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Square Crypto Hires Three Crypto Experts As Firm Builds Top Tier Developer Team

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Corallo Joins Square Crypto For Bitcoin Development Project
Corallo Joins Square Crypto For Bitcoin Development Project

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Crypto payment systems are at the center of enabling the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, and several companies are working on developing systems to support crypto transactions.

Efforts are being made to ensure that these systems are scalable and support as many digital assets as possible. If people are able to transact using crypto assets on a base level, it will lead to the mass adoption of such assets into mainstream use.

One of the leading companies in the creation of crypto payment systems is Square Crypto. This is the Bitcoin focused branch of a publicly-traded company named Square.

The crypto-centric platform has developed several use cases for the leading cryptocurrency as it strives to enable the mainstream use of Bitcoin.

Square Crypto expands the team

The company has announced the hiring of three individuals who have joined the company’s developer team.

The developers hired by Crypto Square have worked at some of the most prominent technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency firms.

Among the three new hires is Arik Sosman, a former developer at Facebook and BitGo. Speaking on his joining Square Crypto, Sosmam said that his personal areas of interest are privacy and scalability though he will see what the team ultimately works on.

He added that he is excited to join the team and make contributions to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The other two individuals that have been hired by Square Crypto are Valentine Wallace, a former employee Of Lightning Labs, and Jeffrey Czyz, formerly employed by Google.

According to tweets from Crypto Square, these three have been hired to assist with the growth of the company’s free and open software (FOSS) developer base.

Looking to grow the developer team further

Square Crypto says that they are still hiring more employees to grow their developer team. The team

is led by Steve Lee, the former product director at Google. The crypto-centric firm is looking to hire a senior designer who will join the team, led by Lee.

Sosman said that software engineering is not the only way through which people can make contributions to open source projects.

The team being led by a former product director is one example of how there are many ways to make contributions to such projects as the ones being built at Square Crypto.

Square Crypto says that they are still deciding what their first project is going to be.

The company also said that there is no project that they will not consider as long as it benefits the Bitcoin network at the end of it all.

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