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Tamadoge Presale Passes $3.85 Million Raised

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Should I buy Tamadoge coin
Should I buy Tamadoge coin

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The Presale of Tamadoge (TAMA) has passed the milestone of raising $3.85 Million. It is very close to raising $4 Million. At the time of writing this article, Tamadoge Presale has raised approximately $3.856 Million. There are currently around 59 million tokens left in the current presale which can be bought for 1 USDT = 66.67 TAMA before the price raises to 1 USDT = 57.14 TAMA.

Before this sale, 100 million tokens were sold for 1 USDT = 80 TAMA. It had raised $2 Million through its Beta Sale, which saw immense demand and hence completed its target well before the official closing of the Beta Sale.

Tamadoge aims to raise $4.75 Million through this Presale, which is currently live and open to buyers.

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Early Buyers of Tamadoge Getting Incentivized

The early buyers of Tamadoge are rewarded as they get more tokens at a lesser price. As the price of the TAMA token is raised in the presale in increments, those who are buying it early are getting more value.

The initial price of TAMA at the onset of the sale was $0.01 and then it got increased to $0.0125 and then $0.015. At the end of the presale, the price of one TAMA token will be $0.03. So, how many TAMA tokens can be availed in exchange for one USDT keeps changing. Currently, one USDT = 66.67 TAMA and in the next sale one USDT will get you 57.14 TAMA tokens.

About Tamadoge and TAMA 

Tamadoge is the ultimate memecoin Play-to-Earn platform and Tamadoge is at the centre of the Tamaverse. Tamadoge is a deflationary currency, so the value of your Tamadoge would only increase with time. TamaDoge (TAMA) is the gateway token of the Tamaverse – where you’ll be able to mint, breed and battle your own Tamadoge pet in the metaverse.

Roadmap of Tamaverse

Tamaverse has an extensive and detailed roadmap to launch its complete ecosystem by Q4 of 2023. By Q4 of 2022, Tamaverse aims to do a presale launch of Tamadoge token, website launch, full security audit, and influencer marketing drive.

The complete roadmap of Tamaverse can be accessed on their official website.

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