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The Future of EV Charging Is Here – Join This New Presale and Be Part of the Revolution

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Future of EV Charging
Future of EV Charging

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Energy concerns are driving the crypto market in a more eco-friendly direction. Reports say that 52.6% of Bitcoin mining is done through sustainable resources. Also, major cryptocurrencies have emerged that are either made on an eco-friendly blockchain (BEP 20 tokens) or are part of a project that aims to save the environment in more ways than one.

C+Charge is a crypto project that is set to change the current face of electric charging systems by creating a future of EV charging that is more transparent, more rewarding, and more uniform.

C+Charge is Here to Address the Current Issues of the EV space..and more

The current EV system is plagued with issues like lack of transparency, lack of uniformity, and lack of rewards.

The lack of transparency is highlighted by the fact that there is no way for people to know what their electric charging costs will be. Unlike the standard petrol or gas prices, whose information gets to users through newspapers, charging costs are never visible.

Users only learn how much they will need to pay once they land at the charging station. This issue is exasperated when even the charging station doesn’t work – another piece of information that is not provided to users from the very beginning.

The lack of uniformity comes from the way charging costs are paid. There is no consistent method to it – which is why charging an electric vehicle anywhere in the world still remains a big issue.

And finally, there is a lack of rewards. While there are more EVs running on roads than there were before, the number is still quite low. While the governments have tried to provide subsidies to EV owners, people are still finding it hard to let go of their love of the combustion engine.

C+Charge is addressing these issues by creating an ecosystem that:

  1. Makes the EV system more transparent by keeping users informed about the prices and charging stations;
  2. Introduces a uniform P2P payment system to add more consistency to the payments;
  3. Makes owning an EV more rewarding through carbon credits.

Going beyond these perks, C+Charge is also trying to make cryptocurrencies and NFTs more rewarding by adding more utility to them.

C+Charge is the Future of EV Charging

There have been multiple cryptocurrencies with lofty visions of saving the environment in the past. Many of them didn’t have the skill and willpower to go along with that vision, which led to them failing miserably. C+Charge aims to prevent all that by tackling the root of environmental issues – vehicles.

That concept alone is new in the field of crypto space because C+Charge is capitalizing on what people are already FOMOing about – electric vehicles.

The only carbon footprint that EVs have is accumulated during the time they are made. But once they are on the road, they are the most carbon-neutral solutions one could hope for.

And that is what C+Charge is trying to promote, and it has already made headways toward its goals.

Partnerships with EV Organizations

C+Charge is partnering with many EV organizations in order to make CCHG – the native crypto of the platform – a viable form of payment for charging vehicles. So far, Perfect Solutions Turkey has partnered with C+Charge, which oversees 20% of charging stations in the nation.

Multi-Platform Integration Allowed

C+Charge is being constructed to be OCPP 2.0 compatible. It will allow it to be easily integrated with any charging station across the whole world. It opens up the possibility for C+Charge to become available at 1.8 million charging stations worldwide.

Transparency and Standard Pricing

C+Charge aims to standardize the charting costs. The app is blockchain-based, which automatically means that drivers won’t need to pay any hidden charges or face any price uncertainty. That will promote a better customer experience for all.

Carbon Credits as Rewards

Those who use CCHG tokens to charge their vehicles will get to accumulate carbon credits through a “reflections program”. These credits will be in the form of GNT – Goodness Nature Token – that C+Charge has conceived by partnering with FlowCarbon.

C+Charge NFTs

GNT holders will be able to transform their holdings into a C+Charge NFT. The NFT project will be conceived through C+Charge’s partnership with EV companies. These NFTs will also have immense utility – the nature of which is not known at the moment.

Check out the video by Jacob Crypto Bury to learn more about C+Charge’s potential.

C+Charge Raises Upwards of $1.5 Million

C+Charge is undergoing its seven-staged presale stage at the moment, and it has already raised upwards of $1.5 million. The fourth stage – the current one – will be over in less than six days.

Here are the steps to participate in the presale.

  1. Visit the official C+Charge website.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Swap your BNB or USDT tokens for C+Charge tokens.
  4. Claim the tokens at the conclusion of the presale.

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