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The Crypto Show: Dr. Ron Paul Talks Crypto & Troy Wong On Neptune Dash

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On this special edition of “The Crypto Show,” we interview none other than Dr. Ron Paul! We get his take on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin IRAs; competing currencies, the Federal Reserve, the national debt, and interest rates; and we briefly discuss his opinion of the State of the Union address. A brief but jam-packed interview with one of the pre-eminent libertarians of the century!

Our second guest is Troy Wong, CoFounder and CFO at Neptune Dash, a Canadian publically traded company that allows shareholders to capitalize on ownership of Dash masternodes. We talk about his background and his introduction to Bitcoin and Dash, how the company operates, some of the more nuanced ins and outs of the Dash network and DAO, Dash Evolution, the price pullbacks of Dash and other cryptos and what that means, Canada’s crypto environment and attitudes, and much more.

Video with Dr. Paul: his video was not on so it’s only our ugly mugs on the screen.

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