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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Illuvium, Tectum, Deez Nuts

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Alien Milady Fumo
Alien Milady Fumo

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Investors are frantically searching for an escape due to the recent deterioration of the economy. These traders are expected to pursue cryptocurrencies as a haven actively. Nevertheless, the unpredictable nature of these assets leaves investors trapped. Despite enduring turbulent times, the coins showcased on DEXTools, which are currently in vogue, exhibit remarkable resilience. These trending cryptos on DEXTools are remarkable.

Developers create numerous cryptocurrencies daily, leading traders to search for reassurance in their investment decisions. Certain digital assets allow investors to recover from past losses, while others may fall short of expectations. As a result, investors need to be capable of distinguishing between profitable and non-profitable cryptocurrencies.

1. Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium commands a global presence as a DAO with a team of more than 150 contributors and many empowered tokenholders. They are a decentralized studio constructing the inaugural Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG). The gaming universe encompasses an open-world exploration game, an industrial city builder, and an auto battler. All these operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Pre-Seed Sale and Seed Sale grew Illuvium’s core contributors and accelerated the project’s development. Early investors actively acquired 500,000 ILV at $1 per ILV in the Pre-Seed Sale. Likewise, in the Seed Sale, a distribution of 1,500,000 ILVs occurred at $3 per ILV. By utilizing Balancer’s Smart Pools, Illuvium could distribute up to 1,000,000 $ILV tokens without a lockup. The tokens will be initially listed for $50 per token.

Illuvium develops a collection of fully decentralized games that operate independently. Over the past few years, Decentralized Finance has witnessed significant expansion, with the valuation of projects surpassing $15 billion. By capitalizing on this trend, Illuvium creates a robust platform that attracts cryptocurrency enthusiasts, gamers, and individuals with technological expertise.

The Illuvium ecosystem fulfills a dual role by utilizing the $ILV token. It is one of the top trending cryptos on DEXTools. In the first capacity, the token enables holders to actively engage in Illuvium’s decentralized governance actively, exerting influence over the project’s trajectory. Moreover, $ILV is a tradeable token that individuals can purchase, retain, or exchange, granting its holders tangible value and practicality.

2. Tectum Enumeration Token (TET)

Through TET, users can gain universal and highly profitable access to Tectum’s suite of Financial Technology (FINTECH) tools. They can utilize this top trending crypto, the Tectum Enumeration Coin (TEC) wallet, SoftNote Minting License, SoftNote, Telegram Bot (@SoftNotebot), and Mobile App. Users can effortlessly engage in crypto, NFTs, and digital contracts with minimal risk while maximizing security and speed.

TET effectively addresses the issue of crypto usability by serving as a universally recognized store of value. The token enables real-time, secure, and fee-free Peer to Peer (P2P) and retail transactions. It also facilitates fair and easy access to KYC and developing regions. This utility actively promotes mass adoption, financial independence, and personal control for users worldwide.

The Tectum network enables its users to achieve savings of up to 99 percent on fees during the transfer of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they can enjoy a reduction of over 75 percent in costs when utilizing SoftNote. This utility surpasses other crypto-initiatives in value.

Once individuals acquire their TET, they possess various choices, including holding, trading, redeeming, minting SoftNotes, and contributing liquidity. Additionally, they can fill the liquidity of SoftNotes owned by others through the platform. Tectum economics leverages its capacity to minimize transaction delays that would otherwise burden typical cryptocurrency users when employing comparable platforms.

Hot pairs on DEXTools

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

3. Deez Nuts (DEEZ)

A fascinating and unexpected convergence occurred between meme culture and cryptocurrencies, resulting in a fascinating phenomenon called “meme coins.” These distinctive digital assets draw inspiration from well-known internet memes. They harness the potential of blockchain technology to generate unique and frequently amusing tokens. 

A disruptive force has emerged in the rapidly changing realm of digital currencies, introducing a humorous twist to the blockchain. Meet $DEEZ NUTS, a cryptocurrency inspired by the famous “deez nuts” meme, which gained immense popularity online in 2015. By originating from a lighthearted source, $DEEZ aims to redefine how people interact with and invest in cryptocurrencies. 

It fully embraces the influence of memes, acknowledging their ability to capture the attention and amuse internet users worldwide. By leveraging the viral and cultural significance of the “deez nuts” meme, this digital currency strives to create a distinct and engaging experience for its community of users while promoting widespread participation. However, there is no actual mining process for this top trending crypto.

$DEEZ intends to implement a 5% tax on buy and sell transactions, wherein 2% will undergo automatic burning. 2% will be distributed among token holders, and 1% will be utilized for supporting $CAPO and $BLUE using buybacks. Investors can join the revolutionary $DEEZ NUTS movement. It is a cryptocurrency that disrupts the conventional mold by merging entertainment, accessibility, and financial potential. Enter a realm where $DEEZ impacts the future of cryptocurrencies and memes, and embrace it wholeheartedly.

4. Alien Milady Fumo (FUMO) 

Some observers perceive memes in the crypto sphere as a cheerful and amusing facet of the cryptocurrency realm. Others regard it as a speculative and unpredictable market. Nevertheless, memes in crypto have established a distinct and specialized position. They have captivated the interest and imagination of enthusiasts worldwide by amalgamating humor, internet culture, and decentralized finance.

The Remilia Corporation, a renowned digital art collective, has introduced a new meme token called Alien Milady Fumo ($FUMO) as its latest offering. This collective is widely recognized for its groundbreaking NFT initiatives, primarily centered around the Milady brand. Recently, they unveiled a remarkable MegaSize version of Alien Milady Fumo, allowing $FUMO token holders to exchange their tokens for an exclusive collectible by burning them.

The distinctive arrangement of $FUMO has resulted in an impressive beginning to its life cycle, as indicated by CoinMarketCap’s report of the token already holding a market capitalization surpassing $13.3 million. Furthermore, the past 24 hours alone witnessed a trading volume of $6.2 million worth of $FUMO, underscoring the increasing attractiveness of the token.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies on DEXTools are some of the best on the market. But other digital assets in their early stage are worthy of note. As most people in the industry know, presales create awareness for forthcoming tokens before they are listed on crypto exchanges.

The average person finds the Web3 market fragmented and daunting, making it difficult for them to engage. Launchpad XYZ intends to address this issue by establishing a centralized hub for Web3. They will create a user-friendly and carefully curated platform that grants convenient entry to the top blockchain projects. Launchpad XYZ aims to offer an impartial perspective on the most exceptional Web3 experiences, ranging from NFTs to play-to-earn games.

Launchpad XYZ gives users insights into Web3, making the niche accessible to many individuals. Furthermore, it delivers up-to-date news on Web3. The project provides a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of Web3 markets. Such aspects include NFTs, DEXs, the Launchpad Web3 Wallet, analysis of utility tokens, Web3 presales, the P2E Hub, and the Metaverse Experience Library. 

It also assists users with fractionalized assets, trading edge games, creator tools for brands, and digital asset collateralized loans. The project lets users learn about the finest P2E games, top crypto investments, and more. Its objective is to democratize the Web3 space, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can participate and reap the benefits presented by this realm.

Utilizing LPX, the native token of the Launchpad XYZ platform, offers numerous benefits to investors. These benefits include granting them early access to launches and allowing them to participate in presale events. 

Also, it provides them with exclusive news and updates about Web3 developments. LPX is a gateway for investors to seize exciting opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem. It enhances their overall experience and maximizes their potential returns.

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