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Thinking Crypto Podcast Founder Bullish on XRP: Anticipates an Exciting Rally Ahead

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In a recent tweet, founder of the Thinking Crypto Podcast, Tony Edward, stirred up excitement in the cryptocurrency community with his optimistic outlook on a potential XRP rally.  

As Bitcoin approaches its retracement peak, Edward has shifted his focus to XRP and Ethereum (ETH) as promising altcoins that could surge in value. 

Tony Edward Set Eyes on XRP and ETH as Potential Altcoins

Tony Edward expressed his excitement for a possible XRP rally in a tweet. He believes that once Bitcoin reaches its retracement peak of approximately $40K, XRP and Ethereum (ETH) will emerge as promising altcoins.

Edward’s optimism is rooted in his anticipation of a favorable ruling from Judge Analisa Torres in the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Thinking Crypto Podcast anticipates that a favorable ruling would serve as a catalyst for XRP’s notable upward trajectory.

In a recent interview, a well-known lawyer and advocate for XRP, John Deaton, predicted the potential price of XRP. Deaton stated that if there is a victory in the SEC case against Ripple, he believes Ripple could reach a price of $10. 

This suggests that Deaton also sees a positive outcome in the lawsuit as a significant catalyst for XRP’s price to experience a substantial increase, potentially reaching the $10 mark. He added that Ripple could potentially hit an all-time high, surging above its previous all-time high of $3.85.

Shared Sentiment Prevails Among Crypto Community

Following Edward’s tweet, individuals started expressing a similar viewpoint. 

They agreed that if XRP gains regulatory clarity and receives approval from Judge Torres, it will have the potential to become the preferred regulated non-security token in the market. 

This regulatory clarity would give Ripple a clear legal status and make it an attractive option for investors, leading to a significant influx of investment into the token.

An XRP enthusiast expressed uncertainty about the potential price movement of Ripple following a victory in the lawsuit. 

However, he argued that XRP possesses the capability to defy the conventional four-year cycles observed in Bitcoin and display distinctive price behavior. 

The enthusiast believes that Ripple has the potential for unique price action that may deviate from the patterns typically associated with Bitcoin’s market cycles.

The release of the Hinman emails generated notable optimism among Ripple supporters. The emails shed light on the SEC’s internal discussions about whether XRP should be considered a security.

Even though many argue that it didn’t specifically help Ripple in the lawsuit, Deaton believes it could help, as Cointelegraph reported June 13.

According to the report, Deaton said, “The documents are what I expected in two ways. One, it helps Ripple, Coinbase, and others being unfairly targeted by regulators playing fast and loose with the law they took an oath to uphold.

How much it helps in the courtroom is yet to be seen, but it certainly helps in the court of public opinion and in the halls of Congress. Two, it highlights the massive conflicts of interests and gross appearances of impropriety by William Hinman and Jay Clayton.”

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