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AiDoge Enters Stage Two of Token Presale, Attracts Attention in Crypto Market

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

AiDoge Crypto ICO
AiDoge Crypto ICO

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AiDoge enters the second presale stage with bullish momentum after raising over $650,000 in the first presale stage. This achievement marks another milestone as the project moves to revolutionize meme technology with its cutting-edge meme-generating AI tool. 

FOMO is already building among pro-meme investors as AiDoge exhibits impressive potential with its real-world utility that will incentivize meme creators. 

At press time, the AiDoge token price has increased from $0.00002600 to $0.00002640, a price poised to rise over 100x when the project gains more traction.

Investors who wish to leverage the trending AI meme technology must hurry, as the token could sell out in a few weeks.

AiDoge (AI) Gears Up to Open a New World of Meme Coin Technology

AiDoge is the latest AI crypto project that uses artificial intelligence in meme coin creation. It allows meme creators access to innovative technology that facilitates qualitative and quantitative memes based on trends and hot industry topics.

With this use case, creators don’t have to worry about from scratch meme design, as they only need to input text instructions that AiDoge will follow to produce contextual memes. 

AiDoge’s native token, $AI, allows users to buy credits for generating memes. It also serves as a medium for paying user incentives and ecosystem governance.

AiDoge is the first project to introduce a real-world use case that merges meme coin and artificial intelligence. While meme coin and AI technology gain more traction, AiDoge will grow alongside, expanding its community as more users leverage the growing interest.

This trending meme coin will compensate those investors who missed out on Conflux and Pepe Coin’s surging price. The presale stage 2 is live now with the token price of $0.00002640. 

This price will increase by 0.00000040 (5%) to $0.00002680 in presale stage 3 and continue with the same momentum till the token sells out.

Hurry now while the presale lasts, take advantage of the early bird pricing, and reap huge benefits when $AI skyrockets in the coming weeks.

Why Buy AiDoge? A Peek Into AiDoge’s Unique Features

AiDoge offers staking incentives with premium features that include daily rewards for AI token stakes. Also, high-ranking meme creators are positioned to receive exclusive access to premium features. In addition, they will receive voting rights that allow them to participate in governance in the AiDoge ecosystem.

Moreover, AiDoge operates a decentralized voting system that grants users the right to decide which meme is the best. Users can vote on which meme they like most through this voting mechanism, and the highest-voted meme receives token rewards.

That’s not all. The project has a Public Wall Feed where creators display guaranteed memes and have community members vote to determine the best. The Public Wall Feed is not just for displaying memes. It also increases meme virality and popularity since everyone can see it. That way, meme ideas go viral rapidly, allowing creators easy idea transmission.

AiDoge pays out the rewards for the most creative, high-ranking, and prolific meme creators weekly. This reward increase as the AiDoge ecosystem expands. When the incentive payout ends, the rating tablet reset, allowing other creators to climb the leaderboard.

AiDoge promotes user adoption by incentivizing more internet users who join its community.

AiDoge Will Birth A New Generation Of Internet Meme Innovation

Memes are about to reach prime-time adoption in a new phase of innovation and growth with AiDoge’s cutting-edge technology. Users do not need artistic or graphics skills to design a beautiful meme.

They only need to input their ideas as text instructions and allow AiDoge to do the rest. AiDoge generates contextual memes based on trending ideas with the same machine learning technology that powers other AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-e.

Aidoge has been trained with massive meme datasets and crypto news and can produce high-quality and up-to-date memes from text prompts. Its developers have promised users an easy-to-use interface to make meme creation highly accessible. 

Increased accessibility will drive mainstream adoption, leading to an explosion of creativity.

AI Secures Rewards Payouts, User Data, and Assets by Leveraging Robust Smart Contracts

As a blockchain ecosystem, AiDoge isn’t exempted from the hack rampage in the crypto ecosystem. But the developers are one step ahead in solving this issue and guarantee peace of mind to its users.

It uses a decentralized network that allows no room for failure that could result from centralized third-party involvement in decision-making. That is because the decentralized system allows the community the sole right to choose the best memes that win touted rewards.

More so, AiDoge uses multiple layers of protection gained from a robust smart contract. The Smart Contract has been fully certified and audited by Certik, a renowned blockchain security firm and Smart Contract auditor. According to the team, the Smart Contract will be available soon.

With these measures in place, users have no cause to worry about the security of their staked or deposited AI tokens. The security measures minimize the risk of fund drainage by bad actors who leverage Smart Contract vulnerabilities.

AiDoge’s adaptability and dynamism will make the crypto ecosystem fall in love with the project, according to the AiDoge team. 

How To Buy ($AI) Token

If you’re looking for a project with the potential to become the next big name in the crypto community, consider joining the AiDoge token presale. The AI token has entered the second presale stage, where the price goes to $0.00002640. 

Investors buying at this price can make up to 28% profit at the end of the presale stages before exchange listings.

You can buy AI tokens with USDT, BNB, ETH, or a credit or debit card directly from your bank. Here are the steps.

  • Ensure you have enough ETH, BNB, or USDT in your wallet to pay the gas fee and swap for $AI tokens. 
  • If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, get one by downloading (Trust Wallet, Meta Mask, or any wallet of your choice) via your browser or app store.
  • Tap the Buy widget and enter how much ETH, BNB, or USDT you wish to swap for $AI tokens.
  • Review the gas cost and confirm the transaction.
  •  To buy with a bank card, connect your wallet to your browser and select the card tab in the Buy widget. Fill out an order and confirm payment. The tokens will get transferred into your wallet after a successful payment.

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