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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Jesus, MATH, AiDoge

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

aidoge (2)
aidoge (2)

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There are a lot of trending crypto on DEXTools today as the crypto market is trying to beat the downtrend. The sheer number of daily gainers and their gain percentage on DEXTools shows that there are better days ahead for the crypto market.

The hot pairs on the chart indicate tokens paired with other tokens, especially in their wrapped form and how they relate to the market. This gives them many growth prospects, as well as opens them up for more investors to buy.

DEXTools Hot Pairs chart

Dextools Hot Pairs Chart

1. Jesus (RAPTOR)

Jesus (RAPTOR) is one of the top trending coins on DEXTools today and it was in the #1 position for a long time. It is a new ERC-20 token that was launched on Ethereum’s blockchain on the 5th of June. It is based on the 2006 meme “Raptor Jesus.” 

The token is completely driven by the community but the project developers leading it are doing so side-by-side with the community. Its contract was audited and it is now controlled by s Secure Asset Fund for Users developer from Pinksale.

A strong community has quickly been built around the Jesus network. It offers original memes and various kinds of content that separate it from others. The content types bridge the gap that exists between 4chan, Reddit, and Twitter. This allows it to expand its project without any form of restriction.

The token is currently up by 127.4% and selling at $0.0000000006911. It provides an opportunity for investors to join the community at its early stage so they can accumulate as many of it as possible.


Another token at the top and worth taking note of is MATH. It is up today by 38.4% and selling at $0.0000007959. It has become one of the delights of investors and one they are pumping funds into.

The network was set up to cater to a lot of user concerns like convenience, calculations, exchange dealings, and a host of other things. Basically, it was created to be a single place where people can do anything related to crypto. Although the network’s major selling point is its wallet which has the capacity to take cryptocurrencies from over 106 blockchains. 

It has other features as well. For example, users can trade NFTs on the platform. They can also use the wallet to stake. The platform can be used to create decentralized apps, trade cryptocurrencies on the decentralized exchange, and they can use the MathPay feature to make payments.  

The network also has MATH as its native token while it can be used to facilitate using a range of other tokens. The MATH token can be traded in any form on exchanges while it can equally be staked to get rewards. With the token, holders have access to participate in decision-making on the MATH network.

It is also important to note that MATH was built on Ethereum’s blockchain. It interacts freely with other ERC-20 tokens as well.

MATH has a robust history that is worth every investment made in it. And investors are in for a good time in the future if they invest in this trending crypto now.

3. Ben (BEN)

The BEN token is trading up today by 13.5% and selling at $0.000000007500. It became the most trending crypto today at a point and it shed light on the market’s mood. 

It is also an ERC-20 token since it was built on Ethereum’s blockchain and can interact with other such tokens. The Ben network was launched two days after the announcement by Binance that it was going to list PEPE on its exchange. This caused the latter to have a market capitalization jump to $1.8 billion. At that time, the announcement from Binance sent a lot of memecoins into a frenzy as many new memecoins rose rapidly in a few days. BEN was a significant beneficiary of that moment as it kept consolidating its gains.

The Ben network has been at the center of some controversies ever since it launched as its major stakeholders have been involved in legal disputes. But investors’ confidence in the asset kept growing and that has kept it in the spotlight since.

The platform is now fully managed by a developer with the pseudonym BitBoy who has recently published a roadmap for the platform via his YouTube channel.

Investors who are yet to invest in many crypto assets can take advantage of this trending crypto to increase the strength of their portfolio.  


REFUND (RFD) is trading at a 5.57% high at this time. Among the top trending cryptos today, it is proving to be an exceptional one. 

The project is led by a crypto whale from 2017 and it is currently creating a wide sensation in the crypto world. Its major tools are its decentralization and the innovative ways the network does things. The founder, Blurr.eth, is an elusive entity much like Bitcoin’s Satoshi. The REFUND community has, however, taken charge of the operations. It is now been taken to higher levels of decentralization and authentication.

The platform made a significant splash on the 19th of May with the help of Blurr.eth. He is set to leave an indelible mark on the crypto space after his 2021 exploit of trading a punk for 124,000 ETH. Blurr.eth set this network up as a means of giving back to the crypto community.

What sets REFUND apart is its authenticity and the passion of its community. It is not just some crypto developed by profit-driven developers but was created with a different purpose in mind – giving back to the crypto community.

Even though it is in its early stage, REFUND shows through its community that it has a bright future. The community is growing at a fast rate and the project will soon be ready to get listed on exchanges. Investors have a chance to invest in this early stage now become REFUND becomes a really hot cake.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

With the array of new and hot trending cryptocurrencies on DEXTools, there are always other asset categories that give the same level of promise or probably higher. Regular cryptocurrencies in the market have had their weight and influence over the years but some others have landed on the scene with almost the same effect in a little time.

We will examine a cryptocurrency on presale today, AiDoge (AI).

AiDoge is a protocol that lets users leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create various memes. These memes are created based on the user’s description and specific needs.

This token is new in the market and its presale has sold out before the scheduled end. The project was able to raise more than $14 million during the presale. This gives investors a lot of hope that the token will become a market leader as soon as it gets listed on exchanges.

Presales are just a great way to have investors get access to a token before it gets listed on exchanges. The price will be affected by market forces at that point and will continue to increase. AiDoge’s AI will be selling for $0.0000336 when it gets listed on the 19th of June.

Investors who did not get a chance to invest in the presale should not miss the first week of the listing as it is yet another opportunity to buy at a cheaper rate. Investing in an artificial intelligence-based network will yield huge results in a few months from now. AI has become a top trending crypto to reckon with.

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