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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Doge 2.0, Pepe 2.0, Floki 2.0

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The crypto market’s capitalization is currently trying to gain more in the middle of trading activities. Now up by 0.22%, traders are working hard to push the market into comfortable territory. Even though the market seems to perform quite low, most individual crypto assets are performing relatively well and consolidating their positions.

The trending cryptos on DEXTools share the sentiment of other crypto market watchers. There are crypto assets across various categories that are doing well such that they beckon traders and investors to their network. Their strength definitely differ from one another but no one will be able to tell till they get involved.

1. Doge 2.0 (DOGE 2.0)

Doge 2.0 is brandished as the next big thing and the memecoin for redemption. Those who may have missed out on the incredible gains of Dogecoin are asked to see Doge 2.0 as their second chance. Because of its name, it may become the most trending crypto at any moment.

According to the platform, Doge 2.0 is not just another memecoin but one that has come to give new experiences of transparency and fairness to holders. The team behind this new token realizes how important trust is. They have, therefore, implemented features that will ensure that the community has confidence in the project.

First, the network has a mechanism that lets the token holders earn passively just because they own DOGE 2.0. This is made possible because of its 1/1 mechanism. With that, holders earn a fixed percentage on every transaction. This puts investors in the right place to benefit from the token’s growth while they contribute to the network and community.

Furthermore, the team’s work guarantees that the token is safe and it has a long lifespan. The liquidity is already burned which helps to make sure that it’s completely locked away. The result of this is scarcity that will in turn ensure that the token has value. The contract is also said to be renounced. Meaning that those who developed it do not have any control over the asset.

Such means of decentralization make sure that doge 2.0 is completely in the hands of the community. It will promote trust while removing any likelihood of a rug pull or any form of manipulation.

Doge 2.0, thus, invites everyone to become part of its growing community. According to CoinMarketCap, it may be a good opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios.

2. Pepe 2.0 (PEPE 2.0)

Pepe 2.0 is another asset making waves on DEXTools and a strong contender to be trending crypto. This coin was built on the back of the actual Pepe coin and it is going ahead to surprise investors with its speed. Almost like the actual Pepe did. Its value has jumped by 33.93% over the last 24 hours.

According to DEXTools, the asset has a market capitalization of $56.38 million. This puts it ahead of many older memecoins in the market. There are now almost 10,000 unique crypto wallet addresses that currently hold PEPE 2.0 against just a little above 5,000 addresses as of the 29th of June. this development shows that traders and investors are interested in the Pepe 2.0 network at a rather high rate.

Information on Etherscan also shows that some big crypto players are taking an interesting note. It is said to have received a lot of purchase orders worth about $10,000 within short intervals on Thursday. These numbers only point to the increasing demand for PEPE 2.0 tokens. It also points to the fact that it is making a name for itself despite the volatility of the memecoin space.

Pepe 2.0 is building popularity as shown in its trade volumes. It has sold more than $16.27 million in the course of the last 24 hours according to DEXTools. Pepe 2.0 may be displaying consistent growth that would show that its best times are yet to be here.

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

Hot Pairs on DEXTools 

3. Floki 2.0 (FLOKI 2.0)

Another one of the top trending coins is Floki 2.0. Yet another one of the recent 2.0 phenomena that hit the crypto market. Observers wonder if there is an end in sight for the 2.0 movement. Hopefully not anytime soon.

Floki 2.0 is built on the Ethereum network and it is an ERC-20 token, consequently. It is, thus, compatible with Ethereum-based systems such as wallets and other tokens. The idea of Floki 2.0 is centered around giving investors a really decentralized crypto asset with fairness. At the same time, it will maintain a fun and lighthearted atmosphere while building an inclusive memecoin community.

Floki 2.0 provides security and fair engagement through its smart contract. Traders and investors, then, have the level of confidence they need. The smart contract has been renounced by the development team that built it. This makes it a completely autonomous and secure system run by the community.

There is a total of 1 billion units of FLOKI 2.0 tokens in circulation. There is also no tax required of buyers and sellers. This emphasizes the fact that it is driven by the community.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

It is in the nature of investors to keep looking out for means of diversifying their investments. In the crypto space, a valid risky, and highly rewarding venture is to invest in crypto presales. It is one for every investor to always consider when they have the chance. Investors buy fresh crypto projects to help the founders give them a good start and a fair fighting chance. It is simply a means of funding their development at an early stage.

A lot of these crypto projects have great teams behind them. They also have the drive to build a truly revolutionary crypto asset platform. Once an investor finds such opportunities, the risk-to-reward ratio of their investment in the presale will be a good one.

One of the ongoing crypto presales that have been approved by analysts as one with great potential is yPredict. It is a start-up Web3 platform powered by artificial intelligence. The first thing this platform is known for is its price-prediction system which is actually the first of its kind.

Analysts share the opinion that the tool will easily help crypto investors to discover the upcoming crypto explosions. The system was built with yPredict’s internal data analytic tools and it was built to an institutional grade.

The icing on the cake for the wider crypto community is that the price prediction system will run freely and will be available to all interested users to have access to it. According to the project’s whitepaper, the prediction tool will be publicly available and it will not require any login for users to see it.

However, yPredict offers far more than just crypto predictive analysis and price forecasts. Rather, it is building a new kind of crypto trading and research platform that give investors and traders access to many breakouts, signals, pattern recognition, and other features powered by artificial intelligence. 

The yPredict platform is equally building some other tools powered by artificial intelligence. An example of such is its content management system for content-creation teams. yPredict and projects like it will keep attracting investment and interest since artificial intelligence is making its mark newly in the crypto space.

This is why analysts are pointing to artificial intelligence-powered cryptocurrencies like yPredict’s YPRED as the next trending cryptos. YPRED is currently on presale and it has raised almost $2.8 million. Investors who are yet to get in on the presale need to do so before the next price increase.

Visit yPredict.

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