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TG.Casino Trounces Rollbit As Casino Surpasses All Expectations, $155m Wagered In A Month 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

TG.Casino price
TG.Casino price

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TG.Casino, the latest newcomer to the crypto GambleFi scene, is blowing away the opposition by exceeding all expectations, making its $TGC token probably the best pick in this red-hot crypto sector.

Already the top-licensed gambling platform on popular bot platform Telegram, TG.Casino is rolling out new features that are grabbing the attention of traders and gamers alike.

Chief among them is the new web version of the casino which will likely lead to an explosive acceleration in new user growth. A much-awaited full-screen display mode for Telegram users is live.  

The price is in a classic bullish cup-and-handle pattern in an invitation to traders to buy as the price is set to test and surpass its launch debut intra-day high of $0.33.

Courtesy TradingView via TGC/USDT trading pair data on DEXTools

At the current price of $0.25 all presale buyers are in the money, especially those early investors who were able to lock in the $0.125 opening offer price

In a reminder of the truth of legendary value investor Benjamin Graham’s quote that, to paraphrase, in the short run the market is a voting machine but in the long run it is a weighing machine, TG.Casino fits the bill.

Short term, buyer demand is trumping sellers to propel the $TGC token price higher. Over a medium term longer term viewing, the fundamentals will shine through, as early growth metrics released by the team on January 29th show.

Expectations Shattered As Players Bet $155 Million In A Month

Players have wagered more than $155 million – a level of activity especially impressive in what is typically a slow month after the Christmas splurge by consumers. It is a strong indicator TG.Casino is growing rapidly.

On that, active player numbers have now crossed the 4,500 mark as the adoption pace picks up. Word of mouth is thought to be a big part of the traction success, buttressed by a digital advertising campaign that continues to target key crypto-facing properties. 

As a point of comparison, cumulative unique users of GambleFi coins on Ethereum hit 74,683 on January 22nd, according to data compiled by Dune of the tokens it tracks.

Meanwhile, total deposits have surpassed $14 million, an indication of the level of community trust the platform has already carved out for itself in a matter of weeks.

Full-Screen Gaming Launch Proves A Smash Hit Among Telegram Users

Back on the features release front, the Telegram full-screen display feature has been met with enthusiasm as it makes gameplay so much more engaging.

Players are now enjoying a more immersive, all-encompassing gaming experience with the full-screen mode. For those who haven’t tried out the new look, full-screen mode means favorite games can be enjoyed with enhanced visuals as the entire screen becomes the playground for maximum impactfulness.

Full-screen mode also provided TG.Casino designers with the opportunity to streamline the gaming experience, making the user interface (UI) even more friendly. With this new feature. 

Accordingly, the platform’s UI designers have taken the time to optimize every element to ensure what the team describes as “the best possible experience, ensuring easy navigation and gameplay”.

All of this has the effect of elevating the casino experience. By visually enhancing the games it improves player focus as they immerse themselves in the more personalized casino environment. 

After all, it is the thrills and spills of the game that draw in the players and keep them coming back for more – full-screen lets players lose themselves in the jeopardy of the moment for a more fulfilling gaming experience.  

It is simple to enable full-screen display mode: users go to the casino Menu > Profile > Settings and toggle on the full-screen option. Then, every time you play, you can open the game in your browser.

Full-screen mode on TG.Casino via Telegram

Success Begets Success With Highly Experienced Leadership Team That Knows Gambling  Industry Inside Out

TG.Casino is making a name for itself because of its solid business execution – that’s not happened by accident. 

The platform is run by highly experienced casino professionals with extensive contacts and relationships with key executives in the casino profession. 

This is no fly-by-night company looking to cash in on the latest trend, only to lose interest, or worse to run off with players and token holders’ hard-earned cash. 

Behind every good business are driven executives with a commitment to doing right by their customers by continually improving as they execute on their mission. TG.Casino is dead serious about taking on and beating the opposition, and its customers and token holders are the big winners.

Achieving its mission goals – to become the No.1 crypto casino and to challenge the legacy gambling incumbents too – is helped by incentives to join its fast-growing community of players.

Standout exclusive offers include 25% cashback on net losses every week when you play with $TGC token. That’s just one of the ways in which everyone is a VIP at TG.Casino.

Beware Rollbit Token – Are Traders Switching From RBL To TG.Casino Token?

Rollbit token ($RBL) price has dropped to its lowest price in three months, and that has traders pondering whether the launch of $TGC could be the main reason for that.

TG.Casino launched its $TGC token ICO on September 23rd 2023 and it started trading on decentralized exchanges on January 4th.

A look at the daily price chart shows the price of Rollbit token on a trending descent since November last year.

By contrast, TG Casino has a unique buyback mechanism that supports its token price, as the cup-and-handle pattern highlighted earlier in this article proves.

The initial $500,000 budgeted for buybacks hasn’t been used. Rather, the continuing monthly buybacks funded from casino profits mean the $TGC price enjoys long-term support.

The token is getting noticed as this X/Twitter thread from one evangelistic community member keen to spread the good news. He begins his thread:

It’s been about a month since the launch of @TGCasino‘s token, and I’ve never been more bullish on this #GambleFi gem. Let’s dive into it.

Not to be ignored are key opinion leaders such as Eric Cryptoman, Print, Wizard of Soho, Dogen, Poe, who all bought into the coin.

If you haven’t already signed up, checkout TG.Casino community on Telegram by joining the group at TG Casino Telegram where there are 8,953 members. There are also 20,400 followers of the X

For the thrill of the win and the prospect of juicy ROI, get in on the $TGC growth story today.

Follow the link to buy $TGC on Uniswap decentralized exchange.

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