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Stader MaticX Price Prediction: MATICX Dips 2% – Time for a Strategic Entry?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

stader maticx
stader maticx

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Stader MATICX’s price performance in the past week has been positive, with 4.1% gains recorded in the past seven days. As of 4:30 a.m. EST on August 31, its price is $0.6, with a less than 1% increase in the past 24 hours. 

While MATICX’s performance shows evidence of bearish pressure, its affiliation with Ethereum might be behind its past week’s gains as ETH rallied 1.9% in the last seven days. Investors hope to capitalize on the rally if the positive trend is sustained. 

Stader MaticX Promotes Polygon ID Boosting Ecosystem Utility

On August 24, Stader Polygon introduced the Polygon ID, an open-source tool that provides users with proof of identity across various platforms.

The Polygon ID represents a biometric proof of personhood and is more than an ordinary verification tool. According to the developers, the Polygon ID system comprises issuers, identity holders, and verifiers. 

It is adaptable and supports various identity methods, ranging from governments to cryptographers. It also operates with transparent licensing and is collaborating with several EVM chains.  

This innovation will likely drive more investors to adopt the Polygon ID and boost MATICX price. 

Polygon Ecosystem Exciting Developments Likely to Boost MATICX’s Price

The Polygon Network recorded impressive ecosystem developments in the past week. On August 23, the USDC stablecoin launched on several blockchains, including Polygon. This launch will boost crypto payments on Polygon and positively influence transaction volume. 

Also, Mementos, the official digital collectibles of FIBAWC, is powered by Venly and minted on the Polygon network. Basketball fans can purchase FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 digital collectibles to show their support for teams. 

MaticX will likely benefit from this collaboration, creating a ripple effect on other Polygon-affiliated ecosystems like Stader. 

Stader Polygon Holds Mega Rewards Monday to Give Back To Community

On August 28, Stader Polygon announced a Mega Rewards Monday, where users receive exciting rewards for staking MATIC tokens with the top 3 MaticX pools. 

Users were required to Stake MATIC, mint MATICX, and add liquidity to MaticX liquidity providers to receive the rewards. The top liquidity pools are Quickswap (51% rewards), Balancer (27% rewards), and CIAN 98% rewards). 

Also, on August 29, Stader Polygon, in collaboration with Retro Finance, announced up to 9% rewards for staking MATIC tokens on their platform.

To earn these rewards, the user must stake MATIC with Stader and mint MATICX, then add liquidity to the MATICX/MATIC liquidity pool on Retro Finance to earn up to 9% rewards. 

According to Stader Polygon, $1.8 million has already been deposited, showing massive investor interest in the liquidity pools. These incentives likely attracted more investors to stake and mint MATICX tokens, boosting its utility and value in the past week. 

Additionally, Stader MaticX announced a partnership with Mean Fi, a decentralized finance provider. They noted that rather than risking investment in a choppy market, users can invest in MaticX to earn rewards. 

Stader Stake To Earn Campaign Underway Boosting Investor’s Interest

Stader Polygon seems determined to reward its users by unveiling a stake-to-earn campaign on August 30. 

Users must stake 200 or more MATUC tokens on Ethereum with Stader and hold the tokens for 30 days. Also, they must follow the Stader Polygon official Twitter handle. 

Fulfilling these conditions will earn 25% extra staking rewards and an exclusive NFT. It will likely draw more investors to the platform, boosting MATICX’s utility and value.

MATICX Bulls Force Aggressive Buying Phase

Stader MaticX

MATICX is in an uptrend on the one-hour chart as the bulls move into an aggressive accumulation phase. MATICX trades in the upper region of the Donchian Channel (DC), breaking above the upper moving average with strong bullish sentiment. 

Also, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is rising and approaching the overbought region with a value of 60.58, implying a building buy strength as more buyers join the market. 

The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line, displaying a strong buy signal. The MACD’s Histogram bars are green, showing that the bulls are in control and that the accumulation phase will likely continue. 

MATICX Likely To Overcome $0.62 Resistance 

Stader MaticX

MATICX pivoted off the $0.61 support to break above the $0.62 resistance and move into an uptrend. It approaches the $0.629 resistance level, and the buying pressure suggests it will likely break this resistance level to continue its rally to the overbought zone. 

A break above the $0.629 resistance level will create a buy signal for traders seeking a well-timed entry for long positions, with $0.63 as the next realistic profit target. 

However, if the bulls retreat, then MATICX will return to the $0.62 support to consolidate ahead of its next price rally.

Investors must consider market volatility and apply risk management techniques such as trailing stop loss and lot size management. 

Wall Street Memes: Alternative to Diversify Investments

While MATICX provides staking rewards for stakers, users can also use this exciting meme coin project, offering massive staking rewards.

Wall Street Memes is a community-driven project that counters the rampant capitalism in society. It seeks to reward its users with massive returns by leveraging the ongoing meme coin season. 

According to a YouTube analysis by UP Next Crypto, a channel with over 550,000 subscribers on WSM, it ranks as the number one crypto meme community in 2023.

Also, WSM received more attention due to its affiliation with the famous Wall Street Bulls NFT collections, which sold out in minutes in 2021.

Wall Street Memes is hosting a $50,000 airdrop for five lucky users to split at $10,000 each. Participants are required to complete certain tasks and buy $WSM tokens to qualify for the competition. 

WSM supports a buy and stake feature where users can stake their tokens immediately after purchase. Over 251 million WSM tokens are staked at an APY of 80%. This APY is massive compared to popular staking pools on platforms like MaticX. 

Users earn staking rewards distributed based on the percentage of tokens they commit to the pool. WSM is an ERC-20-compliant token that operates on Ethereum and uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism.

WSM Presales Advancing Rapidly

$WSM is on presale, with over $25 million raised from the presale, making it arguably the best presale in 2023. WSM is 26 days away from listing on Tier-1 crypto exchanges, a move that will likely boost the token’s price.  

Each WSM token is worth $0.0337 and can be purchased with ETH, USDT, BNB, or bank cards. Investors should use the affordable presale price to accumulate $WSM tokens ahead of a potential price surge. 

Interestingly, the Wall Street Memes development team has no reserve tokens, creating equality in the ecosystem and transparency in the project. According to the project’s roadmap, community empowerment initiatives are the next focus after the token listing. 

WSM will create a Gated Community where members enjoy unique benefits such as early updates and access to exclusive content. 

Ultimately, the developers hope that WSM will attain a market cap of $1 billion to create massive rewards for early investors and list on the best Tier-1 exchanges for greater value. 


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