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Top-grossing move to earn tokens at the moment

Top Grossing Move to Earn Crypto
Top Grossing Move to Earn Crypto

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As the cryptocurrency industry advances, more and more innovative products are being developed by bright minds all over the world. While the current condition of the blockchain sector may seem dire, good projects and their communities have still been active and anticipating good price moves in the future.

Bitcoin has corrected massively from its all-time high of around $69000. However, large-scale institutions and a majority of famous investors have advocated and have been publicly buying these digital assets.

A major chunk of the invested amounts has been recorded to be in the Blockchain gaming or Metaverse category. Concepts like P2E games have become a source of income for those who aren’t professional players too. With major entrants like Axie Infinity, Decentraland etc, the Web3 idealogy has opened gates to several earning opportunities while performing daily tasks and achieving certain goals.

The announcement of Meta further increased the popularity of these concepts as people started realizing the scope of Metaverse. Such developments in the field have contributed to the creation of various other categories. One such category that has gained much traction recently is Move to Earn tokens and projects.

What are Move-to-earn projects?

Move to earn crypto are projects that reward users for achieving certain fitness goals or simply for performing them. These rewards may be in the form of the native currency of these projects which has monetary value. As the achievements get bigger or are of higher value, the rewards may vary according to the developers or the community.

Listed below are the top grossing Move to Earn projects in the space currently

Step App(FITFI)

Created by a group of experienced professionals in the blockchain tech and gaming industry, Step App is a popular move-to-earn application. The motto as mentioned on the website reads- Re-imagine your fitness. True to its motto, the project has been pushing its community to transition to a healthier lifestyle with exercise.

Step App

Step App allows players to buy NFTs like sports gears or skins from their website collection. While skins serve the purpose of adorning one’s character in the metaverse, the sports gear is where the utility lies. These NFTs called SNEAK NFTs are essential in earning money while running or achieving required goals.

Users can play against their friends and family and win the pot shared between them. The project allows staking with an extra benefit. Stakers who run can earn KCAL, which is also an in-game cryptocurrency. The native currency for the platform FITFI is currently trading at around $0.09 and can be a great pick for good results in the future.


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Tamadoge is the newest addition to the Doge ecosystem and has been gaining immense popularity since it was introduced. The ever-growing meme coin community has seemingly embraced the project and has been endorsing it heavily.

Visit Tamadoge

With the contract code fully audited SolidProof and a team that has vast knowledge and experience in the tech sector, Tamadoge is an innovative approach to the P2E sector. The primary concept behind the project is that users can buy Tamadoge NFTs and nurture them. After a point, they can use these NFTs to battle against their friends or random opponents in the metaverse.

Among several other plans to grow the P2E opportunities within the space, Tamadoge has mentioned a vivid metaverse-based move-to-earn concept in its roadmap. The project which is still in its presale phase has already managed to overcome several issues that its contenders faced in the past months.

Tokens like GMT and FITFI; while amazing picks, took a massive plunge and lost almost 99% of their value due to the bear market and the enormous supply. Developers state that due to its capped supply, this problem may not arise for the Tamadoge. The deflationary factor also helps, as 5% of TAMA tokens spent on the ecosystem are burnt regularly.

With a growing community and its meme coin status, Tamadoge may see immense upside price action within its launch and in the upcoming days. The TAMA token is currently available for presale. The price is expected to go over 25% higher as the next phase gets started.

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STEPN claims to be a Web3 lifestyle game that rewards users for running or walking. Founded by Jerry H and a bunch of experienced developers, STEPN is a move-to-earn project that also features a dual token mode. The two tokens within the ecosystem are called GST(Green Satoshi Token) and GMT(Green Metaverse Token), which act as the utility token and governance token respectively.


The game has a straightforward structure. The more a person moves by running, walking or cycling, the more GMT token they can earn. Users can also earn GST tokens by walking around. This, however, is limited to those with STEPN’s exclusive sneaker NFTs. The project recently announced its plans to arrange marathons events in the future.

The utility token GST is currently trading at around $0.05 with a market cap of more than $17 million.

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