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The 2007 Viral Video ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Has Been Tokenized As An Ordinal NFT

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Charlie-bit-my-finger ordinals
Charlie-bit-my-finger ordinals

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The viral sensation from the 2000s, “Charlie Bit My Finger,” is back in the spotlight after an anonymous NFT creator inscribed it forever on the Bitcoin blockchain network. The viral video was first tokenized as a non-fungible token and gained massive traction among NFT collectors and crypto traders during the historic 2021 bull run.

In a June 17 blog post,, a digital market platform that lets users search, browse and interact with Ordinals inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain, confirmed that someone had preserved the viral “Charlie bit my finger” video into Bitcoin forever. Will it gain traction this time around?

Charlie Bit My Finger Short History

Charlie Bit My Finger – again!, more simply known as “Charlie Bit My Finger” or “Charlie Bit Me”, is a 2007 internet viral video famous for being at the time the most viewed YouTube video. As of October 2022, the viral YouTube sensation video received more than 897 million views.

In the 55-second YouTube clip from 2007, a British toddler named Harry holds his baby brother Charlie. But the adorable domestic scene suddenly turns when Harry puts his pointer finger into his brother’s mouth, and to his surprise, Charlie clamps down, spawning the much-named lines: “ouch, Charlie” and “Charlie, that really hurt.”

In a past interview with The New York Times, Howard Davies-Carr, the father of Charlie and Harr, said he was filming the brothers growing up “just doing normal things” and that Charlie bit his brother’s finger while watching TV after a busy day in the garden. He added that he didn’t think of his sons as celebrities; they had nonetheless become a brand.

Howard Davies-Carr added that he found the video funny and wanted to share it with the boy’s grandfather living in America. Davies-Carr added that the video was initially private, but people, including his parents, had asked to see it. Since it was difficult Davies-Carr to share, he decided to make the video public.

Charlie Bit My Finger Tokenized As An NFT

In 2021, the Davies-Carr family tokenized the viral sensation video as a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain network and put it on auction, noting that the highest NFT bidder would become “the sole owner of this lovable piece of internet history.”

Interestingly, the public NFT auction drew offers from 11 accounts and sparked a bidding war between users “mememaster” and “3fmusic”, the latter of which eventually won with a $760,999 offer. Charlie said he would use the money generated by the video to cover the university fees of his two younger brothers, Jasper and Rupert. Charlie Bit My Finger is now back in an Ordinal NFT collection.

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