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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – AI-X, Hedron, yPredict

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In line with the boast on the global financial scene today, many cryptocurrencies are also trending on DEXTools. The trending cryptos on DEXTools share the market mood and partake of its benefits. Many of those assets are regular top-place holders. Other new cryptocurrencies are also on the hot list as investors are diversifying their portfolios.

The top trending cryptos today have the potential of bringing high returns to investors who invest early enough. Investors may want to look into our analysis to make informed decisions before going ahead.

DEXTools Hot Pairs for June 17

DEXTools Hot Pairs for June 17

1. AI-X (X)

The first trending crypto to examine today is AI-X’s X. AI-X is a project based on the blockchain and it is a revolutionary one at that. It plans to use the power of artificial intelligence to build a decentralized ecosystem where digital assets can be exchanged. The project will be powered by machine learning algorithms and it is working to revolutionalized the financial sector through the provision of security, scalability, and speed.

Its native cryptocurrency, X, is the fuel for all transactions on the new platform. By design, X will have ultra-fast transaction speed and very low fees. This makes sure that the platform has an easy value transfer process.

The project further boasts to have an excellent team of blockchain and AI experts working on it with dedication. They are building an autonomous system capable of making smart decisions in real time based on available data. The network is using cutting-edge algorithms to analyze available trends in the market. It will also be able to predict the performance of assets and provide valuable recommendations and insights to users.

Further to its major functionalities, the platform has a unique functionality it calls AI Staking. With this, users get to lock up their X in a smart contract that uses artificial intelligence. This gives them the power to earn passive income. The staking algorithm adjusts rewards based on prevailing market conditions and it ensures investors have the highest returns possible.

AI-X is also working on a decentralized exchange that makes trading a lot of digital assets simple and straightforward. The exchange employs artificial intelligence algorithms to make liquidity available and match various orders with a minimum error margin. This helps to enhance the efficiency of users during the trade.

2. Hedron (HDRN)

Hedron is another one of the top trending coins. The network is a collection of smart contracts that are built on the PulseChain and Ethereum blockchains. Hedron builds its apps on HEX to let stakers mint and lend HDRN tokens. Hedron also let stakers trade HEX as NFTs to any marketplace they find compatible. Hedron does not have an administrator key and no switches to kill activities. It is also decentralized with no counter-party risks.

The HDRN token can be gotten when Hedron analyzes HEX stakes and lets stakers mint and lend HDRN based on the number of shares their stakes have. If a staker unstakes or end the stake before they are able to mint HDRN, then they won’t be able to mint against those stakes anymore. The number of mintable days a staker has is proportional to the full tenor of their stakes.

HDRN is also an inflationary asset. Since HEX has its share price increases over time, HEX stakes will keep having fewer shares allocated to them. The effect is that while HEX share prices rise, the number of mintable HDRN will be reduced. This is akin to how minable tokens increase the mining difficulty of those tokens as time goes on.

3. HEX (HEX)

HEX is equally trending on DEXTools right after Hedron as one of the top trending cryptos. HEX is described as a blockchain Certificate of Deposit.

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and thus, its native token, HEX, is an ERC-20 token. It was planned to be a store of value that will replace the Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain. It is also planned to leverage the decentralized finance system of cryptocurrencies in the Ethereum network.

HEX uses Ethereum’s system for its transactional phase of sending and receiving its tokens. Whereas, the staking mechanism and consensus code is domiciled in its own smart contract.

HEX also lets users stake their coins to get a share of the new HEX coin to be issued or to hedge against inflation. It equally contains functionalities designed to give incentives to behaviors that harm the price. The smart contract dispenses penalties to stakers who end their stakes early, but it rewards those who stake large amounts of the token for a longer time. 

Bitcoin holders also get HEX through snapshots of Bitcoin UTXO. the distribution comes at a rate of 10,000 HEX to 1 BTC.  

4. Kong (KONG)

KONG is a crypto asset built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is, therefore, an ERC-20 token and is compatible with other Ethereum-compatible tokens or devices. The token has a total supply of 500 billion but 0 is in circulation.

KONG currently sells for $0.0000002870 as it is up by 65.42% today. It trades actively on 3 exchanges with a trading volume of over $1 million.

According to the information on the website, KONG is a community project that was revived by some leaders in the crypto community these leaders include the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Miladys, Nouns, and some other Layer 1 protocols. 

The primary goal of this project, according to the project website, is complete dominance by the memecoin.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

While the above are good crypto and investment opportunities for investors, there are still other cryptocurrencies currently on presale. They use the presale time as an opportunity to test the asset’s popularity, raise funds, and let investors buy it before it goes fully into the market.

The special presale asset to look into today is yPredict (YPRED).

yPredict is an artificial intelligence-powered crypto market platform and it just made a significant announcement recently. It just unveiled its first artificial intelligence model. The model will be freely available for free use to everyone for a while.

yPredict’s website says itBacklink Model has been trained on more than 100 million links so it can accurately predict backlink profiles that your URL will need to on for the needed keywords. It assures users that they do not need to do any guesswork anymore but there will be a precise backlink for them to rank on.

This new product launch comes up when yPredict is working on expanding beyond artificial intelligence-powered cryptocurrency analysis and predictions. The platform had announced earlier this month that t was also building a solution for content-creation teams. The platform was first known as a platform for crypto analysis and market predictions.

There is palpable excitement over yPredict’s ability to build products across different industries as it fuses artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies. This also comes into play in its token presale.

yPredict’s presale of its native token, YPRED has been on for several weeks and it has now raised more than $2.4 million. Investors who want to get a piece of this top tending crypto have no time to waste. It is one of the most promising crypto projects to start this year.

When the presale raises $2.9 million, the token presale price will rise by 11% and sell at $0.1 from the current $0.09. The presale hard cap is $6.5 million which might be reached in a few weeks if the presale keeps up this momentum.

The token will proceed to get listed on leading exchanges at $0.12. This means that those who buy the presale now would have made a gain of 33%.

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