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Square’s Cash App Enables Free Stock Trades

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Square’s introduction of new features throughout the years has meant that the app is no longer used for only sending and receiving money.

In a revolutionary move, the company introduced the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly last year.

This allowed users to bet on cryptocurrency whenever they wanted to. Square had now revealed that it would be rolling out the buy stock option on the Cash stock trading App.

What makes this move even more enticing is that users will not have to invest money they do not have. Those who are interested will be able to buy stock infractions and at as little as $1.

Stock Buying Options

Square told The Verge that it would not charge its users for purchasing stocks or fraction stocks. This places their company in completion with Robinhood.

Co-Founder of Square Jack Dorsey said that the feature makes buying stocks and wealth-building accessible to everyone. Adding that the feature would be made available to all users in the very near future.

Everyone who is interested in the option should install the app and check back regularly for the launch of the buy stock option.

A simple guide has been released for those who have little or no stock knowledge and experience.

Outlining how to get started and warning that stock investment is high risk and a long term investment.

Lowering the Investment Barrier

Square announced that its application feature was being put into place to deliberately lower the barrier for investing.

It was specifically aimed at younger investors who were looking to get started in playing with the market.

Offering basic buying and selling stock options and ETF versus complex trading of other bigger players in the market. It certainly appears that plans were set in motion well before Square’s announcement though.

With the announcement of biotin purchases, they have been able to create enough of a buzz for the Cash App and its upcoming stock buy option.

Square’s main goal has never been maximizing revenue. Its main goal has always been to pack their Cash App with useful features that allow users to save money rather than spend it.

Square’s associated debit cards allow for purchases to be made with numerous vendors.

Fees are generated much in the same way that banks do with transaction fees being charged on the back end rather than on in-app purchases.

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