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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – AXE, Funfair, Beautiful Princess Disorder

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Most people are holding their breath for a market bull run, hoping for a general appreciation of assets. On the other hand, some crypto enthusiasts need to clearly understand the assets to purchase and hold as they wait for the much-anticipated bull run. 

In cryptocurrency, opportunity must always meet preparation. Most investors know this and look for assets to add to their watchlist. DEXtools come in to assist investors and enthusiasts. The top trending crypto coins on DEXtools are often assets with the potential to increase in value and consequently improve the position of the holders and investors.

We have compiled a list of coins with the highest scores on DEXtools in this article. These tokens run on decentralized exchanges with the operational policies of DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

Below are the tokens to watch because of their popularity in cryptocurrency communities. We have also included Shibie, a presale token with a promising future in the market. Meet your trending coins.

1. Axe (AXE)

AXE positions itself as a decentralized alternative to Dash, boasting a distinctive feature: the absence of a developer key or developer fee. This unique characteristic sets AXE apart from Dash by eliminating the need for a developer-controlled mechanism that could impact the network’s decentralization and governance. In the forthcoming discussion, we will explore how AXE differentiates itself from Dash, emphasizing its commitment to decentralization and innovative approach to development and sustainability.

Axe is an open-source network that revolves around a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, primarily focusing on the payments industry. The core offering of the network is a form of currency that embodies swiftness, portability, divisibility, and cost-efficiency. This digital currency applies to in-person and online transactions, ensuring security alongside nominal transaction fees.

Taking insights from its whitepaper, Axe’s foundation is rooted in the Bitcoin project. It aims to evolve into a scalable and user-friendly global payment system. Moreover, the network extends private and instant transaction capabilities while functioning on a self-funding and self-governing model. This distinct model empowers the Axe network to reward businesses and individuals for their contributions to the network. These rewards are facilitated using AXE coin, the cryptocurrency of the Axe network, denoted by the ticker symbol AXE.

AXE coin operates as a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the X-11 hashing algorithm. This robust and highly secure cryptographic mining algorithm uses 11 distinct hashing functions to validate blocks. This multi-layered approach ensures the coin’s security. Notably, the AXE coin boasts enhanced transaction speed and encompasses multiple utilities within the Axe network, amplifying its practicality and value within the ecosystem.

AXE coins serve a dual purpose, being a digital asset and a means of payment for goods and services that embrace cryptocurrency. These coins are accessible through various exchanges, allowing users to acquire them according to their preferences and requirements.

These versatile utilities of AXE coin are seamlessly integrated with a budgeting system and decentralized governance. These essential components are pivotal in upholding a decentralized autonomous organizational structure (DAO) within the network. This framework ensures that the network’s decision-making processes and financial allocations remain distributed across its participant community, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to management and operation.

2. Funfair (FUN)

FunFair stands as a cutting-edge gaming technology platform that operates in a decentralized manner. This platform harnesses the power of the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and proprietary Fate Channels to provide comprehensive casino solutions. The key hallmark of FunFair’s offerings lies in its commitment to delivering games that embody three crucial attributes: fun, speed, and fairness. This amalgamation of features ensures an engaging and transparent gaming experience for users. Through its innovative approach, FunFair transforms the online gaming landscape by utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize casinos’ operations.

FUN holds a central role in all activities within the platform, encompassing functions such as betting, lending, player payouts, and compensating stakeholders. This single token will be the primary unit for conducting various operations across the platform’s ecosystem. An important note is that FUN tokens only started during a specific event beginning June 22, 2017, at 14:00 UTC.

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This creation process will transpire through two distinct phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 marks the initiation of the token creation event. Subsequently, Phase 2 involves a Dutch auction, during which tokens held in trust will be sold. In the event of unsold tokens during Phase 2, these tokens will be fairly distributed equally among Phase 1 token holders.

As time progresses, the value and utility of FUN are expected to grow. This appreciation can be attributed to the increasing involvement of FunFair developers and operators, resulting in the launch of new casinos and games. FUN’s growing prominence promises to create a robust ecosystem that fosters innovation and opportunities within the gaming space. 

3. Beautiful Princess Disorder (BPD)

Beautiful Princess Disorder (BPD) is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum platform. Presently, the total supply of Beautiful Princess Disorder stands at 5,550,000,000 tokens, with none currently in circulation. The most recent recorded price for Beautiful Princess Disorder is 0.00104639 USD, displaying a notable increase of 29.35% within the past 24 hours. At the moment, Beautiful Princess Disorder is actively traded on two markets, where a total trading volume of $8,426,102.42 has been recorded within the last 24 hours. This data sheds light on the current status and performance of Beautiful Princess Disorder within the cryptocurrency market.

The current price for a single unit of Beautiful Princess Disorder [BPD] is $0.001092. This cryptocurrency is listed on one exchange, featuring one active market. Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume for [BPD] has amounted to $2,113,661. Regarding market capitalization, Beautiful Princess Disorder holds a value of $0, placing it at the #3794 position among all cryptocurrencies. This data provides insights into the current status and performance of Beautiful Princess Disorder within the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

Beautiful Princess Disorder (BPD) is a decentralized financial payment network that revolutionizes the conventional payment structure through blockchain technology. This network employs a selection of fiat-pegged stablecoins, which are maintained at a steady value through algorithmic mechanisms. The ultimate goal is to enable programmable payments and cultivate the development of open financial infrastructure.

As of December 2020, this network has accomplished remarkable feats. It has facilitated transactions estimated at $299 billion, catering to a user base exceeding 2 million individuals. This data underscores the network’s significance and the impact it has already achieved within decentralized finance. 

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Shibie Coin is the child of the happy marriage between Shiba Inu and Barbie. The tag “SHIBIE” makes more sense when you see it as a portmanteau of the bigger two. Shibie comes at a time when there is much demand for the replay of Shiba Inu and the heightened marketing period of Barbie. Apart from the noise around this presale token, it promises a lot of financial utility. 

The project remains in its presale phase, yet it has already garnered significant attention by raising more than $260,000. Early investors are seizing the opportunity to secure initial positions in anticipation of achieving returns that outpace the market. The whitepaper of Shibie Coin outlines a strategic allocation of 6 billion $SHIBIE tokens to presale investors, amounting to 60% of the total token supply. Furthermore, 20% of the reserve has been set aside for decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity purposes, ensuring minimal slippage and seamless entry and exit for investors’ positions. 

A noteworthy aspect of Shibie Coin is the creators’ dedicated efforts to fostering a strong community. This commitment has led to a remarkable surge in new members joining the Shibie Coin Telegram channel. Furthermore, the token’s visibility is being significantly bolstered through endorsements by prominent figures in the crypto sphere. Some of such blessings come from well-known crypto influencers whose recent videos and other media recognition delved into the potential of SHIBIE, further contributing to its increasing recognition and presence within the community.

Amid the ongoing buzz surrounding Shiba Inu, the timely emergence of Shibie Coin adds an intriguing dimension to the token landscape. As attention continues to swirl around Shiba Inu, the emergence of Shibie Coin presents an enticing opportunity to monitor its progress and potential impact within the market closely.

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