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TRON CEO Says its New Project will Reshape the Internet

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Justin Sun Urges Crypto Holders To Shift From SMS
Justin Sun Urges Crypto Holders To Shift From SMS

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TRON CEO, Justin Sun, says TRON is embarking on a project that would completely reform the internet. He is inviting the crypto community to become contributors to the MPC Torch private protocol by subscribing via email. Presently, about 20 people have subscribed and attended the MPC torch project. And there is a reward for every privacy pioneer that comes on board, as TRON plans to offer a $100 reward for participating.

Introducing revolutionary technology to the cyberspace

Mr. Sun pointed out that the new project would make use of the ZK-SNARKs technology, which has been initially used in several scalability systems for the ETH network. He said the technology has been tried and tested within the Ethereum network and hopes to use the same technology for TRON’s new project.

Some analysts said that when it is completely implemented in ETH,  such technology could reach the speed of the Visa payment system.

TRON seriously busy with expansion goals

July last year was a very busy month for TRON as the blockchain firm launched some excellent technological initiatives. It seems Justin and his team are not relenting in their efforts to make TRON even bigger and better than what it is today. One of the major highlights was the widely publicized lunch with Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. Some observers suggested there may be a partnership on the horizon, but the two didn’t mention anything of the sort in the tweets. This year, TRON has continued from where it stopped, as it has announced some big projects coming this year.

Other new projects currently underway

TRON is currently working on other new projects it intends to use to expand the company and make it a bigger brand in the crypto community. The project, according to Justin, will add about 100 million new users.

Justin also reiterated the blockchain’s desire to make the new BitTorrent and DLive projects more beneficial to a wider spectrum of the blockchain community.

However, following his tweets, many players in the market are still skeptical, given Justin’s history of making so many unfulfilled promises. Some have stopped taking his promises seriously because he has failed to keep them on a number of occasions.

In January this year, Justin revealed that the forecast for Dlive and BitTorrent to have “multibillion benefits” is a conservative one.

One particular user replied to Justin’s tweet by pointing him back to October when he made a similar promise.

In October last year, Justin said TRON is going to onboard billions of customers. However, that has not materialized yet. The user was pointing to the fact that there is no use banking on Justin’s statement regarding TRON because most times the promises don’t come to effect.

Justin’s tweeter page has the largest followers within the crypto industry, but he has not failed to make what some people feel are “empty noises” about TRON. And despite some of the alleged deceptive announcements, TRON has continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

In his new announcement, he is promising a new project that will change the face of the crypto space and the internet in general. Only time will tell whether this promise would become a reality.

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