme-generation features.

Staking also grants access to new features and voting rights on the project’s direction. The staking mechanism might be crucial in lowering the coin’s supply and raising its price. 

However, since the staking APR is unknown, it is difficult to predict how many coins will be staked by users from the available supply.

  1. Meme Feed: Its “Meme Feed” function undoubtedly gives it incredible potential. All newly created memes will be posted to the Meme Feed, where users can filter the feed to produce results like sorting by the recent or well-liked memes.

AiDoge compensates the top-performing artists with $AI tokens and offers creators additional exposure through the meme feed.

  1. Tokenomics: AiDoge has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, and the initial exchange offering price will be $0.00003360, giving a market cap at launch of $29,800,000. 

How To Buy AiDoge

By purchasing $AI tokens during the presale, you’ll be taking a first step toward becoming a part of the thriving AiDoge ecosystem.

First Step: Goto AiDoge’s official presale website. You must have ETH or BNB in your self-custodian wallets (METAMASK).

Second Step: click and input the amount of BNB or ETH you wish to swap for $AI tokens. Take note of the gas fees, then click on the Buy button.

Third Step: Select ad, connect your wallet, then confirm the transaction.

Given its core feature of leveraging AI to enable users to create memes, the coin will amass a lot of hype leading up to its exchange launch, positively impacting its price. 

AiDoge will launch on exchanges after its presale, allowing new investors who missed the presale to buy the coin.

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