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The Sandbox Teams up with Time to bring Times Square to the Metaverse

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The Sandbox Teams up with Time
The Sandbox Teams up with Time

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The Metaverse is about to emulate another jewel of the real world as The Sandbox teams up with the TIME to bring Times Square to the Metaverse.

The Sandbox is the most popular metaverse project across the globe, bringing the most popular brands together, ranging from the style of Adidas, the suave of Snoop Dogg, to the zombies of The Walking Dead.

Continuing with its trademark approach to populate the Metaverse with digital renditions of the real-world locations, The Sandbox has now teamed up with Time to bring Time Square into the Metaverse.

Time Square is to be created in the Time’s Land on the Metaverse

When the digital land of The Sandbox made it to the pages of the Time’s 100 most influential companies in 2022, it was a sign that Metaverse would be more mainstream than people first thought. 

With this partnership, Time Square will be created on the real estate Time has bought in The Sandbox. Known as the Time’s land, this patch of digital land will now hold all the art, commerce, and other aesthetics of the most popular neighborhood of New York City. 

“The project was in the making ever since the launch of TIMEPieces,” said TIME President Keith A Grossman. TIMEPieces is a vibrant Web3 community initiative from TIME. As the brand’s first step into the Web3 community, TIMEPieces was launched with Build a Better Future, a genesis collection of NFTs consisting of 40 artworks of global artists of varied disciplines. 

Keith A Gossman spoke those words while announcing the latest partnership with TIME. He has also issued an open call to an architect – someone who can bring a digital rendition of New York’s most popular neighborhood to life within The Sandbox. 

Creating a Digital Destination at the Heart of the Metaverse

Speaking during The Sandbox event at NFT.NYC, the TIME President, said –

“Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse.”

Reaffirming his belief and his company’s vision for the future of the web, he said at the event,

“Since launching TIMEPieces in September 2021, we have focused on developing a community in Web3 that benefited from the incredible 100-year legacy and access TIME has established. We are thrilled to now tap into that community as we seek to find the architect to design TIME Square in the Metaverse, as we create an immersive experience with The Sandbox that provides a natural bridge between the virtual community of TIMEPieces, the historical coverage and global relationships of TIME, the unique IP coming from TIME Studios, TIME for Kids, and our real-life events.”

Who can get into TIME Square?

TIME square would only be open to the holder of the TIMEPieces NFT. It is a destination to bring the community of TIMEPieces together in a digital ecosystem where they can discuss, create events, become part of the TIME studio projects, and have exclusive educational experiences.

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-founder of The Sandbox, describes the Metaverse as a “virtual Manhattan.” A place that’s bustling with art, culture, and brands that emphasize consumer connectivity. 

“It is a place to have fun, a place to have fun, and a place to meet new people. “, said The Sandbox COO. 

With this partnership, The Sandbox has taken another step into the digital frontier where brands, people, and creators can come together and mingle productively. 

The Sandbox is Turning World’s Leading Metaverse

The Sandbox is a combination of an amusement park and virtual real estate. It is a space that combines many digital frontiers such as the Decentraland and more. With this partnership, The Sandbox has added another big brand into the mix after Deadmau5, Care Bears, The Smurfs, Atari, CryptoKitties, Zaatari, and many more. 

On another note, this news spells good fortune for the Blockchain world that’s been reeling from two crypto crashes this year. 

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