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The Tatiana Show Ep. 161 Bob Murphy

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Ah, the frustrations of economics and new crypto folks. Look, I love when eager people get into the space, but I can’t help but get a bit upset when they don’t have the critical understanding of economic underpinnings needed behind their suggestions to help the world.

This is the difference between most well intentioned folks who end up with Venezuela, and the enlightened ones (kidding) that have studied a bit of Mises or Rothbard. So in this episode, I have to bring out the big guns. Bob Murphy, economist, karaoke king, and of course, a good friend that knows how to explain boring stuff in a fun way! Want to learn why OG crypto enthusiasts make a face when talking about the Fed or the Great Depression? Check out this episode!

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About the Guests:

Robert Murphyis a research assistant professor at the Free Market Institute.

Dr. Murphy earned his B.A. in economics from Hillsdale College and his Ph.D. in economics from New York University. Prior to joining Texas Tech University, he was a visiting assistant professor at Hillsdale College, a visiting scholar at New York University, a research analyst at Laffer Associates, and a senior fellow with the Pacific Research Institute.

He is currently Senior Economist at the Institute for Energy Research, where he writes a frequent column on the economics of climate change. Dr. Murphy also serves as a senior fellow with the Fraser Institute, a senior fellow with the Mises Institute, and a research fellow at the Independent Institute.

He has authored numerous scholarly articles and energy policy studies, over 100 popular publications for lay audiences, and multiple books. His most recent book isChoice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action(Independent Institute, 2015).

He and best-selling author Tom Woods also host a weekly podcast,Contra Krugman, in which they critique theNew York Timescolumn of economist Paul Krugman from alternative economic perspectives.
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