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Top Meme Coins To Watch Today Thursday, May 9 – Loser coin, Safemoon Inu, Sealana, Befe

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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During this market phase, investors and traders often take positions to secure their gains or capitalize on emerging trends. Investors have a better chance of identifying the following cryptocurrencies poised for significant growth among upcoming meme token projects. With that in mind, investors should explore the potential of Sealana.

Over the past 30 days, $SMI has exhibited an impressive 81.80% increase, surpassing Ethereum by 11.03% and Bitcoin by 17.88%. The token has experienced 23 green days within this timeframe and is trading above its 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA).

Top Meme Coins to Watch Today

The crypto market has deviated from its usual trajectory in recent developments, experiencing a downturn over the past two days. Following brief explosive gains that propelled the price of Bitcoin to a new all-time high value of $70,000, it subsequently underwent a significant pullback.

Meanwhile, Sealana has kicked off its presale on a strong note, raising over $100,000 within hours of going live. However, this strong start suggests that the presale might end sooner than expected due to the high traffic. Meanwhile, renowned crypto analyst and YouTuber Jacob Bury called Sealana a “new 10x potential crypto.”

1. Sealana (SEAL)

Sealana has kicked off its presale on a strong note, raising over $100,000 within hours of going live. However, this strong start suggests that the presale might end sooner than expected due to the high traffic. Meanwhile, renowned crypto analyst and YouTuber Jacob Bury dubbed Sealana as a “new 10x potential crypto.”

The strength of Sealana lies in its unique and relatable story. It combines popular trends like integrating with Solana and sending coins directly to wallets while staying true to its original and amusing theme.

However, with the project indicating no predetermined hard cap on its website, potential investors should act quickly before it launches. Meanwhile, the project has raised over $300,951 as of the time of writing.

Furthermore, the Solana meme coin introduces a “send-to-wallet” feature alongside a traditional “Buy Now” widget to accommodate different investor preferences. Sealana will launch around the anniversary of the Pepe Coin surge, which might not be a mere coincidence. 

Analysts believe that Sealana has the potential to replicate the success of the Pepe coin. It is expected to follow the trajectory of the popular meme coin in 2023 and become the next meme token to generate significant returns for investors.

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2. Befe (BEFE)

BEFE token is an emerging meme coin that blends the virality of memes with utility. The token seeks to harness DeFi’s reward-generation capability. It leverages strategic integrations with multiple blockchain ecosystems, including Bitgert Chain, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. The project’s mission is to empower cryptocurrency users from various chains to enable them to earn from blockchain technology.

However, the coin’s distinct feature is its acquisition through staking Bitgert’s native token, BRISE. This adds a layer of engagement for investors. BEFE coin’s versatility is further underscored by its total supply of 100 billion tokens and cross-chain interoperability. To assure holders of its security, Certik has fully audited the token.

Befe price chart

Furthermore, BEFE stands out for its meteoric rise and strong community backing. It benefits from an active social media presence. The coin promotes community engagement and tangible utility. This feature makes the project an intriguing investment option within the meme coin space.

Moreover, the project features use cases that transcend meme coins features. It leverages the ecosystem of Bitgerts, including its merchandise, NFT, gaming, and other products. The project also facilitates fast and efficient transactions. It features a cross-platform interchain operability.

Significantly, the token has collaborated with the Bitgert ecosystem. This strategic partnership lends credibility to Befe. It also unlocks a unique utility for BEFE holders, allowing them to earn more BEFE by staking BRISE tokens. 

Also, BEFE has launched integrations with, MEXC, and Uniswap. This move allows users to trade the token easily, as it is set to make waves in the meme coin economy. Notably, the token trades over 40% higher than its value over the previous year at $0.0001011.

3. Loser coin (LOWB)

Loser coin operates as a cryptocurrency token within the BNB Chain. It was intended as a form of Chinese virtual currency established to give hope to individuals lacking success or prosperity. Despite its name, it’s important to note that “loser” here is not meant to be derogatory. However, Loser Coin’s mission is to be more than just a meme token through its utilities.

The team behind Loser Coin is actively building an extensive ecosystem that includes yield farming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and gaming. With a maximum supply of 100 billion LOWB tokens, these tokens are allocated for various purposes. These include yield farming, community incentives, providing liquidity on PancakeSwap, marketing, and development. Presently, Loser Coin offers several utilities for its users:

  • LoserSwap: An automated market maker (AMM) and yield farm where users can stake various tokens and earn interest.
  • Lowb NFT Market: Loser Coin’s marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Its inaugural release, Loser Punks 666, pays homage to CryptoPunks, one of the earliest NFT collections.

Loser coin price chart

Meanwhile, users can generate passive income by staking their tokens for rewards. The Loser coin team is developing several crypto games, including Loser Land and Peachland Stone Gate. Moreover, they have announced the development of another unique game called LowbCraft. Loser coin’s appeal primarily stems from its embrace of the identity of a cryptocurrency for lovable underdogs.

Furthermore, the project has forged several strategic partnerships while continuing to expand its collaboration base. CryptoTycoon and Loser coin recently announced a strategic partnership, with each project participating in the other’s ecosystem. Additionally, Loser Coin disclosed its collaboration with the Peppa Project on a joint game project.

Meanwhile, LOWB is worth $0.000009261 today, a 7.4% increase over the previous 48 hours and a 5% increase since last week. In the last 24 hours, the total volume of Loser coins traded was $113,584.

4. Safemoon Inu (SMI)

SafeMoon Inu is a smart ERC20 token that was launched fairly and is believed to have potential beyond the moon. It positions itself as a community-driven meme and gaming token with unique features that distinguish it in the crypto landscape. Launched on May 13, 2021, by early community members worldwide, the project incorporates an Anti-PaperHand system, distributing 2% of every transaction to holders, providing incentives and rewards for long-term commitment.

SafeMoon Inu is currently developing SMI Play to offer its users more utilities. This innovative development is a crypto gaming platform incorporating play-to-earn dynamics and in-game NFTs. The project’s flagship game, “Moonshot Voyage,” is a top-view looter shooter, providing a glimpse into the broader gaming ecosystem in the pipeline.

The project also includes an NFT platform that empowers users to earn, purchase, collect, trade, melt, and sell Non-Fungible Tokens. Its robust marketplace offers many items available for sale or obtainable for free.

Safemoon Inu price chart

This multi-dimensional approach aims to provide additional benefits to SMI token holders, enhancing the utility of the meme coin. With liquidity locked for six years and ownership renounced, SafeMoon Inu addresses common concerns in the crypto space, fostering trust and stability. The project also features a Multi-Sig Community Marketing Wallet, funded collectively by its 16843 token holders for marketing purposes.

SafeMoon Inu has entered into a partnership agreement with a company that offers blockchain gaming products. This agreement designates SMI Play’s first game, Moonshot Voyage, as a member of the Enjin Adopter Program. The game will utilize Enjin’s zero-fee JumpNet blockchain for minting NFTs and enable players to melt NFT items in exchange for Enjin Coin.

$SMI has demonstrated an 81.80% increase in the last 30 days, 11.03% higher than Ethereum and 17.88% above Bitcoin in the previous 1 month. The token shows 23 green days in the last 30 days and trades above its 200-day SMA. It sells at $0.0000009501, a 5.46% price increase in 48 hours.

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