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Toncoin Outlook: TON Poised for Breakout to $2?


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At 5:22 a.m. EST today, September 13, TON’s price is $1.92, representing a 14% gain in the last 24 hours. Also, it has grown 9% in the previous seven days. This surge is likely due to the integration of Toncoin into the popular messaging app Telegram, exposing it to more users. 

Telegram Integrates TON Spiking Price. Is This a Breakthrough?

The global messaging app Telegram announced the Toncoin network as its preferred blockchain for Web3 operations and its integration into the App’s user interface. 

The news led to an almost immediate spike in the price of Toncoin, benefiting from the broad exposure to over 800 million Telegram users. The Toncoin Web3 wallet is now available on Telegram with 3 million active users integrated into the App. 

Also, a self-custodial version called Toncoin Space will soon be launched for Telegram users outside the United States. This development attracted more TON buyers, leading to a price surge for the token. In another exciting development, NFTScan announced its official support for the TON blockchain network. 

The TON NFTScan is a well-equipped NFT explorer in the TON ecosystem that provides users with full-fee NFT data search and query services. NFTsoffere additional utility to a crypto ecosystem, and this query function will likely attract more enthusiasts to the TON network, boosting its overall value. 

TON Vote Upgrade and Funding Round Will Likely Drive Investor Interest and Boost Token’s Price

TON. Vote announced a major upgrade where validators can participate in DAO governance votes using the MyTonCtrl app. Previously, these validators with most of the ecosystem’s stake could not vote. This limitation was because the tokens used to validate the network were stored in a special contract. 

Before the upgrade, validators needed to withdraw their entire tokens from the elector wallet and move them to another wallet, losing money to gas fees and leaving the network vulnerable to attacks. 

However, this upgrade now enables voting for the validators using the MyTonCtrl operation wallets and sending a small amount of TON with a message on how they would like to vote. 

TON Buyers Dominate Market

TON is in an uptrend, forming another green candle after yesterday’s positive price action. Today’s candle remains in the Donchian Channel (DC) ‘s bullish region (close to the upper band), confirming massive buyer pressure due to positive news events in the TON ecosystem. 

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) confirms the domination from the buyers with a value of 66.62 and fast approaching the overbought zone of 70. If the RSI enters the overbought zone, the buyers might consider taking profit, leading to a retracement phase in the coming days. 

Although the MACD is below its signal line, the buying pressure is increasing. A cross-over of its signal line will confirm an entry point for buyers as the declining red Histogram bars confirm the positive sentiment. 

TON Turns $1.8 Resistance to Support 

TON found support at the $1.6 price level, using it as a pivot to overcome the $1.8 resistance level and turn it into support. The upper wick of today’s candle has broken above the $1.9 resistance level and will likely attain the $2 price level in the coming days based on its price gains.

While TON struggles to hit the $2 mark, investors can join the latest coin presale, BTCBSC, at an affordable price, repositioning for potential gains in the short term. 

Missed TON’s Rally? BTCBSC Gives Investors A Second Chance

Bitcoin BSC is a project that allows investors to join early on the subsequent potential crypto success before a price surge. The token runs on the BNB Smart Chain network and benefits from its extensive features, such as security and low gas fees. 

Also, Bitcoin BSC staking offers investors a chance to earn rewards with its anti-inflation mechanism. Users can rely on this eco-friendly alternative for rewards based on the percentage committed to the staking pool and the APY. 

Today, September 13, at 7:02 am EST, over 721,000 tokens are staked at an APY of 364%, showing rising investor interest. 

BTCBSC Presales Ongoing

BTCBSC is on presale with over $1.5 million raised from its presale goals of $3.96 million. Users can purchase these tokens at $0.99 each, with a minimum purchase of $10 worth of tokens allowed.

When a user connects a secure crypto wallet to the presale page, BTCBSC can be purchased with ETH, USDT, or BNB. Also, Bitcoin BSC is holding a referral program where users can earn 5% of each purchase made by friends who purchase BTCBSC tokens through their links. 

Staking and referrals will likely drive more users to the ecosystem and boost BTCBSC’s value and adoption.

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