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Top Meme Coin Holders Sell SHIB and DOGE for Chimpzee Token Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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SHIB and DOGE can’t hold the attention of the market anymore, it seems. Despite the crypto revival that started early this year, the leading meme coins have been struggling to get back on their feet. That doesn’t come as a surprise, since the market has proven time and again that it has no place for cryptocurrencies that don’t serve a purpose. As community support and hype die with time, the hollow tokens empty out your wallet.

That also explains why new-gen investors are hoarding cryptocurrencies like Chimpzee – a wildlife conservation token that allows participants to earn passive income while saving animals and fighting climate change. Chimpzee is hosting the presale of its native token CHMPZ with the wide support of the crypto and conservation communities.

Here is a closer look at Chimpzee and what existing and emerging meme coins can learn from the project.

Utility Matters 

The utility is integral to the long-term growth of a crypto project. The meme coin label helps it draw attention, but not retain it. Chimpzee is a meme coin that aims to address the rapid climate change and human invasion of eco-sensitive areas. They threaten the survival of a broad array of species around the world and lead to the rapid decline of plants and animals. That, in turn, aggravates climate change. Chimpzee believes that blockchain technology can revive wildlife conservation with new vigor.

For this, it introduces a three-pillared ecosystem – Chimpzee Shop, Chimpzee NFT Marketplace, and Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game. Here is how each makes a difference.

1. The Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game

The Zero Tolerance Game is a play-to-earn game that nurtures fun and engagement in the Chimpzee ecosystem. As you cross new milestones in the game, you can earn rewards in CHMPZ coins. The game is themed around wildlife conservation, with a “zero tolerance” approach to abuses against nature and our environment. That is, to fight to protect the animals we share our planet with and ultimately stop the mechanics of man from destroying our forests.

If you use your personalized Chimpzee Avatar or NFT Passport in the game, you will receive additional benefits and rewards and earn more CHMPZ coins, in recognition of your financial support.

2. The Chimpzee Store

The next pillar is the Chimpzee Store, which rewards you in CHMPZ coins every time you buy gear and accessories on the platform. You can convert the tokens to get discounts and special offers within the ecosystem. It is important to note that a share of the profits generated from the shop-to-earn platform is donated to organizations that focus on conservation and climate action. Also, Chimpzee Passport holders are eligible for special discounts and promotions from the Chimpzee Store.

3. The Chimpzee NFT Marketplace

Chimpzee NFT Marketplace, as the name gives it away, is an NFT Marketplace. But it stands apart. It is focused on nurturing blockchain-based climate action and wildlife conservation initiatives, rather than hollow collectibles and in-game assets. It features NFTs with environmental goals on top of the list. In addition, the platform follows a stringent vetting process that filters out copy collections.

The Chimpzee NFT Marketplace will also be the first in the world ot offer a Trade2Earn platform that introduce a profit-sharing system. That is, users who hold a Chimpzee NFT Passport or actively trade on the marketplace get a share of the monthly trading fee profits generated on the platform. If we look at the data, we find that the NFT market amassed close to $24.7 billion worth of organic trading volume last year. That makes it an opportunity not to be missed out on.

Just like the Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game and the Chimpzee Store, the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace will give special advantages and benefits to Chimpzee NFT Passport owners. For starters, they get a larger share of the trading fee profit pool.

A Strong Foundation Stands the Test of Time 

The average global land and ocean temperatures have risen by 0.08 degrees Celsius every decade since 1880. Find that shocking? We’re in for more. Close to one million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction due to human activities, reports the World Economic Forum.

Wildlife conservation is one of the most effective answers to slowing down climate change. Since forests absorb about 2.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (one-third of that emitted by fossil fuel consumption), preserving forest cover can make a tangible difference.

But the question remains. If climate change threatens our future and wildlife conservation can mitigate it to a great extent, why aren’t more people contributing to these initiatives?

Human psychology is to blame – we fail to understand the gravity of distant threats. That is the reason traditional wildlife initiatives, despite their good intentions, have yet to penetrate the masses. Moreover, they lack transparency and accountability, especially when the initiatives are global. Chimpzee uses NFTs as a tool to spread awareness around wildlife conservation and strengthen funding initiatives dedicated to the cause. The blockchain makeup ensures transparency and accountability of the project, without the involvement of middlemen. And crypto transactions do away with the hassles of fundraising across borders.

For example, the project has collaborated with initiatives like The Giving Block (the go-to solution for nonprofits seeking cryptocurrency donations), One Tree Planted (focused on saving forests and planting trees), and WILD foundation (saving animals around the world since 1974).

Passive Income is a Perk 

People need more than just awareness to participate in an environmental initiative. Fun activities and passive income can boost engagement. The Chimpzee ecosystem is designed to tackle these two aspects. While the Zero Tolerance Game adds the fun element, Chimpzee NFT Passports allow users to contribute to wildlife conservation while earning passive income.

How to invest in Chimpzee early?

Chimpzee presale opens up attractive early investment opportunities this year. Why buy CHMPZ early?

  • The lowest price.
  • Free Bonus coins
  • Chimpzee Diamond NFT Passports – that come with the best benefits, rewards, and staking APY at 20% – are reserved for stage-1 presale buyers.
  • Due to the high growth potential of the project, you will need to pay a higher price for Chimpzee NFT Passports when they go live.

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