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Top Crypto Gainers Today Jun 10 – Turbo, Oasis Network, Chiliz, Siacoin

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On June 7, the cryptocurrency world took a hit, shaking things up quite a bit. Surprisingly robust U.S. employment data caused a stir, going against what many had expected. This data went against earlier predictions that weaker job numbers would push the Federal Reserve to lower inflation rates and drive Bitcoin to new highs.

However, savvy traders like il Capo of Crypto see it as a passing phase despite the chaos. They believe it’s just a bump in the road, not a permanent setback, showing the market’s adaptability. Furthermore, today’s top crypto gainers add to the excitement. They show that, even in tough times, the crypto space keeps evolving, hinting at brighter days ahead.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – Top List

Turbo Coin, Oasis Network, Chiliz, and Siacoin are making significant waves in the market due to their innovative technologies, price surges and robust community backing.

Turbo Coin has surged by 20.17%, driven by its unique AI-driven creation process and a dedicated community, with a remarkable 5,121% increase over the past year. Oasis Network is up by 9.14%, thanks to its pioneering work in scalable and confidential computing, securing its position with a strong 163% year-on-year growth.

Chiliz has risen by 3.09%, bolstered by its strategic partnerships with significant sports institutions, enhancing fan engagement through blockchain technology. Siacoin, increasing by 1.76%, continues solidifying its stance as a decentralized cloud storage solution. Let us explore these top gainers further!

1. Turbo (TURBO)

Turbo Coin is a meme coin created through an innovative collaboration between Rhett “Dashwood” Mankind and GPT-4, an advanced AI model by OpenAI. With a starting budget of just $69, GPT-4 named the project, selected the mascot TurboToad, designed the logo, and developed the smart contract code. This AI-driven creation process, combined with Mankind’s artistic vision and the community’s enthusiastic support, has given Turbo Coin a distinct identity in the crowded memecoin market.

TURBO Price Chart

Turbo Coin has demonstrated remarkable growth since its inception. Currently trading at $0.006189, TURBO has surged 20.17% in the last 24 hours. Over the past year, the token’s price increased by an astonishing 5,121%, outperforming 97% of the top 100 crypto assets by market cap. The coin trades 3,581.39% above its 200-day simple moving average (SMA) of $0.000168, indicating strong market momentum. With a 30-day volatility of 65%, Turbo Coin presents a high-risk, high-reward investment opportunity, appealing to investors looking for significant returns.

Turbo Coin’s community-driven nature is a critical factor in its success. Despite its speculative value, the project has garnered a dedicated following, with 17 green trading days in the past 30 days, reflecting consistent investor interest. The coin boasts high liquidity, with a volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.5238, a market cap of $392.73M, and a 24-hour trading volume of $205.70M. As the project aims for complete decentralization, with Mankind stepping back and the smart contract ownership renounced, Turbo Coin’s future looks promising.

2. Oasis Network (ROSE)

Oasis Network is the pioneering layer one blockchain enabling scalability and confidential computing. It features Sapphire, the first confidential EVM, allowing Web3 and Decentralized AI developers to build dApps with Smart Privacy on Oasis or other EVM-based chains. A proof-of-stake mechanism with validator nodes and trusted execution environments for confidential runtimes secures the network.

ROSE Price Chart

Oasis boasts a layered architecture separating consensus from the compute layer. This approach supports specialized computation and efficient, confidential dApps. Oasis’ Smart Privacy technology offers customizable confidentiality for developers, setting it apart from other privacy networks. The Oasis compute layer supports multiple parallel runtimes like Sapphire, Emerald, and Cipher, providing developers with versatile building environments.

ROSE, the native token, is used for gas fees, staking, delegation, and governance. It is priced at $0.115481, up 9.14% in the last 24 hours. Over the past year, its price surged by 163%, overtaking 59% of the top 100 crypto assets.

It trades 99.60% above its 200-day SMA of $0.057879, with a neutral 14-day RSI of 52.68. The network saw 12 green days in the last 30, with a 30-day volatility of 10%. High liquidity is evidenced by a 0.1612 volume-to-market cap ratio, a market cap of $775.61M, and a 24-hour volume of $124.99M.

3. Sealana (SEAL)

Sealana is wrapping up its presale phase, having raised over $3 million from investors. The team announced that the presale will conclude on June 25, offering a narrow window for buyers to purchase SEAL tokens at a discounted rate of $0.022 each.

Initially launched on the Solana blockchain, Sealana has since expanded its reach, offering a BNB Chain version of $SEAL and facilitating $SEAL purchases on Ethereum (ETH). The project’s token presale uses a straightforward ‘send to wallet’ method. This allows buyers to purchase $SEAL using SOL, BNB, or ETH, as well as through bank card transactions.

Following the conclusion of the presale, participants can anticipate receiving their $SEAL tokens through an airdrop. This distribution method eliminates the need for manual claiming and the associated gas fees. The tokens will be delivered directly to presale buyers across different chains, including SOL, ETH, or BNB, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective process.

While Sealana lacks utility, its appeal lies in its meme-based nature, evidenced by its social media popularity and crypto influencer endorsements. The project’s presale success and mainstream media coverage suggest that, despite its whimsical premise, Sealana has captured investor attention and could see significant gains in the future.

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4. Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz is the premier digital currency for sports and entertainment, operated by the Malta-based FinTech provider of the same name. It powers the Socios platform, a blockchain-based sports entertainment platform where users can participate in the governance decisions of their favourite sports brands.

Through fan tokens, users can vote on club-related matters, such as jersey designs and team matchups. By leveraging blockchain technology, Chiliz aims to deepen fan engagement and create new revenue streams for sports clubs.

CHZ Price Chart

Chiliz has partnered with significant sports institutions, including FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus Turin, Paris Saint-Germain, and UFC. These collaborations allow fans to influence club decisions directly, enhancing their connection to their favourite teams.

The platform uses a proof-of-authority consensus mechanism on its Socios sidechain, which provides a secure environment for fan voting and governance. Additionally, Certik has audited the CHZ token, which is essential for purchasing fan tokens, to ensure its security and reliability.

CHZ is valued at $0.124108, reflecting a 3.09% increase in the past 24 hours. Over the last year, its price has climbed 82%, surpassing 41% of the top 100 crypto assets. Chiliz is trading 56.10% above its 200-day SMA of $0.079618, and its 14-day RSI stands at a neutral 44.01. The token experienced 14 green days in the past month, with a 30-day volatility rate of 10%. High liquidity is evident with a 0.2005 volume-to-market cap ratio.

5. Siacoin (SC) 

Siacoin powers the Sia decentralized cloud storage platform, transforming how data is stored and accessed. Sia offers a secure, trustless marketplace where users can lease unused storage space. Siacoin acts as the payment medium and smart contracts enforce all transactions, ensuring transparency and security.

Its ambitious goal is to become the “backbone storage layer of the internet,” competing directly with giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. By splitting files into 30 encrypted segments and distributing them across unique hosts, Sia offers unparalleled redundancy and security at competitive rates.

SC Price Chart

Sia’s blockchain employs a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, making it resistant to attacks due to the high energy and hardware costs. Hosts must lock Siacoin as collateral, minimizing the risk of malicious behaviour. This setup ensures that as long as 10 out of 30 hosts survive any disruption, files remain accessible.

Its current price is $0.006023, reflecting a 1.76% increase in the last 24 hours. Over the past year, SC’s price surged 128%, outshining 52% of the top 100 crypto assets. Although it trades 21.54% below its 200-day SMA of $0.007676, it remains stable.

Siacoin’s 14-day RSI of 43.26 indicates neutrality, and its 30-day volatility is low at 5%. Despite low liquidity with a 0.0095 volume-to-market cap ratio, SC’s robust security and promising future make it a compelling investment opportunity.

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