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Top Crypto Gainers Today Jul 01 – Ethereum Name Service, Livepeer, OriginTrail, Fantom

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As Bitcoin attempts to recover from recent losses, a critical scenario unfolds among its investors. Short-term holder wallets are now at a critical threshold, with their aggregate cost basis slipping below $65,000. This development may spur these holders to consider exiting at breakeven or even at a loss, potentially intensifying selling pressures in the market.

In stark contrast, long-term holder wallets, benefiting from an average cost basis of approximately $20,000, remain resolute in their strategic approach. As Bitcoin aims for potential resistance at $65,000, it faces a dynamic interplay between short-term pressures and long-term holder resolve.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – Top List

Within today’s digital currency sphere, evaluating the profitability of projects hinges on several critical factors. These include liquidity, volatility, market sentiment, technical indicators, adoption rates, ecosystem robustness, and strategic partnerships. 

Ethereum Name Service leads with a 29.09% surge, supported by high liquidity and robust security for its blockchain naming system. Livepeer follows suit, leveraging its pioneering role in decentralized live video streaming and notable market liquidity despite a more modest 11.30% gain.

OriginTrail\ showcases a strategic approach with a 12.52% increase, bolstered by partnerships and advancements in AI-driven knowledge verification. With an 11.22% rise, Fantom emphasizes its efficient DeFi platform and robust ecosystem support. Each gainer’s position reflects a detailed analysis of these critical metrics, showcasing their unique strengths in today’s competitive crypto market.

1. Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Ethereum Name Service is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. It converts human-readable Ethereum addresses into machine-readable alphanumeric codes used in wallets like Metamask. 

ENS also allows reverse conversion, associating metadata and machine-readable addresses with human-readable Ethereum addresses. The goal is to make the Ethereum-based web easier to access and comprehend, similar to how DNS simplifies the internet.

ENS Price Chart

Here, users can receive crypto or NFTs using short, easy links instead of complex codes. Built on Ethereum’s secure proof-of-work mechanism and validated by over 10,000 decentralized nodes, ENS ensures robust security and resilience. 

Its decentralized nature eliminates single points of failure, making it highly resistant to censorship. ENS has also partnered with popular wallets like Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and MyCrypto, further enhancing its usability and accessibility in the Web3 space.

ENS has shown a remarkable 29.09% surge in the last 24 hours, positioning itself as a top gainer. With a current price of $32.54, it boasts high liquidity with a volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.8274, indicating strong trading activity. Its RSI of 40.88 suggests it may trade sideways, similar to TRAC and LPT. ENS had 13 green days in the last 30, on par with FTM and TRAC, but its volatility at 10% is lower than FTM’s 15%. 

Trading 262.90% above its 200-day SMA, ENS demonstrates significant growth, mirroring Livepeer’s impressive 172.32% rise. Over the past year, ENS has increased by 252%, leading 76% of the top 100 crypto assets, comparable to TRAC’s performance.

2. Livepeer (LPT)

Livepeer is the first fully decentralized live video streaming protocol. It aims to provide a blockchain-based, cost-efficient alternative to centralized broadcasting. Producers can submit content, and Livepeer handles reformatting and distribution. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, LPT is essential for network operations, securing the platform, and rewarding participants.

Livepeer allows users to leverage decentralized computing power and earn crypto-economic incentives. The platform supports various use cases, including pay-as-you-go content, auto-scaling video services, uncensorable live journalism, and video-enabled DApps.

LPT Price Chart

Furthermore, Livepeer employs a modified delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, which is more environmentally friendly and scalable than traditional proof-of-work systems. This, combined with Ethereum’s extensive DApp ecosystem, enhances the platform’s usability and security, positioning Livepeer as a live video streaming industry leader.

LPT has seen an 11.30% increase in the last 24 hours, with a current value of $16.85. It has high liquidity with a volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.1097, supporting robust trading activity. With an RSI of 44.63, LPT is expected to trade sideways, similar to ENS and TRAC. However, LPT had only ten green days in the last 30, fewer than ENS, TRAC, and FTM. 

Nonetheless, its volatility at 13% is higher than that of ENS and TRAC. Trading 172.32% above its 200-day SMA, LPT shows significant growth. Over the past year, LPT’s price has surged by 266%, besting 77% of the top 100 crypto assets, making it one of the stronger gainers alongside ENS.

3. WienerAI (WAI)

WienerAI is a pioneering AI-powered crypto trading bot and token that merges artificial intelligence with crypto trading for a revolutionary user experience. It leverages predictive technology and a simple interface to give traders an edge. 

The platform enhances crypto trading with seamless swaps, zero fees, and protection against MEV bots. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, WienerAI aims to become a global movement, blending AI capabilities with a Wiener dog-themed ecosystem.

WienerAI supports pay-as-you-go content, auto-scaling social video services, uncensorable live journalism, and video-enabled DApps. Also, it employs a modified Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, ensuring secure and eco-friendly transactions. By removing block leaders and leveraging Ethereum’s DApp ecosystem, WienerAI enhances security and usability.

WAI Tweet

Since its launch in mid-April, WienerAI has shown significant progress. The presale phase raised over $6.9 million, with each token priced at $0.000721. This success has generated optimism about the WAI token’s potential for growth.

One of the main attractions for investors is the staking rewards offered by WienerAI. During the presale, the platform provides an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of over 182% for those staking their WAI tokens. With such high engagement, WienerAI is poised for continued growth and success.

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4. OriginTrail (TRAC)

OriginTrail is creating a trusted knowledge infrastructure for AI, addressing misinformation by verifying information origins. It enhances the discoverability of critical knowledge and real-world assets (RWAs). This is done using a Decentralized Knowledge Graph and OriginTrail Parachain, providing worldwide AI-powered search solutions. The Metcalfe phase, a key part of OriginTrail’s roadmap, aims to build the world’s largest verifiable web for AI, targeting 100 billion Knowledge Assets and achieving 100,000x scalability.

TRAC Price Chart

OriginTrail’s partnerships with top organizations like Walmart, Oracle, and the EU Commission advance its trusted knowledge foundation. Furthermore, the TRAC token, secured by Ethereum’s blockchain, powers Decentralized Knowledge Graph operations. It is essential for publishing and updating assets and serves as collateral on nodes to ensure network integrity. OriginTrail’s technology, like ChatDKG, showcases its trusted AI capabilities, making it a key player in AI and blockchain ecosystems.

TRAC is priced at $0.819379 and has seen a 12.52% increase in the last 24 hours. Despite its low liquidity with a volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.0097, TRAC maintains a neutral RSI of 46.82, similar to ENS and LPT. With 13 green days in the last 30, it matches ENS and FTM, though its volatility of 11% is slightly lower than LPT’s 13%. Trading 167.96% above its 200-day SMA, TRAC exhibits strong growth. Over the past year, TRAC’s price has surged by 232%, outpacing 76% of the top 100 crypto assets, paralleling ENS’s performance.

5. Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is a DAG smart contract platform providing DeFi services to developers with its unique consensus algorithm. It aims to solve transaction speed and cost issues, achieving under two-second finality and minimal fees. 

This open-source platform supports DApps and digital assets, balancing scalability, security, and decentralization. FTM, its native token, is essential for payments, network fees, staking, and governance, forming the ecosystem’s backbone.

FTM Price Chart

Fantom’s Lachesis protocol, an aBFT consensus mechanism, ensures high transaction speed and robust security. It processes thousands of transactions per second, with settlements in 1-2 seconds. The leaderless PoS network prevents low-cost attacks and maintains efficiency and security. 

Fantom’s Opera mainnet supports EVM integration, allowing seamless interaction with Ethereum platforms. With FTM tokens, users can make fast, secure payments at low costs and participate in on-chain governance, enhancing Fantom’s ecosystem and user engagement.

FTM has gained 11.22% in the last 24 hours, with a current price of $0.601501. It enjoys high liquidity with a volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.1459, reflecting strong trading volume. Its RSI of 61.03 indicates it is more likely to trade sideways, similar to ENS and TRAC. FTM had 13 green days in the last 30, aligning with ENS and TRAC. 

However, its volatility at 15% is higher than that of ENS and TRAC. Trading 43.58% above its 200-day SMA, FTM shows moderate growth. Over the past year, FTM’s price has risen by 98%, outdoing 55% of the top 100 crypto assets, indicating steady, albeit less dramatic, growth.

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