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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Rai Reflex Index, BlockbyBlock, Bitcoin20

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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This week, the Reds met the Greens on an equal footing on the crypto battlefield. There are better situations for investors. 

Currently, many coins are experiencing marginal declines in their values. The underlying reasons for these declines can sometimes remain elusive or unfounded, while in other cases, market dynamics of supply and demand play a decisive role. This has reduced the selection of coins that manage to secure positions on the coveted list of Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXtools. The list of active trending pairs on DEXTools has demonstrated limited fluctuation, as fewer coins display significant trends in the present market environment.

While most cryptocurrencies may witness a downturn this week, certain coins are surging with substantial gains. Fortunately, cryptocurrencies offer ample space to accommodate diverse participants, ensuring that opportunities are available to suit varying preferences and investment styles. There’s something for everyone in this expansive crypto landscape, even during market uncertainty.

1. Rai Reflex Index

RAI is a distinctive, stable asset that operates without being pegged to any specific value, while its backing is firmly rooted in Ethereum (ETH). This stability-focused asset is crucial as collateral within various DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols. Compared to more volatile investments like ETH or BTC, RAI stands out as a comparatively stable form of collateral. Additionally, RAI is a stable asset incorporating an inherent interest rate, adding utility and appeal within the decentralised financial ecosystem.

RAI operates as a reflex index backed by Ethereum (ETH), featuring a managed float regime. The interplay of supply and demand forces influences the valuation of RAI concerning USD. Meanwhile, the protocol responsible for RAI issuance maintains a dynamic approach to stabilising its price through continuous devaluation or revaluation efforts.

Supply and demand dynamics manifest through interaction between two primary parties: SAFE users, who generate RAI using their ETH, and RAI holders, encompassing those who hold, speculate on, or engage with RAI across various protocols and applications. This intricate relationship and mechanism form the foundation of RAI’s value proposition within the decentralised financial landscape. 

The future price trajectory of RAI is primarily shaped by the demand for leveraging Ethereum (ETH). Over the long term, the movement of RAI’s price is influenced by certain factors. Specifically, RAI tends to experience appreciation when there is a decrease in ETH leverage by SAFE users or when RAI users take long positions. Conversely, if SAFE users opt to leverage more ETH or RAI users decide to take short positions, RAI’s value is more likely to change.

2. BlockbyBlock (BxB)

BXB Tokens represent a decentralised financial payment network that seeks to revolutionise the conventional payment system by harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology. Within this network, a collection of fiat-pegged stablecoins form a crucial part, and these stablecoins are strategically stabilised by an algorithmic mechanism that relies on the reserve currency known as BXB. This intricate setup is geared towards enabling seamless programmable payments and promoting the evolution of open financial infrastructure.

Hot Pairs

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

Remarkably, by the end of December 2020, the network demonstrated its significance by facilitating an estimated total of $299 billion in transactions, catering to the needs of more than 2 million users. Through its innovative approach, BXB Tokens endeavours to reshape the realm of financial transactions, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

3. Bitcoin20 (BTC20)

BTC20 introduces a novel ERC-20 token that presents a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. By acquiring this token for $1, individuals can tap into the potential of staking, which enables users to earn rewards through participation in a blockchain network. A distinct feature of BTC20 is its synchronisation with the original Bitcoin block reward mechanism, a crucial aspect of the token’s operation. This alignment allows for the controlled issuance of BTC20 tokens, which is in harmony with how Bitcoin rewards are distributed. Through this innovative approach, BTC20 aims to provide users with a seamless way to engage with staking while maintaining a connection to the world of Bitcoin.

To drive the growth of BTC20, we are initiating a presale event with the primary objective of securing funds for the project’s expansion and marketing initiatives. During this presale, we intend to offer up to 6.05 million BTC20 tokens at a symbolic price of $1 per token. This price mirrors the value and market capitalisation of Bitcoin back in 2011. If any tokens remain unsold during the presale, they will be incorporated into the BTC20 staking contract before the listing phase. This strategic move will ensure that the total supply of BTC20 tokens remains capped at 21 million, aligning with the maximum supply limit of Bitcoin.

This approach will empower users to actively engage in staking their BTC20 tokens, leading to participation in the distribution of staking rewards. A predetermined quantity of BTC20 tokens will be released to stakes through every confirmed block. This precise mechanism closely follows Bitcoin’s token issuance schedule, guaranteeing that the release of BTC20 tokens occurs gradually over approximately 120 years. By adopting this meticulous design, BTC20 aspires to establish a structure that echoes Bitcoin’s historical journey while creating a rewarding and engaging experience for its holders.

4. Echelon Prime (PRIME)

PRIME serves as the inherent token of the Echelon Prime Foundation, a dynamic Web3 ecosystem that is propelling the evolution of gaming to unprecedented heights. Within this ecosystem, Echelon is committed to furnishing innovative tools that foster creativity and bolster the expansion of groundbreaking gaming models and economies.

At the forefront of this movement is PRIME, the native token that fuels the entire Echelon Prime Foundation. This token is instrumental in enabling the realisation of novel gaming concepts and advancing cutting-edge gaming technologies.

Among the pioneering ventures within the Echelon Prime ecosystem is the Parallel game. This captivating sci-fi trading card game not only embodies the potential of PRIME but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of this next-generation Web3 gaming paradigm. As PRIME seamlessly integrates with Parallel, it empowers players and creators alike, redefining the boundaries of gaming innovation.

The Echelon ecosystem operates with a visionary approach that transcends the confines of individual projects, games, or collectables. Its purpose is to establish a foundational infrastructure that underpins a vast gaming and collecting ecosystem, surpassing the scope of any single undertaking. This ecosystem’s ultimate goal is to extend its influence and impact far beyond the boundaries of specific projects.

As Echelon unfolds, its trajectory and focus will be steered by a diverse and decentralised community of gamers and collectors. This collective force will drive the evolution of Echelon, shaping its priorities and directions over time. By fostering a community-driven approach, Echelon aspires to become an enduring and transformative force in the gaming and collecting landscape, guided by the insights and contributions of its participants.

What Might Be the Next Top Trending Crypto?

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