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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – CATECOIN,, Jungle Labz

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Cryptocurrencies offer lucrative investment opportunities for everyone involved. They serve as reliable options, especially when traditional financial markets face challenges. However, the cryptocurrency market itself is open to challenges.

Crypto assets have their ways of standing up to the downturn in the market from time to time. Many of them are listed on DEXTools and have been performing well, as reported in our previous publications. This publication mentions top trending coins to guide traders and investors in their choices.

US Treasury yields have risen to unprecedented levels since the tremors of Tuesday’s 2007-2008 global financial crisis. The concerns over prolonged high-interest rate cycles sent shockwaves through global risk assets and the US Dollar to its highest point in 10 months.

The stock markets in Asia and Europe showed weakness, and US equities were set to follow suit. At the same time, crude oil prices dipped, influenced by recent statements from Federal Reserve officials that contributed to a bearish steepening of the US yield curve.

Most Trending Crypto Today – Top List

The 10-year Treasury yield notes peaked at 4.566%, marking a 16-year high. This yield increase was compounded by a substantial schedule in the US Treasury auctions set for the week and increasing concerns of a possible US government shutdown, which heightened the prevailing unease.


The Catecoin project offers a memecoin that has been brandished as the official rival to Dogecoin. It is also embracing the growing trend of community-driven meme-based cryptocurrencies.

As the first CAT-themed “catcoin,” Catecoin is designed to bring empirical value to the memecoin space. Being a pioneer, Catecoin will be a top trending cryptocurrency in no time. Interestingly, the Catecoin Meme Platform empowers meme creators to generate NFTs and earn rewards from their memes in a decentralized manner.

CAT price chart

Users can stake Catecoin and earn up to 15% annual interest rates. Furthermore, users can benefit from a 2% return on all decentralized exchange transactions. The platform allows users to create memes and earn Catecoin through donations.


Challenges such as transparency deficits, data privacy concerns, diminishing returns, and fraudulent activities are many in the crypto space. Tyrion is offering a solution to these challenges through a decentralized approach. Its goal is to build a functioning ecosystem founded on trust, transparency, user empowerment, and the incentivization of user participation.

The TYRION token is at the heart of this project. It serves as the cornerstone for all its engagements and functionalities. It is also used to facilitate transactions, promote user engagement, support ad moderation, and bolster credibility within the ecosystem.

TYRION price chart

Tyrion aims to disrupt the digital advertising industry and amplify the viral impact of advertising campaigns. It allows anyone on any platform to become an advertiser. Such development will transform the entire digital landscape into a potential advertising platform.

The Tyrion team has extensive experience within the crypto industry. Individuals lead them with a track record spanning over five years. This accomplished team includes members who have contributed to Lunar mission data servers, collaborated on social media networks with Intel Capital, and created television content for global networks.

The network has partnered with leading marketing firms and web3 platforms to ensure Tyrion’s place as a trending cryptocurrency. These partnerships allow the Tyrion platform to remain abreast of the latest advertising strategies and blockchain technology.

3. Jungle Labz (JNGL)

The JNGL token is the propelling force behind the Jungle Labz network. The network has other projects like Supreme Kong and three different collections. They were initially launched and subsequently abandoned by a previous team in April 2022. Under new ownership, the project has regained its footing and risen to a top 75 position on the ETH blockchain for the year. It has millions in secondary volume. Notably, the ecosystem is now operated and governed by its community of holders. The community is dedicated to seeing the asset rise to become the most trending cryptocurrency.

The JNGL token is a solution that addresses the prevalent weariness in existing markets. It stands as a testament to a new paradigm where the ownership of ecosystem tokens is genuinely decentralized, contrasting with the prevailing dominance of venture capitalists in this space. Unlike many tokens that suffer from value dilution and inequitable distribution among participants, JNGL aims to alleviate these issues and reduce speculative selling pressures.

JNGL price chart

The journey of the Jungle Labz ecosystem toward the launch of JNGL has been deliberate, spanning over a year. It began by introducing KONG, an off-chain token, and carefully constructing an ecosystem with various utilities. Having fine-tuned this ecosystem through multiple iterations, the time is ripe for unveiling the ERC-20 token.

JNGL boasts an array of principal utilities, granting its holders full access to the extensive benefits of Jungle Labz. Moreover, it facilitates micro-transactions, allowing users to utilize JNGL for various purposes, such as upgrading NFT metadata and participating in the JNGL Marketplace and Raffle app.

The tokenomics of JNGL was crafted with critical considerations, including burn mechanics, gamification elements, and a focus on sustainable growth.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Amidst the prevailing market trends, only a few candidates stand out as ready for substantial growth in the upcoming months. This assertion is firmly grounded in the remarkable activity witnessed during their presale phases.

One such token of interest is yPredict (YPRED), which operates within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, employing its native digital currency, the YPRED token. The performance of the YPRED token in its ongoing presale sets the tone for a top-trending cryptocurrency.

At its core, yPredict is dedicated to providing users with a decentralized alternative to traditional prediction markets, seamlessly enhanced by the capabilities enabled by smart contracts. Within this framework, users actively participate in prediction markets encompassing various topics, ranging from finance and politics to sports.

A notable highlight within this platform is the “Social Trading” feature, which empowers users to observe and replicate the trading strategies of the platform’s most proficient traders. This unique offering equips users with the ability to leverage the expertise of successful traders for their financial gain.

yPredict offers an extensive array of tailored services meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of traders and investors. These services encompass market predictions, an analytical dashboard, a dedicated marketplace for predictive models, and a specialized trading terminal.

The overarching vision of yPredict envisions a future where the prediction market sector becomes universally accessible. This vision is realized by providing a transparent and decentralized platform for trading predictions. By seamlessly integrating blockchain technology, the platform guarantees the reliability and security of these prediction markets.

The yPredict presale phase is currently underway, with the token priced at $0.10, a rate that will increase to $0.12 upon its official listing. It’s worth noting that the ongoing presale has already garnered nearly $3.6 million in investment.

A substantial portion of the tokens, precisely 80%, has been allocated for the presale, with 50% of this allocation being accessible during the token generation event. Following this initial phase, a 6-week locking period will be initiated, after which the remaining tokens will vest gradually over 6 months.

Visit yPredict.

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