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Tone Vays Under Fire Due to Robinhood Suicide Tweet

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Tone Vays, a crypto influencer, has recently received a nice, hefty portion of controversy within Crypto Twitter. This is due to the man doing a mix-up regarding a tweet that portrayed him having a laugh out of the unfortunate suicide of a 20-year old Robinhood trader.

A Series Of Unfortunate Posts

On the 18th of June, 2020, Vays, the mind behind The Financial Summit, replied to a comic meme about “This is Business” that Cryptanzee, a twitter user, posted. This meme was in regards to Vays charging a whopping $3,000 in order to partake in his options trading course. The tweet itself read as follows:

“Something you should read before making fun of $3k education classes about Options & How To Trade them Safely. Though I did get a laugh out of it:”

The issue came in regards to the article that was cited directly after the twitter post. Twitter being Twitter, it showed the linked article of the unfortunate case of a 20-year old man who had committed suicide after he horribly mismanaged his trading on Robinhood. It’s a sad event, regardless of how you look at it. The way Vays made the tweet made it seem that he laughed at the article itself.


Duck And Cover

As one would imagine, the pushback came hard and fast after that.

Vays promptly deleted the tweet, then posted a new, revised form of the tweet, wherein he stated that the meme was the thing that made him laugh. He cited the article again, but this time more as a warning to get educated.

Vays promptly issued a public apology, saying that it was never his intention to make light of what happened to the man. He made it about him, as well, stating that it will now forevermore be used as ammunition against him, which isn’t something normal people would do when apologizing that they insulted the death of a young, naive man.

Bad Taste, Regardless

Many users pointed out that, irrespective of his original meaning behind what he laughed at, this was still a tweet made in poor taste. Vays was essentially leveraging the death of a young man as justification and advertisement as to why people need his courses.

While it’s true that to go into complex markets without knowledge is a perilous business, as this young man, unfortunately, found out, it’s no grounds to use his death to advertise a product.

As always, please make sure to get the relevant training and knowledge of products you want to trade in, before trading in it. The finance market is a cruel beast, and one that can have no mercy if you don’t treat it with the proper fear and respect it demands.

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